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Outsourcing These Everyday Tasks To Create More Time For Yourself

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By outsourcing these everyday tasks, you can create more time for you and your family. Maybe you haven’t given outsourcing a try, but you should! 

Outsourcing These Everyday Tasks

Families Don’t Spend Enough Time Together 

As the old saying goes, time is money, but these days it might be more accurate to say that time is happiness. According to a May 2018 article in the New York Post, families only spend an average of 37 minutes together each weekday.

That number only increases slightly, to just 40 minutes, on weekends. As we all know, the majority of our time is at work or at school.

You don’t want your weekends filled with tasks like pet care, home maintenance or running errands, do you? 

Outsourcing These Everyday Tasks

Outsourcing These Everyday Tasks Will Help! 

It’s probably no surprise to anyone that families that spend more leisure time together are happier and have stronger interpersonal relationships.  

Taking family vacations and spending a quiet weekend at home does reduce depression and increase feelings of happiness. This holds true for all members of the family regardless of age. 

You might be asking yourself: How can I find the time to spend a whole weekend at home relaxing when there are so many things that need to get done?

The answer: Outsource as many household tasks as you can afford.

Outsourcing These Everyday Tasks

Jobs such as cleaning, painting your home, lawn care, and even grocery shopping can be easily hired out. This will end up saving you several precious hours a week that you can enjoy spending with your spouse, kids, or extended family.

Outsourcing These Everyday Tasks

Some Great Ideas For Outsourcing Tasks

When I worked in New York City full time, I had a four-hour daily commute and it was terribly time-consuming and stressful. I had to outsource tasks to make my life bearable! It was one of the best decisions ever. I finally had the weekends to do things I enjoy like crafting, furniture refinishing and cooking! 

Below, you’ll find a few ideas for everyday tasks that you can try outsourcing to free up your schedule. This way you can create more time to spend doing things that are truly worthwhile.

Cleaning The House

When I worked full time outside the home, cleaning was a huge area of frustration. Outsourcing these everyday tasks such as cleaning, was a huge relief. 

Almost no one enjoys cleaning the house. Tasks like vacuuming, dusting, mopping and cleaning the bathroom take up precious time and energy. Even though you can’t afford to hire a housekeeper or cleaning service, there are ways you can hire someone. 

You can find someone out there who charges rates you can afford. Instead, you can have a housekeeper visit your home every two to three weeks. This way they can do the deep cleaning tasks such as scrubbing the showers, dusting and mopping the floors.

Concentrating only on “maintenance” cleaning, such as light vacuuming in-between visits from your cleaning service will save you hours of work. And this way, you can hire a housekeeper once every few weeks and this will save you money. 

If you absolutely can’t afford to hire a service, be sure to stay organized when cleaning. Use itemized cleaning checklists to help you stay that way! 

Grocery Shopping

Grocery home delivery services such as Stop & Shop’s Pea Pod, Amazon Prime Grocery, and Instacart have revolutionized grocery shopping. These services are making it possible for you to do all of your weekly shopping online. And, without leaving your home or office.

All you do is create an online account with a few clicks, and you can shop for the same products, including fresh produce, that you normally would buy at the store. You can even redeem coupons and take advantage of specials.

Grocery deliveries are super convenient and will free up hours of your time. 

Meal Preparation

Meal delivery services are extremely popular for the past few years and growing in popularity. You get all the ingredients you need to quickly cook a healthy complete meal for you and your family. The best part is, delivery is right at your doorstep! 

Services such as Hello Fresh, Blue Apron, and Purple Carrot offer meal delivery one or several days a week and can provide meals for vegetarians and for those on special diets. Purchasing frozen prepared foods is also a great alternative. 

The cost of most meal delivery services is comparable to shopping for the items. If you bought the ingredients yourself, the cost would amount to approximately sum up the same.  

And since the ingredients in most meal kits are carefully portioned according to how many people you have in your family, there is often very little waste.

Personal Chef Services

There’s also another good option but it might be more expensive. Personal chef services offer another meal preparation alternative. Apps like MyTable, Hire A Chef, and Thumbtack can connect you with personal chefs in your area.

They can prepare a few days’ or a whole weeks’ worth of meals for you and your family, either in their professional kitchen or at your home.

Personal chef services are often more expensive than meal kit services. They offer the added advantage of allowing you to personalize menus and meals for individual family members.

These chefs who cook meals for you at your home will shop for all of the ingredients needed for cooking your meals, package, and store all prepared food in your refrigerator.

You will also get instructions for reheating, as well as make sure your kitchen is thoroughly cleaned before they leave.

Outsourcing These Everyday Tasks

You can easily try outsourcing these everyday tasks to make your life easier and give you more time with your family too. Think about them and start mapping out ways to make your life easier so you can be happier and more successful

Outsourcing These Everyday Tasks To Create More Time For Yourself - Sassy Townhouse Living

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