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How To Simplify Your Laundry and Go Green With EcoWash

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Did you know that you can simplify your laundry, save hundreds of dollars a year, and go green with EcoWash? And all without compromising on the quality of your laundry.

Well, I was so thrilled to discover just how to do it! Like you, I live the daily drudgery of doing laundry every day. Not only is it costly, it uses up tons of water and electricity, but it’s also a lot of work. 

How To Simplify Your Laundry and Go Green With EcoWash Sassy Townhouse Living

Go Green With EcoWash!

We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article. As an Amazon.com Services LLC Associate, we earn a commission from any qualifying purchases at no cost to you.

The Avalon Bay EcoWash portable washing machine changes all that and easily too. I always get super excited when I discover new products to share with you especially ones that are cost-effective, inexpensive to buy and easy to use. 

Let me tell you all about it!

This hand-operated, non-electric washer consumes absolutely no power and delivers spotlessly clean sparkling clothes in as little as 2 minutes. It’s compact, lightweight, and highly portable. It’s the perfect appliance for every modern eco-friendly home. 

I already used it several times and used it to wash my delicates too. They washed perfectly and kept them in great shape. 

Incredibly Portable

The Avalon Bay EcoWash is just 17.5 inches in length, 16 inches in width, and 18 inches in height when fully assembled. Its size, combined with its unbelievably lightweight makes it a highly portable laundry alternative. You can easily carry this appliance, and place it anywhere near a tub, a sink, etc. for easy clothes washing.

You can even take it with you when you go camping, place it in your RV, in your cabin, or anywhere else. In fact, this is the ultimate solution for people who do not wish to spend much time washing their clothes. You easily wash all of your camping gear too like a camping blanket or your everyday clothing as well. 

Laundry EcoWash

Effortless to Use

The hand-operated washing machine can clean as much as 5 lbs of clothes in about 2 minutes. You are not only saving the time required to wash your clothes, but also a trip to a laundry room.

Further, the portable washer can be disassembled and assembled back in about 5 minutes. It can be set on any flat surface and occupies a lot less space in comparison to electric washers. It is one of the most user-friendly washing machines out there.

Superb Money-saving Investment

EcoWash, with its sensational wash capabilities, will be your biggest money-saving investment. Every time you use it, you will be saving money that would have been spent on your laundry trips. In fact, the machine will pay for itself within the first two months, and then it’s just the savings that will pile on and not the laundry.

Also, the portable washer delivers spotlessly clean clothes while using only a fraction amount of detergents used by electric washing machines. This is not even considering the hundreds of dollars you will save on the electricity bills. In total, you will easily end up saving thousands of dollars a year.

Gentle on Clothes

The unique design of the Avalon Bay EcoWash features none of the agitators or any protruding elements on the inside, unlike other mini washers who end up either tearing apart your clothes, or ripping apart the buttons, hooks, or other hardware on your clothes.

With the EcoWash laundry washer, you only get gentle washing that does not ruin your clothes in any way. Unlike the laundry machines that are hard on your delicates and reduce their life, EcoWash’s soft wash cycle will clean them without wearing them out.

Rugged and Durable in Design

EcoWash is a mechanical miracle. Its lifespan is longer than any electric washing machine you can find. It is made of high-quality materials, which allows you to take it anywhere you want, without having to worry. It can easily dare the elements of nature and will deliver phenomenal results, no matter where you take it.

Thanks to EcoWash’s proprietary technology, the machine seals shut airtight, unlike the competition’s products which are known to leak soon after purchase. Every EcoWash carries a promise of quality from Avalon and comes with 12 months of warranty, which is a testimony to the trust placed by the manufacturer in the product.


The modus operandi of the EcoWash portable washing machine enables you to leave a significantly lower carbon footprint on the environment. All savings in electricity that will result from using this appliance, instead of an electric washer, will translate to lower fuel consumption by power generation companies.

Also, the EcoWash uses a markedly lower quantity of water to wash the same quantity of clothes. Not to mention the lower consumption of detergents and electricity. All of these savings in your pocket while also doing your part to Planet Earth using the non-electric, portable washer, EcoWash.

Be sure to watch my video demonstration below! And be sure to get one for yourself too! Click Here To Purchase

Avalon Bay EcoWash

It was so much fun to do my laundry with the EcoWash. It was so easy to use and set up too! It came shipped perfectly. It took me about a minute to assemble, and I really appreciated that. 

Inside the box, you can see a few pieces that need to be assembled. Everything clicks into place so easily. 

No complicated parts to put together – easy peasy! 

Laundry EcoWash

The suction cups are so strong so you won’t have to worry about the EcoWash moving around while in use. 

All put together and ready to go!

We decided to load up the EcoWash about 3/4 of the way full as they demonstrated in their demo videos which were extremely helpful!

Laundry EcoWash

The EcoWash is super easy to stow away. It’s lightweight and very portable. You can store it anywhere in your home or camper! We stored ours right inside our garage cabinets for easy access. 

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How To Simplify Your Laundry and Go Green With EcoWash - Sassy Townhouse Living

I know that you are going to love the Avalon Bay EcoWash as much as I do. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comment section below!

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We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article. As an Amazon.com Services LLC Associate, we earn a commission from any qualifying purchases at no cost to you.

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  1. Oh how darling, this is your most interesting item yet. I like it… we could use it to wash much needed baby items like bibs and other baby items we run through a lot.

  2. But your white towel with black strips came out of the wash blue with black strips. I think you will need to rinse these items a few times

  3. lol I’m laughing because I put too much detergent in. My second load was perfection! That was literally the first time I used it. I am nuts over this EcoWash. I did a load of delicates and wow, they came out better than the washer and I’m saving money already. I just love new products like this. I am so glad I found it! Thanks for being the first one to notice that lol. You are very observant lol. Thanks for stopping by Laura and have a beautiful and blessed weekend!
    Carolann xo

  4. Hi Carolann …. Love your name by the way,
    I kind of thought that but you hardly put much in so I guess you would really save using this washer. I checked the price and it is very affordable. We love going camping and this would be the perfech fit for our travel trailer. In fact I could even put the grandkids to work turning it and for a while at least they might even think it’s fun. Thank you so much for showing it to us.
    Have a wonderful weekend
    Laura Jane

  5. We got one of these last summer to use while sort of ‘dry camping’ in an old house without electricity. I was really surprised by how well it works! We’ll be spending a month this summer in the same place and I’m looking forward to using it again, and I think it will be a big help with small loads of baby laundry once our little one arrives. Anyway, I noticed your post and wanted to add my 2 cents and vouch for the EcoWash!

  6. This is so cool. I noticed the blue as well and thought it just needed a rinse but if you used a little too much detergent then that explains it. I am going to pass this on to my camping friends. Thanks for the video. It was really helpful!

  7. Yes, I used too much detergent. All you need is like 2 teaspoons and I used a half cap lol. I am super impressed with this little machine. It works great and saves money too! Thanks Michelle!

  8. Hi Natasha, Oh wow! I’m super excited you love the EchWash too! It’s perfect for camping for sure. Congrats on the news of your little one! I can see how perfect it will be to use for washing clothes. I’m so happy you stopped over to tell me how much you love it! Have a wonderful rest of the day!

  9. Hi Laura, Thanks so much you made my day! Yes, the EcoWash is so affordable and that’s another reason I love it too. It is perfect for camping. I know so many folks that use it for that. What a great idea! The kids will love participating too. Keep me posted as to how much you love it when you get it. I washed my delicates with it and I was shocked at how perfectly they turned out. I love saving the money too. Plus, it’s so affordable to buy I loved that too! Have a great day Laura and thanks again so much for stopping over to share your comment.

  10. What a super fun and useful product! I’m thinking I could keep it on the bathroom counter to use for personal delicates. It could also live in the garage for easy access for the whole family. Huum. Looks Iike I may need two! LOL…. Thanks for sharing this great new product with us! Susie from The Chelsea Project

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