DISH TV – 8 Reasons Why You Need To Consider Subscribing

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After years of paying high prices for cable TV, it’s now time to consider the benefits of subscribing to DISH TV. Aren’t you tired of overpaying for cable?

For years, our monthly cable bill is the same as a car payment! Is your cable bill as bad? If so, you might want to consider switching to DISH TV. As a result, after researching our options for the past few months, it seems now it a great time to switch.

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The Evolution Of DISH TV

Additionally, it wasn’t too long ago that people wanting to watch a movie would be forced to go to the cinema.

Then came VCRs and they brought a lot more to the table and made the process of viewing film at home much easier. But it was with DISH TV that things really took a turn for the best.

Mainly, because it made the entire process of viewing your favorite movies, shows, and programs at home much easier.  And, of course, more accessible to everyone. Nothing beats the experience of sitting down with a few loved ones and enjoying some quality time with a film and some popcorn, right?

If you are a devoted cable user, you might want to check out switching to DISH TV. While cable does have its merits, DISH TV does seem to have more advantages.

Below, you’ll find eight reasons why we think DISH TV just might be worth the switch.


1 – With DISH TV You Get A Better Picture

For example, at the end of the day, you want to watch your favorite programs and shows with the best quality possible. Well, it seems DISH TV offers what seems considered the best quality out there, better than that of cable.

We discovered, DISH TV uses high definition signals while cable uses a normal signal, which makes for the enhanced picture quality with the former. Even the color schemes and the contrast to color density are much better with DISH TV.

Seemingly, this creates a pretty vibrant overall picture and a much better viewing experience. I’m all about better picture quality and found this feature a plus!

2 – Excellent Sound Quality

What good is a better picture without an equally great audio quality? Fortunately, DISH TV has exactly that option, because it amplifies the sounds coming into your TV and enhances the audio signals as well.

There are even some sets that provide some of the highest quality sound systems in the market such as Dolby like sounds. Dolby sound makes your whole viewing and listening experience much more fun.

3 – Pricing – The Biggest Factor

Probably the biggest factor in the war between DISH and cable is the pricing. We also discovered the biggest factor between DISH TV and cable is the pricing.

After all, the number one reason I started investigating switching was due to the cost of cable in the first place. We love using the latest technology and take our tech products and features seriously!

Yes, it’s an adjustment transiting from cable to DISH but well worth it when you look at the cost. It’s awesome discovering DISH TV has several options for great packages too.

We wanted to get this deal because it offers pricing plans starting from around $60 per month for hundreds of channels!   One of the awesome features of DISH is there are so many different packages with loads of available channels.

Once you start adding channels to cable, the price goes up exponentially. And, you can stay within your budget with DISH TV too and still enjoy so many channels.


4 – Wiring Worries – Who Needs It?

One of the problems facing people opting for cables is the complexity of its wiring. The tangled mess of wires in our homes is enough to make you throw a fit!

If you don’t have the necessary wires in the walls, you might have to do some digging! Or, worse let them hang from your walls which doesn’t really look nice either. But with DISH you only need one wire to transmit the signal to the wireless devices that would bring you the channels. So, it’s much more aesthetically pleasing and easier to install. We are all about that feature for sure!


5 – More DISH Options

You naturally don’t want to get a service like this just to watch movies and shows. All DISH TV services come with different slots for games and other media options, too! It always makes sense to research your best options as well. You’ll want to make sure you choose the right plan for your needs.

This makes it easier to play games and watch movies and do anything you want really through the DISH service. These options also include more on-demand channels than cable which is great to know.

Some DISH services can come with up to 400 channels! There’s even a ton of on-demand services with a variety of games and programs. Above all, these features sound much more appealing than cable!

6 – Mobile Streaming And Offline Download

If you are on the road but don’t want to miss out on your favorite programs and shows, no need to worry! We discovered there’s a service just for that with DISH.

We read about a device called HopperGO and created to store your favorite movies, shows, and programs offline. This way you could stream them on any device you want.

It’s a great option for people who travel a lot because it means you can add your favorite shows on your tablet or mobile. You get to stream up to 5 different shows on 5 different devices at the same time!


7 – Excellent Customer Experience 

Of course, we wanted a company with an excellent customer service experience track record. With this in mind, we started digging deep into reviews. Luckily, discovering that’s just the case with DISH TV.

Our current cable company’s customer service track record is abysmal. Excellent customer service means so much especially when experiencing tech or billing issues.

We all know that most cable companies don’t exactly have the best customer service department. Plus, ee found that you can reach out to the folks over the DISH TV customer service department anytime. They are available 24/7 and you can reach them online or by phone too.

8 – DISH TV Available Everywhere

Another important feature of DISH TV, you can receive the signal from pretty much anywhere. You don’t need a special cable or accessories. This is great for people who live in rural areas who might not have the luxury of getting a cable company.

During our research, we found that DISH TV comes with channels and programs from different countries as well. This feature rocks especially for enjoying diverse programing.

All you need to do is get a package that includes channels from Asia, the Middle East, or wherever you like!  This makes this a great option for ex-pats and international citizens living abroad.

In Closing

It looks like switching from cable to DISH TV is the best option for us and I hope for you as well. If you don’t like the service and the options that come with it, you can easily take it down without having spent too much money or messed up the wiring/walls in your place.

I hope you gleaned a lot of great information and now, maybe you’ll think of switching services too!

DISH TV - 8 Reasons Why You Need To Consider Subscribing - Sassy Townhouse Living

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