Best Greek Islands For Your Honeymoon You Need To See

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Need help figuring out where to spend your honeymoon? You need to check out some of the best Greek islands you need to discover and why. While many spend their honeymoon in the Bahamas, you might want to think bigger, better, and more exotic. So, before you book your honeymoon destination, you must consider some of the dreamiest spots first.

Best Greek Islands

Some Of The Best Greek Islands Make A Perfect Honeymoon Destination

Many think it’s Santorini, with its beautiful architecture and breathtaking views, while others lean towards Crete. There, you can enjoy a relaxing time in the sun and have a vacation of a lifetime. Of course, both destinations are beautiful choices, but if you are looking for something more upbeat and filled with excitement, you might consider it differently.

Apart from having some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, you can enjoy hiking up Mount Pachnos and exploring underwater ruins. However, suppose you’re looking for something different. In that case, many more islands in Greece offer much more.

Below, we will explore some recommendations of the best Greek islands to visit for a honeymoon of a lifetime.

Best Greek Islands


Kefalonia is the perfect Greek Island getaway for any newlywed couple looking to celebrate their honeymoon. This dreamy and romantic destination sits off the western coast of Greece. It boasts breathtaking mountain-scape views, lush greenery, crystal-clear oceans, powder-soft sands, and plenty of charming activities to ensure a truly unforgettable experience.

Furthermore, to reach the island, travelers can take a ferry from Astakos, which offers direct lines all year round. So whether exploring your surroundings during scuba dives, snorkeling trips, or enjoying late nights in seaside taverns and restaurants that dot their coastlines, Kefalonia provides couples a magical setting to enjoy time together. What a fun way to explore some of the best Greek islands.


Santorini is one of the most visited islands in Greece and is considered one of the most breathtaking travel destinations in the world. This town sits on a steep hill overlooking the ocean, and the buildings are crisp white with blue accents that give off beautiful Mediterranean energy. You will need to travel to the island by ferry, and once there, there are many things that you and your partner can enjoy.

For one, local wine farms produce loyal wines you can enjoy tasting, as well as local restaurants such as Ambrosia Restaurant, specifically recommended for couples. In terms of accommodations, romantic options include Tamarix del Mar as well as the luxurious Pezoules. Santorini is a grand island to explore, with many hiking options to entertain you and your partner during the daytime. As the sun goes down, enjoy beautiful romantic sunsets that light the entire Santorini hill in colors of orange.

Crete – One Of The Best Greek islands

Crete is the largest island in Greece, with the most significant population. Moreover, this means that there are plenty of things to do. This island has beautiful white sand beaches, ancient archaeological sites, beautiful seaside towns, resorts, and mountains to enjoy. This island is unique and considered the perfect honeymoon destination for couples who want to enjoy a bit of everything.

Brilliant Fine Dining is considered one of the island’s most romantic and luxurious restaurants. Additionally, if you’re looking for romantic accommodation on the island, look no further than Acros Suites. This resort by the sea features bars, restaurants, swimming pools, fitness centers, and a lounge and garden.


Paros is another excellent option, and this island is best known for its traditional villages and beaches. This popular tourist spot is considered one of the most beautiful islands in Greece, and you can easily access this location by ferry or plane from Athens and other islands. Paros has also become famous for its nightlife, which makes this island ideal for young newlyweds looking for fun and excitement as well as relaxation and calm.

Moreover, the best romantic restaurant in Paros is Ramnos, considered a “must-visit” place, as well as Kima Seaside Restaurant. Ideally, everyone knows it for serving delicious modern Greek food. But, for accommodations, you can’t go wrong with the romantic Saint Andrea Seaside Resort or Senia Hotel, a best seller. Paros makes the perfect honeymoon destination and one of the best Greek islands.

Hydra – Of Of The Best Greek Islands

Hydra is a scenic island in the Aegean Sea and has a reputation as one of the most beautiful islands in Greece. You will find fine architecture, beautiful pebble beaches, and a lot of character on this island. Typically, Hydra can be more expensive than other islands, but it is worth visiting.

The high prices are because this island frequents more visitors perceived as important or famous. Miranda is a fabulous romantic hotel in Hydra, and honeymooners can dine at Il Casta, which has a reputation for its romantic setting. In addition, you can enjoy horseback riding on this island and the gorgeous beaches.


Lastly, we have the volcanic island of Milos. Moreover, this island has a rich mining history, and it is rich in minerals. Therefore, this island is great for honeymooners who can enjoy a stay at the romantic Villa Lord, which is within walking distance from restaurants. Speaking of restaurants, Bariello is considered a food paradise and the perfect spot for two intimate meals.

In closing, it’s a great idea to consider some of the best Greek islands for your next honeymoon. There, you’ll create lasting memories for you and your loved one to last a lifetime.

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