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How To Make Sure Your Home Is Winter Ready

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Making sure your home is winter ready is one of the most important things you can do for your home’s safety and security. Every year, we go through a checklist to ensure we have made our home safe and winter ready. 

Winter Ready

Winter Ready Your Home Today

Below, you’ll find some of the key areas to run through to ensure your abode is safe and ready for the harsh winter monthsOf the four seasons of the year, winter is the coldest, and it comes after autumn and before spring.

Homes should be well prepared before the uncertainties and the inconveniences of the coldest season of the year kick in. It would be tough being caught up in the middle of the harsh weather trying to repair, burst pipes, broken windows or collapsed rooftop.

This article will review how to manage snow as a result of low temperatures and icy conditions.

Below are some guidelines that will help prevent any damages that may come along during winter.

Survey rooftop

Survey to ensure there is no wear and tear which may lead to costly damages as a result of falling snow and ice. It is advisable to call a roofer to help with the repairs if need be.

Winter Ready

Well maintained furnace

For the sake of heat, your oven should be checked by your technician ahead of winter to avoid a breakdown in the middle of the season and perhaps avoid problems before it is too late.

Always remember to change your home air filter too to ensure the air quality is good too. 

Winter Ready

Scrub the chimney

Carbon monoxide may accumulate in the house if the stack is not clean, and these gases can be hazardous to human beings. Therefore, they should be cleaned before to avoid problems which may result from the gases. You can use the best ozone generator gently to help in air freshening. By this, you keep your environment safe.

Winter Ready

Pruning bushes, shrubs, and trees

Branches may become brittle and can quickly die or weaken with the cold temperatures. Thus, they can break easily leading to damage of property nearby.

The weight of snow and ice combined with wind from winter storms may also cause breakages, which may end up damaging homes.

Winter Ready

Keep your pipes warm

Water expands when it goes from liquid to solid. Thus, unprotected pipes are susceptible to cold temperatures. Water pipes may have ice blockages since the outside temperature is at the freezing point.

This may lead to pressure buildup between the ice blockage and close faucets and can burst the pipe leading to damages. Therefore, the exposed pipes should be padded.

 Winter Ready

Check your gutters

Check for any structural damages on your gutters. Call a professional to fix before a massive storm hit in if you happen to spot any leaks. Check whether the anchors attaching the gutters to the fascial are appropriately set.

If necessary, install snow guards to prevent snow building up and freezing in your trenches. This ensures excessive pressure or weight does not damage gutters due to an increase in snow falls.

Not attending to serious matters like these can be a health risk especially in the harsh winter months

Winter Ready

Outside faucets should be turned off

Water in the outside tap should be drained to prevent the freezing and bursting of pipes. If you find any drips or leaks, repair the fixture before water freezes in the fixture.

Winter Ready

Windows And Doors

Ensure all the windows and doors are in good conditions. Ensure that all windows and doors are not broken, heat may be lost through broken door and windows. Therefore, they should be firm and tight, although this may result in stuffy conditions.

Winter Ready

In conclusion, taking time to prepare homes for winter may help prevent costly damages to your property which will save you time and cost to repair.

Also, it will save the last-minute haste that may cause mishaps due to inevitable damages to property. Thus, with prior preparations, you can never go wrong throughout the winter.

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How To Make Sure Your Home Is Winter Ready - Sassy Townhouse Living

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Winter Ready

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