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7 Helpful Ideas to Making a Tiny Bathroom Look Bigger

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If you love your home but need to decorate a tiny bathroom, finding solutions that work for you can present challenges. The good news is you don’t need to spend a small fortune to create a visually larger space. Instead, small spaces can present beautifully, and you can create the illusion of a larger space with helpful ideas for your next remodel.

Tiny Bathroom

Yes, You Can Make Your Tiny Bathroom Look Bigger

The bathroom is one of the main rooms of the home and some of us love to decorate our tiny bathroom and have it look its best. In tiny spaces, it can feel cramped and claustrophobic and lack elegance and charm.

Moreover, if you want to make it appear larger and more spacious, there are a few essential steps to take. My townhouse is a great place to live, but that one tiny bathroom can present a challenge when decorating. If you love your home but not your tiny bathroom, these handy tips will instantly transform your space.

Below, you will find some surefire tips on how to make your tiny bathroom look bigger! 

1 – Use Mirrors

Mirrors can work magic in any space in your home; when you install mirrors in your tiny bathroom, they can look transformative. More so, it will create an illusion of more space and become functional too. For example, when I installed this three-door medicine cabinet, it gave me functional space and brightened it too!

Not only will using mirrors dress up your walls and contribute to the design of the room, but they will also allow the space to appear more prominent. Mirrors create the illusion of a larger room and allow natural light to reflect in the space. Conversely, you can install a stunning and affordable mirror above the vanity.

Tiny Bathroom

2 – Use White on White

I’m a huge fan of using white on white patterns for any space. Recently, I installed beautiful white on white Facade Paneling to my foyer. Not only did it brighten up the space but it also made the area feel and look larger. 

Fortunately, I have plans to install this very same paneling in my tiny bathroom this year. Moreover, white always brightens a space, and you can add pops of color quickly. Using paneling like this will make your bathroom look and feel larger and add a beautiful decortive element.

This paneling is perfect for opening up a tiny bathroom and adding a beautiful decor element to it too! The best part is it was easy to install. For example, you can make your tiny bathroom feel light and airy by using neutral color shades that will open up your space. Then, opt for white tiles, white paint, and a white backsplash to create a clean and larger environment that feels clean and larger.

Tiny Bathroom

Different shades of white will also add extra character and allow the bathroom to appear cozy instead of bland. Incorporate various textural elements that include pale stone and light wood features for added visual appeal that is easy on the eyes.

Tiny Bathroom

3 – Add Bright Lighting

The lighting used in the room will determine how large the space appears, making it necessary to use bright lighting that will highlight different areas of the bathroom. For example, the bathroom featured below used bright lighting and mirrors to make your home look more prominent. 

For example, shoppers love this 3 Light Wall Sconces fixture and how they can have three lights for the price of one. Crafted from iron, this bathroom light fixture pairs a circular backplate with a tubular arm that isfinished in a matte black tone for a stylish appearance. Stunning thick glass shades with a classic handmade appearance are held in place by metal rings. It accommodates 3 bulbs, each of which is highlighted by a cylindrical transparent glass shade to evenly distribute an inviting glow throughout your bathroom or powder room.

Many bathrooms don’t have enough natural light present because of a lack of windows. This makes it necessary to install recessed lights or sconces. A grid of ceiling lights or a mirror with a lighted edge will also work well.

Watyo Bathroom Light Fixture

4 – Install a Smaller Toilet

The toilet takes up a significant amount of the bathroom but is also an essential component of the space. Consider adding a toilet that can be adjusted, like the Saniflo SaniBEST toilet. You’ll be able to shorten the toilet, freeing up extra room in the bathroom. It will also make it easier for children to use the product. In addition, the toilet doesn’t follow traditional plumbing requirements, which makes it easy to adjust.

5 – Patterned Wallpaper

While it’s true you should avoid using patterned wallpaper in a small space, it can also create a beautiful decorative statement. I occasionally break the rules myself. Last year, I installed wallpaper in our tiny bathroom, and I have to say I love it. While I knew it wouldn’t make my tiny bathroom look bigger, I wanted to create a visual statement. And it turned out great! So while interior designers tell us not to install patterned wallpaper, it’s OK to bend the rules depending on your space. 

Although patterned wallpaper will allow you to incorporate plenty of details into bathrooms, it can also make your space appear smaller. Avoid using wallpaper that has wild or bold patterns. That will give the room a closed-in appearance. If you want to make the bathroom bold but still spacious, consider using that wallpaper on an accent wall.

Tiny Bathroom

6 – Recess the Medicine Closet – Making Your Tiny Bathroom Look Bigger

Protruding medicine cabinets can make it difficult to brush your teeth or apply your makeup each day, making it necessary to recess the storage wall to get a few more inches out of the bathroom. Also, building it deeper into the wall will prevent the space from looking cluttered.

I love the look of recessed medicine cabinets. While they are more work to install, the payoff is enormous. Furthermore, it will also prevent you from feeling cramped in the room. Removing products that aren’t used each day from the countertops will also create a more spacious setting. For example, this stunning lighted cabinet will instantly brighten any tiny bathroom and give you loads of room for all of your items.

7 – Keep Bathroom Colors Light And Bright

Of course, dark paint colors will naturaly make your tiny bathroom looks smaller. While we love dark and moody spaces, your bathroom should reflect light naturally. Doing so will make the space seem larger and the mirrors will help reflect light aiding in the process.

Moreover, you’ll want to avoid dark and moody paint colors if you don’t have a bathroom window. That’s why it’s essential to use bright light, airy colors like Misty Morning or Northern Sky to brighten the space. Finally, we all love paint and primer together, which makes painting so much easier.

Some Parting Thoughts On How To Make Your Tiny Bathroom Look Bigger

There are only so many ways you can economize the space in a small bathroom. Using the right lighting, color scheme, and accent will help create the illusion of a larger space and help your tiny bathroom look bigger! When it comes to your home decor, you can discover many ways to perk up your space.

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Helpful Ideas To Making a Tiny Bathroom Look Bigger- Sassy Townhouse Living

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