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Bvckup 2 – The Simple and Fast Way To Backup Your PC

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Bvckup 2 – The Simple and Fast Way To Backup Your PC

Bvckup 2 - The Simple and Fast Way To Backup Your PC

When it comes to backing up your PC, there is nothing more important a task. Backing up your data can frighten even the savvy end-user.  Well, not any longer! I generally use the program pre-installed with Win7 to back up my entire PC, but what about things like your files and folders? I wanted to be sure they were getting the best attention when it came to backing them up, so I began testing a variety of backup applications and wasn’t too happy with any of them…until Bvckup 2!

Bvckup 2 makes backing up for files and folder so easy. I must have tested ten different backup software tools before I found Bvckup 2, and my worries about losing pictures, folders, music, anything I hold dear, are gone! Once you tell it what you want to back up, it does it automatically. You don’t ever have to think about it again. And the best part? Well, anytime you make changes to the folder, Bvckup detects that change and automatically begins the backup process. How much better can it be?

Check out some of the reviews of Bvckup2!

Bvckup 2 Reviews

Now all of my music, photos, and documents reside safely on my secondary hard drive. That’s where I house all of my backup data. For some of you who do not have an internal secondary hard-drive like I do, you can backup to a CD, external portable hard drive, or thumb drive. If you don’t backup your data, well, you really need to begin thinking about that today!

Check out some of the specs of Bvckup 2


  • Complete backups faster
  • The app is very fast at bulk copying and it is even faster at updating.
  • Extensively optimized across the board Bvckup 2 goes out of its way to process every backup as quickly as possible.


  • It does just one simple thing…The app does not compress, encrypt or FTP files. It’s not a two-way sync nor does it come with a restore function.
  • It does just one thing – it mirrors A to B.

…and it does it really well

Here is what the backup configuration screen looks like.

Backup Configuration

Essentially, you choose a backup from any folder and a backup to folder and bam! That’s basically it – your done. You can tweak other settings if you like such as what to back up or when you do back it up, but the default settings are good as they are!

Be sure to check out their site for more details on advanced features. They have screenshots of the step-by-step process that makes following along all that much easier!

I started out using the trial for a few weeks and then decided to buy the software for just $19.95 USD! Outstanding price for peace of mind protection!

There are certain programs you just can’t do without when it comes to peace of mind and protecting your data – and this is one of them!

As I stated this software was purchased on my own and was not sponsored by Bvckup2.

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Sharing is Caring! ❤️

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