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How To Easily Dictate Every Email And Word Document

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Most of us feel typing is a necessary annoyance and since we do it time and time again every day, we are constantly in a state of annoyed! Now you can easily Dictate Every Email And Word Document!

Fret no more – Microsoft has released a new add-on called Dictate that lets you create documents in the Office suite with just your voice and it’s free! 


Typing Got You Frazzled? How To Easily Dictate Every Email And Word Document

Dictate was released as an experimental project under the Microsoft Garage umbrella and is an advanced voice-to-text typing system that utilizes Cortana’s speech-recognition technology to identify spoken words.

The add-on works on Word, Outlook, and PowerPoint, allowing users to prepare their documents, emails, and presentations using mainly their voice. Finally! A free dictation add-on that actually works and works great!

Here’s how it works:

Transcription isn’t the only thing that Dictate can do! The add-on also supports some basic commands that let the user easily control the document they’re currently editing.

This awesome video will show you exactly how easy it is to use. 


  • Supports more than 20 languages for dictation
  • Real time translation to 60 languages
  • Commands like “new line”, “stop dictation” and “enter” to give more control while dictating
  • Two modes of punctuations: Auto and manual for English
  • Visual feedback to indicate that speech is being processed

Commands Available (English)

  • New Line: Takes cursor to new line
  • Delete: Removes the last line you dictated
  • Stop Dictation: Terminates the dictation session
  • Full stop or period: Types period character (.)
  • Question mark: Types (?)
  • Open Quote: Types (“)
  • Close Quote: Types (”)
  • Colon: Types (:)
  • Comma: Types (,)

It’s awesome how it also features translation capabilities. You can actually write in another language and it translates too! 


Tired of typing emails? No problem. Dictate has you covered!


It’s perfect for writing books or long documents. There’s so much you can do with Dictate – and it’s a great time saver as well. Click here to install it. It’s totally safe and easy to install! No more paying for expensive dictation software either – that’s a win-win! 

Dictate is an experimental project and keep in mind that it “might” get scrapped one day but let’s hope it sticks around. It’s totally awesome and a keeper for sure.

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