Top 7 Wedding Hairstyles Trends You Need To See

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Wedding hairstyle trends come and go so it’s important to check each year and see what’s in style.

After all, it’s your perfect day and you want everything perfect including your hair!

Wedding Hairstyles Trends

Wedding Hairstyle Trends To Consider

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Choosing the perfect bride’s hairstyles is obviously on every bride’s to-do list.

Selecting bridal hairstyles is a fun process, as there’s an abundance everywhere. That’s why you must plan your hairstyle and go for at least one test run before you decide.

It gets more interesting with the new wedding hairstyles trends that require creativity and stand out from the rest.

More so, every bride-to-be creates a folder with loads of example styles from celebrities across the globe. But it’s so much more than that. It’s about you and your unique style.

Sure, it’s great compiling ideas for styles you love but at the end of the day, it’s all about you and what looks best with your hair type.

Beauty comes in variations, so does wedding hair. Choose carefully on your big day and remember, let your own style shine through!

Below, we put together our favorite wedding hairstyles trends ideas for you to consider.

Wedding Hairstyles Trends

1 – The Classic Hair Bouquet – Wedding Hair Style Trends That Never Go Out Of Style

We are all used to the demure blushing bride, with a perfect chignon carrying her bouquet down the aisle.

Consequently, although that’s one of the iconic wedding hairstyles trends, it will never go out of style.

That’s why you need to check out these inspired by new hairstyle trends in town. If you want a romantic look, this style speaks volumes!

The bride walks down the aisle with a bouquet sized flower in her tresses. It pure romantic, bold and chic with a strong bohemian vibe.

For example, if you think it’s a little too much for a traditional or formal ceremony, no problem.

But if you’re having something on the beach, in the wood or on the farm, it’s a yes! It’s also perfect for a truly romantic look as well.

As a result, turn on your confidence and rock this hairstyle.

Below, you can see several examples of wedding hairstyle trends to consider.

2 – Classy Pearly And Bejeweled Headbands

Additionally, you can shine through with a stunning wedding hair accessory.

As far as wedding hairstyle trends, headbands and jeweled pieces are very much in style.

Moreover, these headbands feature jewel-encrusted accessories with pearls and other precious gems.

This causes them sparkle, putting you and your stunning hairstyle in the spotlight.

While every eye is on you, the headband doubles as a great way to hold your hair and bangs in place.

As much as we love our bangs, at times, we want them away from our faces.

In addition, headbands help keep your hair in a tidy form as you enjoy one of the best days of your life. Jewel encrusted headbands are stunning for every bride.

  • Wedding Hairstyles Trends
  • Wedding Hairstyles Trends
  • Wedding Hairstyles Trends

3 – Dramatic And Chic Braids

We say yay for bridal braids!

Every year, they grow in popularity and you can pull them off easily with long or medium length hair.

More so, you can achieve an edgy yet swept-back style with braids. This look is boho-chic and can easily elevate a simple look.

Besides, you can elevate your braid into a simpler look by pulling out the edges and creating a softer version as well.

Whether bohemian, relaxed, classic, romantic or whimsical look, braids always look chic and worth considering.

When it comes to wedding hairstyle trends, braids are a definite knockout for 2020.

Wedding Hairstyles Trends

4 – Crown Braids

Every woman is a queen and needs her crown especially on one of her best days.

If you don’t want to go all the way especially with the tiara, try styling stunning crown braids.

Moreover, roped firmly around the bride’s head, they stay cute throughout the day.

Crown braids look romantic, regal, and whimsical and perfect for so many brides.

Pair this hairstyle with the perfect natural makeup to give the final wanderlust look.

Wedding Hairstyles Trends

5 – Horticultural Halo

Flower crowns are in style and look gorgeous with a unique vintage feel.

In addition, they are perfect for the ever classic updos and ethereal curls. These crowns are bigger these days and more colorful.

Featuring very oversized blooms, brides can nestle them in their curls to achieve the calming and romantic whimsical look.

  • Wedding Hairstyles Trends

6 – Simple Bows and Ribbons – Timeless Wedding Hairstyles Trends

Wedding hairstyle trends call for the resurgence of magical bows and ribbons!

However, with a  bolder look this year, they are making a mark in wedding trends.

Ideally, they made a gradual move from the back and waistline of wedding dresses into bride hairstyles.

Some bows come very encrusted with jewels and other stunning gems as well; talk about exquisite modern aesthetics!

Give your chignon, bun, and ponytail the perfect finish touch. Put a bow onto it and fasten in place with silk and white velvet ribbons.

Moreover, expect to see the understated, yet impressive beauty of bows in many hairstyles this year!

Wedding Hairstyles Trends

7 – Refined Chaos With Grown-Up Flower Clips

With exception to the flower clip, the refined chaos in Meghan Markle’s hairstyle still has everyone talking.

And with the current rave, this takes top place in wedding style trends but with a twist.

Spicing up the simple look, we see an addition of bold flower clips to the beautiful but slightly messy gorgeous bun.

You can pull out some tendrils in a strategic manner to give this style a more relaxed look.

Then, fasten your large flower clip into the loose wave creating a natural bohemian or whimsical bridal look.

Wedding Hairstyles Trends

Now, you can start to follow the amazing wedding hairstyle trends for your wedding and make your pick.

The makeup and hairstyle movement for next year already started!   

Wedding Hairstyles Trends You Need To See - Sassy Townhouse Living

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