DIY Designer Sweatshirt That Will Save You A Ton Of Dough!

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DIY Designer Sweatshirt That Will Save You A Ton Of Dough!

diy rag and bone sweatshirt

Create your own designer sweatshirt from Rag & Bone! Last month, I was shopping with my sister Patti in Bloomingdale’s and walked past an adorable sweatshirt that was covered in small white paint splashes. I backtracked to take a closer look at it and fell in love with it. I immediately grabbed the price ticket and almost lost my breath!

The sweatshirt itself was a plain ordinary run of the mill one. Nothing special about it, except for the splashes of paint scattered about. Now, I’ve been known to splurge on designer clothes at whim before, but for some reason when I saw the price, and how ordinary the sweatshirt was I said no way!

Price Ticket

Yes, you saw that correctly! $255.00 bucks…for a sweatshirt! The entire line of Rag and Bone clothes are off the hook expensive.

Here are some pics of what it looked like.

Rag and Bone Sweatshirt from Bloomies

Rag and Bone Sweatshirt
Rag and Bone Sweatshirt

Cute right? After some reflection, I knew I could make this myself and get close enough. So I did! Here’s my version. I’m going to be making another one soon. Next time, I’m going to buy a smaller black or olive sweatshirt similar to the Rag and Bone one. I wanted to try a test first, so I grabbed a plain old sweatshirt I had lying around.

Martha Stewart Pearl Paint

I was going to use an eye-dropper to drop the paint onto the sweatshirt, but I decided to use a Q-Tip instead. I noticed their paint drops were uneven, and I wanted to get that same looks. The Q-Tip worked out best. This paint is fabric safe too!

Adding the Paint Dots


I tried to follow the same pattern as they did use paint drop clusters and random sizes. You may have to go back over a dot to make sure good paint coverage.

Mine is below – I think the point of the project here was well made. You can find any sweatshirt and recreate this yourself! I will totally wear the one I made, but I am going to make another one too! I love wearing sweatshirts this time of year and get so bored with the plain ordinary ones I see sold. Point being, you may not always be able to afford a sweatshirt for $255.00, but you can sure try to make one (that looks like it) yourself!

Rag and Bone Dupe Sweatshirt
Rag and Bone Dupe Sweatshirt

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Sharing is Caring! ❤️

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  1. so so so smart! Yours looks almost identical. I would never pay $225 for a sweatshirt but I would totally make this myself. Keep up the good work, you did an awesome job :)

  2. You might have fun with a bleach pen too. My daughter made some really cool shirts with the basic Clorox bleach pen.

  3. OMG! You could be a designer. $255 is outrageous for a paint-splattered sweatshirt. Plus, I like yours way better!

  4. Love it! How great that you got the photo and had it to pattern your DIY after. Yours looks better! One of my favorite expressions is “I can make that” — and I see it must be one of yours, too.

  5. Hi Wendy! I always wanted to learn how to sew. I can do basic stuff, but I used to needlepoint like a mad-woman back in the day. I love the sweatshirt, and it looks so cute with jeans! Thanks much for stopping by and commenting. Have a great weekend!

  6. Hi Stacia! Thanks much for stopping by and commenting. I plan on creating another one soon with a more stylish sweatshirt. I love it with jeans! Hope to see you again soon. Have a great weekend!

  7. awesome job on the replica carolann but I could just have lent you one my actual painting sweatshirts lol

  8. I am so, so impressed with this knock off designer sweatshirt you created. I love it and agree you could be a designer!

  9. I can’t ever imagine paying that much for ONE shirt. Or even one pair of jeans. Yours looks just as good.

  10. You’re so right that buying expensive clothing is for the birds especially when you can most likely buy a different brand or make it like you did a whole cheaper. This is a nice easy task to do.

  11. how could anyone justify paying over $250 for that sweatshirt,its madness….yours looks nearly identical and probably 10% of the price

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