4 Winter Health Tips You Need To Think About

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4 Winter Health Tips You Need To Think About

It can be challenging maintaining your health during the winter months. We have 4 winter health tips you’ll want to consider that you might not have thought about. We still have several weeks left of winter weather here on the East Coast, so there’s no time like now to get started having a healthier winter! 

Winter Health Tips

Despite the New Year being a time when we like to focus on new and healthier habits, the cold winter months can be a time when we comfort eat, snuggle indoors on the sofa rather than going for a walk, and give in to our guilty pleasures – i.e. takeaways, cigarettes, and chocolate.

But even though it is cold outside, now’s still the perfect time to enjoy healthier habits as a family with some winter health tips you might not have thought about! 

Winter Health Tips

Here’s how:

  1. Feel More Alert and Energised

Because it’s so cold (and often dreary) outside, this isn’t hugely motivating. You might retreat indoors and block out the wintery weather as much as possible, but this won’t be doing anything for your energy levels or enthusiasm.

Instead, wrap up warm and head out into the great outdoors. Fresh air and natural light can really boost your mind, especially when you add some exercise into the mix too. Try to get a good night’s sleep as well as this helps your body relax and prepare itself for the day ahead. I’ve learned laying your clothes in the winter months is so important. The best way to do that is to make sure you wear a lighter shirt first, then layer that with a thicker thermal shirt or stylish sweater over that. 

Winter Health Tips

  1. Stock Up on Your 5 a Day

As I’ve mentioned, comfort eating is a huge attraction for many during the colder winter months – especially when those fluffy winter jumpers hide a multitude of sins! However, sticking to your 5 a day is imperative.

Simply find ways you can incorporate your fruit and veg into mealtimes without it being the same boring boiled veg the kids (and you) turn your nose up at. Roast, mash, pulse… Do whatever you can to make veg a tasty treat. And try to opt for a juicy orange or apple instead of that chocolate bar.

Winter Health Tips

  1. Kick Those Bad Habits

If you are trying to eat healthily or stick to an exercise regimen, you may still allow yourself one or two guilty pleasures ‘because you’re being so good!’ However, these bad habits could be really holding you back so now’s as good a time as any to kick them to the curb.

For example, if you smoke, why not try substituting your cigarettes for e-cigarettes? With so many vape liquid flavors available, this may even double up as a sweet treat that stops you from reaching for the chocolate bars! I tried vaping once and really liked it! It might be a great alternative to smoking and help you to quit once and for all! 

Winter Health Tips

  1. Start Your Day with a Hearty Breakfast

Finally, to get your day off to a good start and to make sure you stay on track with your healthy eating, indulge yourself in a delicious hearty breakfast. Porridge is the ideal companion for a cold winter’s morning. Plus, it helps keep you feeling fuller for longer and energizes you for the day ahead. Just make sure you use skimmed or semi-skimmed milk so you’re not adding any unnecessary calories to this morning treat. And why not mix in some fruit and berries to kick-start your 5 a day?

Winter Health Tips

Overall, being healthy doesn’t have to take a lot of time, energy or money. Rather, it’s all about making some simple changes to your routine and make sure you think about these winter health tips!  Before you know it, they will soon become healthy habits for all the family.

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4 Winter Health Tips You Need To Think About - Sassy Townhouse Living

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