7 Refreshing Bedroom Makeover Ideas You’ll Dream About

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7 Refreshing Bedroom Makeover Ideas You’ll Dream About

There is nothing like a good craving for a bedroom makeover to spice up your month. Of course, giving your bedroom a brand-new look is not a walk in the park. You need to invest time, money, and effort to successfully pull off the project. A tweak here, a change there can suffice. But if you want something refreshing, you need to step up the game.

Bedroom Makeover
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I recently had a bedroom makeover myself and loved every minute of it. I replaced my bedspread with this Alcazaba Cotton 4 Piece Reversible Comforter Set and it completely turned my bedroom around. 

Bedroom Makeover

I also added a new Jewelry Armoire with Mirror and am in the process of repainting it too! I have so many other plans for my bedroom makeover and that inspired me to share what I’ve discovered with you. I hope you are as inspired as I am to create your own dreamy bedroom!

Bedroom Makeover

Since the bedroom is a place for rest and relaxation, organizing and decorating your favorite retreat to your comfort and taste is the best way to go. This means less clutter and more emphasis on a clean, charming look that can get along with any season. Take a look below at some inspiring ideas to help you decorate your bedroom like a pro.

If you are rethinking your bedroom decor, don’t forget to replace your pillows too. It always a good idea to replace your pillows at least every two years. 

Below, you’ll find some creative ways for your next bedroom makeover! 

Start with the Essentials

A bedroom must have all the key ingredients that make it a calming and comforting space where you get to rest and relax. It usually needs a bed, nightstand, and dresses. They are the essentials that can make the room a functional space. Make sure that they are appropriately sized and do not overwhelm the whole space.

For a themed bedroom like coastal living, picking elegant coastal bedroom furniture is the best way to go. By starting with these key pieces of furniture, you can then build around it to achieve your desired design.

Bedroom Makeover

Learn to Declutter

While it is tempting to gather all your favorite decors and ornaments, it is wise to hold yourself back. There is nothing like too many accessories to inspire a chaotic feel to the room. Instead, keep them to a minimum and avoid the usual clutter. A beautiful artwork on the wall above your bed can be your statement piece. Decorating your bedside table with a vase of flowers is enough to give the room a refreshing look.

Bedroom Makeover

Play with Colors

There is what they call color therapy, a decorating tip that can transform the vibe of your bedroom. There are hues that can help you rest and rejuvenate like blue linens and sea green accent pieces in the form of a vase or a throw pillow. If your wall is in light and neutral shades, then choosing bedding that can add a pop of color is a good trick for a visually appealing bedroom.

Bedroom Makeover

Choose Comfort

Of course, the bed is always the focal point, so indulging in luxurious, soft bedding, a pile of comfy pillows, and statement rugs can do wonders to your senses. You can also put a candle with lavender scent for a calming, aromatic atmosphere.

Bedroom Makeover

Tweak the Lights

The type of lighting fixtures that you install on your bedroom can make a huge difference to the entire look and feel of the space. Sometimes, layering the lights can achieve the best results.

For example, you can illuminate the whole room with ambient lighting and set the mood with an accent pendant light. For bedtime reading, you can install a task light in the form of a bedside lamp. The lighting you choose should complement the theme and color palette of your bedroom, so make sure that you pick them wisely.

Bedroom Makeover

Create a View

If you have a huge window with an unobstructed view, you can arrange your furniture in a way that will allow you to look at the night sky or greet the sunrise. But if your bed is just facing a wall, then creating a wonderful view can transform the atmosphere of your bedroom.

A large artwork with a beach scene or a large-scale photograph of the countryside can do the trick. Waking up and falling asleep has never been better with your very own curated view.

Bedroom Makeover

Bring Nature In

A growing trend in interior design, plants and other types of greenery do not only make for good accessory around the room, but they can also give it a refreshing look while cleansing the air. Bringing them in can create life and add style to your comfortable space.

Bedroom Makeover

Overall, giving your bedroom a makeover does not have to cost a lot of money and energy. You can make little changes and tweak some furniture arrangement to refresh your bedroom without sacrificing its functionality.

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Refreshing Bedroom Makeover Ideas You'll Dream About! - Sassy Townhouse Living

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