What are Timber Trusses and How They Support Your Entire Roof

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Timber trusses hold much importance in the overall design of our roof. Every homeowner should learn more about them and how what you should know. More importantly, the roof is an essential part of every home because it protects the entire property from various unpredictable weather conditions.

Timber Trusses

What You Need to Know About Timber Trusses for the Roof

Above all, timber trusses allow you to have a roof over your head. Without them, your ceilings would have no support whatsoever. More importantly, there are five types of timber trusses to consider. The five types of trusses are common, king post, queen post, hammer-beam, and scissor for you to consider.

Therefore, you need to focus on it while building the house. A high-quality design and planning must be a priority during the construction of a roof structure. Most of all, because it is one of the biggest and heaviest structural components of any edifice. While timber, utilized for many years, creates top-notch, durable houses and structures. There are many benefits from timber trusses, and today we will cover some of the essential facts about it.  

Always Keep An Eye On The Quality

Remember, you should choose the timber for trusses carefully to ensure your roof’s proper structural integrity. According to the experts at trusted-roofing.com/wooden-roof-trusses.php, it’s of great importance that the wood doesn’t have any natural flaws or weaknesses.

Namely, this will help you quickly figure out its feasibility for creating trusses. Moreover, if you notice any pest attacks, decay, or fungi, it’s best to look for another timber somewhere else.  If you’re not sure how to determine that, consult with a professional who will be able to conclude it based on a visual inspection of timber.

The Advantages Of Timber Trusses

As we stated in the beginning, timber trusses have become extremely popular in the past couple of years. It is not only because of its quality but also because you can save a substantial amount of money. Timber trusses amount to more than thirty percent less expensive in comparison to the rafters. Further, they utilize materials that are not so thick and heavy, and you can also purchase in larger quantities.

More importantly, the labor expenses regarding trusses are also relatively low and don’t require an experienced carpenter’s skills. According to some research, you’ll need approximately thirty to four-hundred dollars for a truss. Another important fact about timber trusses is that they do not divide the roof’s weight onto the interior walls of your house. Instead, they distribute it onto the exterior walls. By this, homemakers can efficiently develop an open-concept living space.

Timber Trusses

Different Types And Designs

These trusses are perfect for smaller houses or garages and bigger industrial objects that can go up to thirty-five meters. Various kinds of wooden trusses give us numerous possibilities of having the floor and roof structures.

The most popular types of trusses include:

  • Triangular trusses (the most traditional type)
  • Attic trusses
  • Scissor-type trusses
  • Mansard timber truss
  • Semicircular trusses
  • Stubbed Modified timber trusses
  • Mono timber trusses
  • Flat roof trusses
  • Attic roof truss
  • Stubbed mono timber truss, Stubbed attic timber truss and, Stubbed duo
  • Duo timber trusses

A vaulted ceiling made of timber created an outstanding decorative design in any home. They seem to stretch forever and increase the overall appearance of any area. They work immensely well for folks who enjoy the natural elements of the outdoors right into the design of their home.

The Importance Of Timber Trusses For The Roof

It Is Sustainable

If you’re into an eco-friendly lifestyle, then you’ll be glad to hear that timber is a renewable and sustainable resource. What does this mean?

Furthermore, if treated properly, we give trees enough time to grow naturally, and you do not need any energy or other raw material to make this useful resource. If harvested appositely, it can grow healthy, and you will have a permanent timber supply.

Extended Span

Once the space among two mediator roof support beams surpasses twelve meters, it’s a long-span housing perception. A typical example of it is a factory, or it can also be a hangar or warehouse. Furthermore, constructed trusses can usually accomplish a much longer span than this due to its roof structure, selection of profile, and material thickness.

One of the benefits of a protracted span truss system is that you don’t need to put together multiple slices of material to reach the same wideness of a roof. As we previously mentioned, in commercial buildings, roofs are the essential part because they provide us with protection from different elements such as snow and rain.

Since it is one of the biggest and expensive parts of the house, it requires a good assessment and planning. We hope this info was of great help If you decide to use timber to make roof trusses.

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