Practical Gifts For Mom That Will Spark Joy Every Day

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At times, it isn’t easy finding the right practical gifts for mom. Now, you can find the perfect gifts to spark joy every day! These editor-approved and tested gifts are perfect for mother’s day and every reason to celebrate your love for mom.

Practical Gifts For Mom

Practical Gifts For Mom You Never Thought About Gifting

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We all love shopping on the internet for unique gifts for Mom, but it can be quite overwhelming at times. More so, that’s why we all enjoy reading reviews and enjoy seeing images of products too. Below, you’ll see just that! We have some practical gifts for mom we know she’s love for any special occasion.

Practical Gifts For Mom

1 – Spongellé – Body Wash Infused Buffers

A few years ago, I discovered the magic of Spongellé products and never looked back. When it comes to practical gifts for mom, Spongellé will spark joy for sure. When it comes to body care, you don’t find it better than Spongellé. Recently, they launched a few new products we adore.

More so, Spongellé body cleansing body sponges provide the best in skin and body care products. Not only are the scents delicious, but your skin will feel instantly transformed after using them. Infused with exotic extracts, rich moisturizers, and gentle cleansers, they will transform your skin.

These all-in-one beauty treatments have multi-function features with products ranging from 5+ to 30+ uses. And cater to women, men, children, and our eco-friendly consumers. Plus, you’ll experience a one-of-a-kind fragrance blended with a creamy later your skin will love.

Gift Set For Mom

Every mom deserves some time to take care of herself. Give her the gift of pampering with Spongelle’s heart-shaped body wash infused buffers. She will delight in the delicate fragrances and enjoy time to cleanse, exfoliate, massage, and nourish.

Furthermore, this gift set makes your skin feel amazing and transforms your shower or bath into a luxury spa.

Apple Blossom & Lavender Sky Limited Edition Body Wash Infused Buffers

Additionally, two of my favorite buffers come from a limited-edition set. My skin feels squeaky clean and yet moisturized. And the fragrance transforms my shower into a lux spa experience. We love these two Apple Blossom & Lavender Sky Limited Edition Body Wash Infused Buffers.

Spongellé collaborated with FabFitFun to create limited-edition Body Wash Infused Buffers! These buffers with built-in body wash feature a blend of infused extracts of yuzu, edelweiss, and vetiver root to cleanse, exfoliate, massage, and hydrate the skin. You’ll get a spa-like pampering experience at home.

Lavender Sky Body Buffer Fragrance Notes

T: fresh ozone, orange oil, sea mist accord M: lavender, water lily D: driftwood, soothing musk.

Apple Blossom Body Buffer Fragrance Notes

T: citrus tonic, watery pear, red apple M: freesia, muguet, peony petals D: musk, amber crystal, soft patchouli.

These Spongellé Body Wash Infused Buffers lather up like no other body buffer, and my skin feels like a spa treatment. When it comes to practical gifts for mom, they will spark joy and transform her skin too.

Plus, I discovered two more from Spongellé to add to my collection. Their Cosmic Lavender Spiritual Detox (Rose Quartz) and Neroli Nights | Spiritual Detox (Lapis Lazuli). And they come with a matching stone to aid in your spiritual journey.

Begin a physical, emotional, and spiritual journey with Spongellé’s Spiritual Detox Buffer. Now, you can wash away negativity and focus your intentions with ashwagandha root extract and the power of chakra stones. And all while meditating and reaffirming your newfound energy. Each buffer will last 22+ washes and includes a lapis lazuli chakra stone for meditation and cleansing. Cleanse, buff, detox, and renew.

Cosmic Lavender Spiritual Detox – The lapis lazuli stone cleanses our throat chakra, governing our ability to express and communicate clearly with truth, maturity, and independence.

Fragrance Notes – T: bergamot, sage M: neroli petals, white chamomile, pineapple lily D: fresh musk.

Neroli Nights | Spiritual Detox  – The rose quartz stone awakens our crown chakra, manifesting enlightenment and clarity of the universe.

Fragrance Notes – T: fresh lavender M: pink lily, chamomile petals D: cedarwood, musk, sheer vanilla.

After all, what mom wouldn’t love the pampering of these Spongellé skincare products? These practical gifts for mom will earn you multiple hugs and kisses too!

2 – Elina Organics Cranberry Rose Skin Refiner

A must-have gift for mom is the newly launched Elina Organics Cranberry Rose Skin Refiner. This skin refiner is like no other on the market. This refiner will hydrate your skin with Manuka honey, polish with rosehips, and exfoliate with fruit enzymes, leaving you glowing!

Besides, I love taking it with me right into the shower. While my skin feels moist, I give myself the treatment my skin needs. After use, my face feels refined, refreshed, and renewed. I especially love how my foundation seems to glide on without a trace of dry skin showing through my makeup.

Fresh and handmade, this plant-based skin refiner contains an abundance of antioxidants, Vitamin C and B, and beta-keratin (precursor of Retinol) to nourish and reduce fine lines. It has everything your skin needs in a refiner.

More so, this product gently polishes your skin and fades discoloration with crushed rosehips and cranberries.  Its fruit enzymes also help to remove excess dead skin cells and soften your skin’s appearance. And the manuka honey leaves my skin hydrated and moisturized.

Plus, this refiner will erase wrinkles, dry patches, and unpleasant discolorations from our winter faces. The crushed rosehips, cranberries, and Manuka Honey blended with other fruit enzymes will gently exfoliate the surface of your skin and infuse it with a cocktail of vitamins and antioxidants to give you a summer glow!

3 – Curious Oval Cushion Brush by Nick Stenson

When it comes to practical gifts for mom, there’s nothing more beneficial than a great hairbrush! Well, this Curious Oval Cushion Brush by Nick Stenson will help her style her hair and deliver shine and control too! After using it for the first time, my hair looked and felt amazing. And styling my hair was never so easy!

Nick Stenson is an international beauty expert and celebrity stylist who flexes his fashion muscle to establish an ever-changing vogue in beauty trend innovation for hair, skin, brow, and makeup services. Recently, he created a line of 3 styling brushes with 100% natural boar bristle fibers.

Furthermore, the CURIOUS Brushes by Nick Stenson line includes the Curious Brush – Oval Cushion ($59), Curious Round Brush – Medium ($39), and Curious Round Brush – Extra Large ($49) – all sold at Ulta Beauty Stores, at Ulta.com and NickStensonBeauty.com. Each style helps to create the perfect blowout by achieving extreme volume while providing ultimate control.

The Curious Brush Oval Cushion features a unique crisscross pattern around the edge which creates volume, while the center channel of natural fiber boar bristles creates airflow for faster blow-dries and ultimate shine & control. The volume where you want it. Tension where you need it. And the natural fiber boar bristles keep the cuticle smooth for maximum shine.

Curious Brush Key Features

  • Natural fiber boar bristles absorb and redistribute hair oils from the root to smooth the hair.
  • Nylon bristles penetrate for detangling.
  • Patented nylon and natural fiber boar bristles configuration gives better control, with edge bristles for fine details.
  • The criss-cross pattern of the outer ring gives height at the base to create volume.
  • The center channel creates movement and airflow for faster blow-dries.
  • Easy to hold, lightweight design with a soft-touch grip and a seamless handle.

Moreover, I love my Curious Round Brush because it features a combination of natural fiber and boar bristles. Plus, the ceramic ionic barrel promotes shine and faster blow-drying results. And the patented configuration creates tension and control to enhance styling and finishing techniques. And that’s aside from how great it works as detangling my hair too.

Celebrity hairstylist Nick Stenson has partnered with Pink Pewter to design an exclusive set of Hair Clips for the Nick Stenson Beauty Brand. The set of 4 clips is available as a FREE gift with any Curious Brushes by Nick Stenson purchase on ulta.com.

The beautiful Pink Pewter hair clips include the Rose Tint Beaded Snap Clip, the Bursting Crystal Rounded Metal Bobby Pin, the Rose Gold Rounded Metal Bobby Pin, and the Pearl Accend Metal Hair Clip. And these clips take on a vintage aesthetic that offers a timeless yet romantic look. You can wear the set together or mixed with other pieces from the Nick Stenson collection.

Valued at $19.99, they are available while supplies last. These beautiful Pink Pewter look stunning whether you’re dressing casually or out for a night on the town!

4 – Wettex Original Swedish Superabsorbent Dishcloth

Since I discovered Wettex Original Swedish Superabsorbent Dishcloths, I replaced them with every raggedy kitchen washcloth I own. When it comes to practical gifts for mom, she’ll appreciate this one most of all.

The revolutionary product was eventually named Wettex by the inventor’s wife, Margareta Lindquist. She astutely combined the words wet and textile to name the sponge cloth Wettex.

What is a Wettex Swedish Dishcloth?

The first reusable Wettex Swedish dishcloth was developed in the 1950s after Curt Lindquist put a sponge in a meat grinder, flattened it out, and mixed it with cotton. The result was nothing short of a breakthrough in household cleaning products.

  • 100% natural (and vegan-approved!)
  • Able to absorb up to 15 times its weight in water
  • As absorbent as a sponge and biodegradable
  • Cost-effective, by replacing the need for 15 rolls of paper towels with a single Wettex
  • Effective at cleaning glass, countertops, porcelain, plastic, granite, tile, and more
  • Environmentally superior to wasteful paper products
  • Equally quick to dry as a paper towel and faster to dry than a typical sponge
  • Less likely to grow bacteria than a sponge and less likely to smell worse than a sponge
  • Long-lasting, more durable than a paper towel (won’t tear)
  • More durable than a sponge (won’t pill/crumble)
  • Reusable and Washable

How to Use a Wettex Dishcloth – Practical Gifts For Mom She Will Love!

It’s simple to use a Wettex Dishcloth. All you do is wet them, ring them out and start cleaning up anything! When using cleaning sprays, spray the surface as normal, and wipe with a Wettex dishcloth instead of a paper towel or another cloth towel. Avoid using Wettex sponge cloths on sharp items such as knives, clean graters, peelers, etc., to prevent cutting the fabric.

How long do Swedish dishcloths last?

Wettex, the original Swedish sponge cloth, can last for months or even years, depending on its use. And how frequently you wash it.  Wettex dishcloths can withstand hundreds of washings. You can clean your Wettex in a variety of ways, including:

  • Washing machine (preferred method)
  • On the top shelf of a dishwasher
  • Microwave (damp cloth, 1 minute)
  • Boiled

Additionally, you can enjoy Wettex dishcloths in a variety of colors and patterns too. We love The Original Wettex Sunflower Dishcloth Art Collection (3 Pack) too. It’s perfect for spring and summer decor! Now, I don’t have smelly kitchen dishcloths lying around. And I can save lots of money by easily rewashing them! Plus, you can stow them away easily and use them anywhere in your home for an easy to clean and hygienic experience.

Now, you have so many practical gifts for mom to choose from for her to enjoy. And you know they will spark joy in her life and always remind her of your love.

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We participate in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, Skimlinks, and other Associate Affiliate Programs. Affiliate advertising programs like these allow us to earn fees by linking to affiliated sites at no cost to you. As Amazon Associates, we earn from qualifying purchases. Please check our Disclosure Privacy Policy page. Thank you for supporting our website.

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