Bad Tasting Tap Water? Here Are Some Easy Solutions

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Bad Tasting Tap Water? Here Are Some Easy Solutions

Sadly, many of us had to deal with bad tasting tap water. You don’t have to live with and there are some easy solutions. If you’ve ever noticed that bottled water has a different taste to the water that comes out of your tap you may have wondered why.

bad tasting tap water

The first home we bought when we moved to PA was a bad water disaster! Coming from NYC, we were in shock at the differences. I remember, the first time I did laundry – my clothes all turned orange! Needless to say, we had to come to a resolution and soon! That’s when we went with a professional filter system and it made a dramatic difference! 

The simple fact is that tap water is treated with a variety of chemicals to ensure that it is safe to drink. Unfortunately, these chemicals can affect the way your water tastes.

Of course, the water looks clear and fresh; you wouldn’t drink it if it was brown! Each water system is unique and can be very complex. It can be complicated trying to trace the root causes of different tap water flavors. 

According to the EPA, statistics show that 15 percent of people living in the United States use well water and the other 85 percent of the population gets their water from municipal systems. 

bad tasting tap water

Recently, I discovered the perfect way to save lots of money on bottled water. It’s been the most impactful way our family has not only saved money but our recycling has dramatically reduced as well. Be sure to read that article! 

But, you can improve your bad tasting tap water by using one of these tips:

The Water Filter

We change the water filter in our fridge every six months, and it makes such a huge difference in the way our water tastes. Water filters really do work and can turn your bad tasting tap water into crisp and clean drinking water. 

The taste is as much an aroma as a taste; both stimulate your taste buds. It is generally agreed that the biggest culprit in changing the taste of your water is chlorine.

You’ll recognize the smell of this chemical whenever you go near a swimming pool. It is effective at killing most bacteria; this is why it is added to tap water. However, to this odor can seriously alter the taste of your tap water.

To remove this taste you simply need to purchase a carbon filter; click this link to see the huge range of options available. You can choose to use a water filter jug, have a filter fitted under your sink for one tap, or even use a whole house system. All of them will remove the chlorine and allow you to drink purer, better tasting water.

bad tasting tap water

It is worth noting that there are several different types of water filter system.  All of them should improve the taste of your tap water but you may wish to speak to a professional before making your final decision.

  • Reverse Osmosis

This is designed to remove chlorine and other solids which have dissolved into your water. It is actually a very cost-effective way of purifying your water supply.

  • Carbon Filter

The carbon filter is actually activated carbon which means it has hundreds of tiny holes in it. This allows the water to soak through while trapping debris, bacteria, and chemicals.

Your water won’t just taste better you’ll start to feel healthier too!

This type of filter is even effective at removing hydrogen sulfide; the chemical that can make your water smell like rotten eggs!

Adding Some Juice Flavors

This won’t help with chemical exposure and you may not want to do it all the time but using a cordial or syrup in your water will alter the flavor. This should overpower the effects of the chlorine.

You can choose your own flavor and don’t need to add a lot to make your water taste much nicer. 

bad tasting tap water

Bottled Water

bad tasting tap water

This won’t actually change the taste of your tap water; it will simply give you access to safe and better-tasting water. Unfortunately, in the long-term, this is likely to be an expensive option and not a particularly viable one.

This is why it is better if you add a water filtration system; it will improve your health while making the water taste much better. Once you’ve tried it with a filter there is no going back!

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Sharing is Caring! 💜

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