Brighten Your Home With Tips From Interior Designers (With Examples!)

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We all want our home to look bright and beautiful. If your home seems dark and drab, you can brighten your home with these tips from interior designers. More so, it takes more than white decor or rearranging your furniture to make an impact. At times, with a little more effort and some great tips from the pros, you can brighten your home and fall in love again with your decor.

Brighten Your Home

Brighten Your Home Even Without Natural Light Sources

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Now, you can brighten your home even if you don’t have natural light entering your home. We love our townhouse, even though one of its shortfalls is a lack of natural light. Admittedly, the lack of abundance of light is the one drawback of our townhome. But with the help from these interior design tips, we brightened every room!

Yes, you too can brighten your home and make it feel alive and fresh again as you fall in love with your home once again. Remember, you can still enjoy the feel of warm and cozy decor and keep it bright too. When you brighten your home, you transform it into a spacious, bright, and airy retreat. At the same time, you don’t need to spend a small fortune either.

Below, you’ll discover some pro tips from interior designers, and we know you’ll be able to brighten your home too!

1 – Bring Pops Of Color Into Every Room

While many interior designers love decorating with all-white home decor, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, and rightfully so. While white decor has a cult following, it can appear drab, lifeless, and without dimension. That’s why pops of color throughout your home can brighten your decor and add depth and dimension.

However, you don’t want to overdo adding too much color either. Instead, survey every room in your home and think about places you can add a pop of color. For example, in your living room, you can add colorful throw pillows. Plus, you can easily swap them every season to fit an ongoing festive theme.

Try adding these stunning Designart Stained Glass Floral Modern Throw Pillows to your sofa for an instant pop of chic color. You can create a focal point on your sofa, couch, or bed with the look of stained glass. And with a wrinkle-free fabric, you can remove the cover and machine wash them too! If you want to avoid bold colors, these throw pillows are the perfect solution.

Additionally, you can try adding a few of these Fiore Embroidered Floral Throw Pillow Covers to any room. Connect a floral motif throughout your curtains and upholstery with this patterned throw pillow cover. And it derives texture and nuance from embroidered details and watercolor-like hues. Plus, it unzips and removes easily for spot cleaning.

A Pop Of Pink With A Pig Ottoman!

Or you can push your wild side by adding this adorable Pig Ottoman! This Pig Ottoman went viral on Twitter, and it’s so oinking cute! Plus, you can use it in any room in your home to instantly brighten your home too. If you love it as much as I do, hurry and buy one today. This adorable pig ottoman sold out everywhere and fast!

Image Credit: Keiki Burton Velvet Pig Ottoman

2 – Avoid Blocking The Natural Light From Your Windows

If you can, try not to block the natural light from your windows. Many of us do this because our rooms are small and we don’t have a choice. But we can creatively move our furniture around, so it doesn’t block the only natural source available. If you plan on building new construction, ask your home builder to arrange for spacious windows in every room to let as much natural in as possible.

For example, avoid placing your sofa or cabinets in front of your windows. Doing so blocks out so much beautiful natural light. Try rearranging your furniture in creative ways or replace them with smaller, more fitting pieces. Try moving your sofa to the center of the room. Interior designers always recommend this decor tip to brighten your home!

Go From This…

If your sofa sits against a wall with a window, you can block natural light and make your room appear smaller and boxed off.

Brighten Your Home

To This…

Moving your sofa from the window to the center of your living room will brighten your home and allow natural light to enter.

3 – Always Add Mirror To Brighten Your Home

Interior designers can’t say this enough. Always add mirrors to your home where and when you can. Mirrors make every room look bigger and add more light to every room. Their reflective nature speaks for itself. If you have a dull dark room, add a mirror! And better yet, add a wall mirror if you have the wall space.

More so, with wall mirrors, you can choose from a multitude of shapes and sizes. For instance, this stunning Ironsmithn Wall-Mounted Arched Mirror not only brightens your home but looks like an actual window! And it can easily reflect the light around you, making your home feel brighter and spacious. And it’s also available in a rich gold color as well. We love it!

Or better yet, you can opt for this 5-star rated Full-Length Mirror Vanity Mirror that plays double duty. You can hang it on your wall or feature it on the floor. Either way, it’s a simply stunning choice. Either way, adding a decorative mirror to your interior will brighten your home instantly!

 4 – Brighten Up Your Lampshades

One surefire way to brighten your home we highly recommend is by brightening up your lampshades. We loved it so much; we changed all of our lampshades for brighter colors. Plus, it’s one of our favorite and less expensive ways to lighten up any room in your home.

Also, while less expensive lampshades are an option, the more money you pay, the better shade quality you’ll see. If you want to avoid white, try going with this set of 2 Crème Linen Box Pleat Lamp Shades. While the cream will brighten your home, the texture of linen will add dimension to any room.

Better yet, our favorite shade is this off-white Drum Lamp Shade Modern Silver Circles. This shade will not only brighten your room but add a touch of elegance too. When it comes to your lampshades, think bright and watch the mood of your room instantly lift!

5 – Your Stairs Can Dull The Look Of Your Home

When it comes to our stairs, did you ever notice how dull and lifeless they can look? If you have rugs on them, even more so. Try going with all wood stairs instead. And for a special brightening touch, paint the backs of the steps white and the railings white too!!

Once you paint your stairs white, they will open up your home and brighten your foyer instantly. Or you can add a bright patterned ceramic tile to the backs of your stairs. Doing this will create texture to any room and make sure you stick with a bright, colorful pattern. Or you can use a peel and stick tile to make installation even easier!

6 – Mix White And Gold To Brighten Your Home

Another way you can brighten your home is by adding white gold colors and textures. The natural luminescence of white and gold works perfectly to brighten any room and add depth and dimension.

For instance, these Nicole Miller Emiliana Nightstands in white and Gold Accents will brighten up your bedroom, living room, or office. You can use them anywhere in your home for that extra pop of white to instantly lift the spirits of your home.

Also, these side tables add a gentle sophistication in the confines of the home. These end tables and their shiny handles provide a focal point of color and style. And they seamlessly blend with your main furniture to create a dynamic and cozy interior space.  

Mixing textures and colors will help brighten your home and create unique home decor to set your home apart. In your living room, you can add this stunning Irene Round Top Nesting Coffee Table in white and gold. The white and gold combo will instantly open up your living room area. And the genuine marble will reflect the light adding a dimension of brightness to your space.

We know you can brighten your home with these interior design tips and fall in love all over again with your decor. You don’t need to paint your entire home white or replace all of your dark furniture either. With these six tips, you can transform every room in your home and do it affordably.  

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Brighten Your Home With Tips From Interior Designers (With Examples!) Sassy Townhouse Living

We participate in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, Skimlinks, and other Associate Affiliate Programs. Affiliate advertising programs like these provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to these affiliated sites at no cost to you. As Amazon Associates, we earn from qualifying purchases. Please check our Disclosure Privacy Policy page. Thank you for supporting our website.

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