How to Rock Your Style at the Gym

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Gone are the days of leg warmers and headbands. Now, the gym is a place where you can work on your fitness without compromising your personal style. Here are five ways you can show off your personality while working on your body and rock your style too! 

I’ve tried my best to make it to the gym a few times a month and am super proud of myself. I know it doesn’t sound like much, especially considering I used to go several times a week – but life happens, and we all get super busy.

I have an exercise plan that seems to work well for me. First, I make sure I take long walks at least three times a week. Second, if you are walking in the woods, you can use walking sticks to help you.

Walking is the best way for me and the hubby to stay in shape. Long walks help to elevate your heart rate to a high level without causing you to feel like you are working very hard. Of course, my cleaning routine keeps me in good shape too! 

I was so thrilled to see all the wonderful gym clothes that the ladies were rocking. Of course, I had to rock my style too and check them out. Here are some of the fun things I checked out to get ready for the gym and be comfortable at the same time. 


Shoes are often used to make a statement in the fashion world. However, that doesn’t have to end when you hit the track or the weight rack. While you may be restricted to certain footwear styles depending on your workout of choice, the color options are endless.

I recently bought these New Balance Women’s 990V3 Running Shoes, and I love them! They are not just for running either. I love wearing them to the gym and especially for long walks.

They are super comfortable, and I know I can rock my style in them too! Below, you can see some images of them while I was out for a walk. Of course, they are available in other colors too. 

Rock Your Style

Choose something that captures your vibe. If you’re zany and outrageous, don’t be afraid to lean toward neons with some bright orange, yellow, and lime green elements. On the other hand, if you prefer a more subtle approach, choose a sleek black shoe with red elements.

Remember, you aren’t limited by the same expectations of fashion on the street. Your footwear doesn’t have to match your gym attire. Show your personal flair by matching your shoes to the different elements of your gear, or add some contrast by going in a completely different direction.


While knee-high gym reminds us of days gone by, they’ve made a comeback as must-have gym attire for the ladies. This is perhaps due to a surge in the popularity of power-lifting among the female population, as high socks are required to complete competitive deadlifts.

Rock Your Style

Whatever the reason may be, we’ve moved beyond the standard white knee-highs with athletic stripes at the top.

You can find socks representing your favorite superhero (sometimes they even have capes attached), your favorite colors and patterns, your sports team of choice, and even funny exercise-related quips.

Do you want everyone to know how much you hate burpees? Then, say it with your socks. I love these Wonderwoman socks – they are so much fun and say a lot about you while you are at the gym at the same time! 


If your workout regimen includes outdoor boot camp elements or requires you to put your feet to the pavement, you may want to consider adding a jacket to your gym wardrobe. Again, this is prime real estate for showcasing your personality. You can keep it simple with a branded black windbreaker or pump up the volume with a colored running jacket.

Jackets are also the perfect way to show unity with your workout buddies, running mates, or weightlifting team. To take a personalized approach, you could order custom cheerleading jackets from Move U and incorporate your own colors and name to become your own biggest cheerleader.

These two are my favorites. I love how they can be personalized too!

 Rock Your Style

Shirts are the most versatile way to show off your personality at the gym while cross-referencing your workout with pop culture for some added gym humor. This awesome Work Out Tank creates a perfect combination of fitness and humor for the Harry Potter fan. Shirts that say “will squat for donuts” or “barbells and mascara” give a glimpse of one’s personality when one hits the treadmill.

 Rock Your Style

For those who need less humor and more motivation, a shirt can act as a mantra. Mottos like “sore today, strong tomorrow” and “though she is little, she is fierce” can be a reminder to get moving when the workout gets tough. The best part? If you can’t find a shirt you like, you can make one for a nominal fee.

When you’re showing your fashion personality to the world, it’s not just about the shoes and the outfit. It’s about the little pieces and how everything fits together to create your image. In the gym, the same mindset applies.

Your gym bag, water bottle, fitness tracker, and sport-specific gear are all mediums through which you can broadcast your style. From designer-made to custom-created options, the ideas are endless. Accessories are also a great option to stand out when you’re required to wear certain gear or a team uniform.

I fell head over heels in love with this Sweaty Betty Luxe Gym Bagit’s somewhat pricey but, I’m going to justify it by telling myself that’s it’s a one-time purchase and will last me for years. I love how you can attach your yoga mat right to the bottom. So chic and the perfect way to rock your style at the gym. 

Rock Your Style

This gym bag is awesome, too, and a lot more affordable. Go to the gym in style with the Squad III duffel bag from Adidas. This gym bag features a ventilated shoe pocket with FRESHPAK™ technology, so you’ll always be feeling and looking fresh! I love this bag, and I know you can rock your style in it too! 

Rock Your Style

Get Moving!

That’s what I did! So whether it is walking a lot more or rockin it at the gym, remember that you don’t need all the bells and whistles to have an amazing workout at the end of the day.

Also, don’t forget the most popular workout leggings, shirts, and sneakers are just as effective when hitting the gym.

However, if you’re a fashionista or just someone who wants to shake things up a bit, try adding the pieces listed above when you get moving and grooving at the gym! And remember always to rock your style, whatever that is for you! 

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