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Get A Better Night’s Sleep With The Goldilocks-Zone Of Pillows

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If you are like me and looking for a better night’s sleep then this Goldilocks-zone of pillows is the answer. I’ve struggled to find the perfect pillow for years and finally found one! This is the one pillow you need to experience. 

I’ve been on the hunt for about two years for the Goldilocks-zone pillow, and I wouldn’t give up because I knew one was out there, that would help me to get a better night’s sleep.

My determination paid off because I finally found one and wanted to be sure I shared my results with you too! I’ve tried about 6 different types of pillows from very well-known brands and just weren’t the perfect fit!

Better Night's Sleep Goldilocks-zone pillows

So, what exactly is the Goldilocks-zone pillow? Well, just like the fairytale, some bed pillows are too thin, some bed pillows are too firm and, some bed pillows get too hot, while some bed pillows contain chemicals (seriously).

Then I discovered the DorisSleep classic bed pillow and it’s jussssst right! This Goldilocks-zone bed pillow is ultra-soft, made with recycled plastic bottle fiberfill upcycled in the U.S., and blown to custom fill specifications used by luxury hotels and interior designers for more than 50 years.

Better Night's Sleep Goldilocks-Zone Pillows

From the very first night, I noticed an immediate difference in not only the quality of my sleep but how I felt in the morning too. My neck felt better, my back was less stressed and aggravated, and overall, I had a better night’s sleep.

I suffer from chronic back pain, and it’s so important to have a pillow that’s sure to give you a better night’s sleep and makes you feel great when you wake up too! 

DorisSleep Pillows Features

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Machine-washable
  • Outstanding-durability
  • No chemical flame retardants
  • Made in the U.S.
  • Recycled fiberfill
Better Night's Sleep Goldilocks-zone pillows
Better Night's Sleep Goldilocks-zone pillows

The gel-like feel of the pillow ensures both sides are the “cool” side throughout the night. And best yet, the pillow is made in a no-foam factory, is never sprayed with chemical flame retardants, is never compressed and helps divert plastic bottle waste from landfills. You will get a better night’s sleep with these Doris’Classic Goldilocks-Zone Pillows!

I’m in my happy place every night now, and my husband loves his Doris Classic Pillow too! It was the first time he said woke up and said, “wow, this pillow is like sleeping on a comfortable cloud. I haven’t slept that good in years”. The Classic Pillow is what I decided works best for us and it comes in Standard and Queen sizes. 

Better Night's Sleep Goldilocks-zone pillows

And, you can choose the DorisSleep Pillow that’s just right for you!

There are three types to choose from:

DorisSleep Thin Bed Pillow – If you are looking for an ultra-thin, low-profile, even flat pillow, this is the right choice for you. Are you a stomach sleeper who throws pillows off the bed in the middle of the night due to their height? Do you have neck pain because of too-tall pillows and struggle to find flatter, soft pillows you can mold to your liking?

DorisSleep Thick Bed Pillow – Looking for a high-loft, firm and weighted pillow? Are you a side sleeper with broad shoulders who need a bit extra lift? Do you struggle to find thick pillows that have the height you need but lack the softness you want?

and the pillow I chose

DorisSleep Classic Bed Pillow – This is my forever Goldilocks-zone jusssst right pillow. 

Better Night's Sleep Goldilocks-zone pillows

I’m a firm believer in washing your pillows at least once a month, and with DorisSleep Pillows, you don’t have to worry because they are 100% machine-washable and hypoallergenic too! 

Better Night's Sleep Goldilocks-zone pillows

They also offer a 60 Day Free Trial too so if you don’t like sleeping on one of their pillows, you can return it and, get this, they will donate it to a homeless shelter! I love that. It warms my heart to know they are making the best of a situation by helping those who need it. 

Better Night's Sleep Goldilocks-zone pillows

You can purchase DorisSleep Pillows on their website – the Classic Pillow Standard retails for $69, and the Queen size is $72 – DorisSleep.com offers a 10% discount off your order too so be sure to grab yours too! 

Let me know if you have any questions – I’ll be happy to answer them below. 

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Get A Better Night's Sleep With The Goldilocks-Zone Of Pillows - Sassy Townhouse Living

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