Townhouse Decorating Ideas To Brighten And Beautify Your Home

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If you own or live in a townhouse, you’ll want to see these townhouse decorating ideas. Most of all, to help brighten and beautify your home and fall in love with it all over again. When it comes to home decor, townhomes need a little extra attention due to their unique architectural design. But you can still maintain style and decor necessities.

Townhouse Decorating

What’s The Difference Between A Townhouse And A House, Anyway?

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Many people wonder what they are and what the differences are when it comes to townhomes. Well, there are a few essential differences you need to know. First, townhomes have a different set of guidelines they follow. Typically, an HOA (Home Owners Association) oversees the bylaws for the community. A lot goes into these guidelines, and it is only for some. Many people prefer to avoid living under these bylaws and find them invasive.

On the other hand, many folks love living in townhome communities and appreciate their services. Also, it’s important to point out that townhome owners do not own the land their house sits on but on the interior instead.

Also, they can connect in rows or feature semi-attached units. It all depends on the townhome developers and how they design them. Townhomes come in many shapes and styles and can vary in their bylaws and requirements.

More so, the one thing they have in common with a traditional home is they both require decorating. Living in a townhouse can present some challenges, such as lighting and overall room size. But when it comes to townhouse decorating, standard interior design rules still apply.

Similarly, you can own a townhome in the country or the city. Remember, townhouses and condos differ in many ways, too. For example, a condo looks like an apartment building, whereas townhomes are individual homes. And have a different set of guidelines as well.

As a townhouse owner, I’m very familiar with some of these challenges. And implement insightful ways to overcome them and meet the challenges. Since townhouses face some decorating challenges, we will look at some townhouse decorating ideas to help brighten and maximize your space.

Townhouse Decorating
Sassy Townhouse Living

1 – Using Furniture As A Focal Point For Townhouse Decorating

When it’s time for some townhouse decorating, consider your furniture a focal point. For example, each room in your home should feature one unique point of attention. Doing so helps deflect the eye from areas you want to avoid drawing attention to or pointing out.

For example, last year, I transformed an old end table into a stunning focal point for our hallway. With the focus on the legs, this piece instantly brightened the hallway and became a feature. With narrow hallways in townhomes, it’s essential to illuminate the area, and you can do so easily.

Add Smaller, Unique Furniture To Your Foyer

Next time you buy furniture, consider adding pieces that will stand out using details like decorative legs with embellishments. At online stores like April & Oak, you can find many products to help you brighten and maximize your townhouse’s space. Plus, you can find great pieces at discounted prices too.

Furthermore, add smaller eye-catching furniture to your foyer, like this Semerang Glass Side Table with Teak Branch Base from April & Oak. You can further enhance its visual appeal by incorporating a stylish table or striking floor lamp. Once you see it, it’s love at first sight! And the perfect way to create an instant focal piece when it’s time for some townhouse decorating.

Townhouse Decorating
Semerang Glass Side Table with Teak Branch Base

2 – Move Things Off The Floor To The Walls

When it’s time for townhouse decorating, keeping things off the floor is essential. With limited floor space, the last thing you want to do is overcrowd the walking area. You can do this easily by using decorative floating wall shelves. These shelves will work double duty by featuring decorative items and keeping your floor space open and airy.

To demonstrate the power of using this set of Three Floating Wall Mounted Shelves, you can see how they instantly lift any room’s spirit. Moreover, they make a great way to move things off the floor and feature them on your walls. Plus, over 2500 shoppers agree these shelves provide both aesthetics and reliability.

Similarly, you can use them anywhere in your home; we love them in our kitchen, too. This Set of Three Rustic Wood Wall Shelves adds elegance and provides optimum storage space. Available in three colors, you can find the perfect match anywhere in your home.

Over 7,500 shoppers love how they provide a unique triangular design that offers two impressive display options. Townhouse decorating works best when you leave open spaces and bright and airy elements.

3 – Your Townhome Craves Mirrored Decor

If you never considered adding mirrors to your townhome, now’s the time to act. As a townhouse owner, we feature mirrors in every foyer and room. Now, you might say, isn’t that mirror overload? Nope. Not in the least. By adding mirrors to our home, we create an illusion of bright open space and stunning decor.

You see an instant transformation in your home when it comes to decorative wall-mounted mirrors. Everything about them reflects beauty and elegance. Below, you’ll see three that will transform any room in your townhouse. Plus, you can display them anywhere, including your foyer, bedrooms, bathrooms, and living room.

For example, this KOHROS Decorative Wall Mirror works beautifully by adding dimension, light, and a unique focal point to any room. And at an affordable price for such outstanding quality and design.

Similarly, this KOHROS Large Decorative Rectangle Mirror also offers a unique focal point to any room in your home. More so, this handcrafted beauty consists of a large mirror in the center to brighten your spaces instantly. Also, it features lots of irregularly placed small rectangle mirrors surrounding it. Unique beauty at its best!

Use Various-sized Sized Mirrors To Create Depth and Dimension

Lastly, we adore this MUAUSU Round Decorative Gorgeous Luxury Mirror. This mosaic mirrored decor wall mirror features a unique design with square and round mirrored glass staggered. Ideally, this forms a gorgeous frame perfect for any style of decoration or minimalist setting.

Now, you can see how decorating the townhouse with mirrors creates the illusion of space, light, and dimension. Also, you can add smaller groupings of mirrors to your walls. These smaller groups will affordably add a decorative element to every room in your home. Townhouse decorating should include decor to open and brighten every room in your home.

4 – Townhouse Decorating With Bold Color Schemes

Let’s face it. Sticking to whites and neutrals when painting our homes is always safer. But it only sometimes works when trying to brighten our homes. Now, you can easily take that leap into color by accenting one wall in your room. So it’s time to step outside your comfort zone and add a pop of color to your space.

Better yet, you can see these accent walls’ impact on any room in your home. The image below features Sherwin Williams SW6847 in Cloudburst. What a wonderful way to add a pop of blue to your bedroom. Using accent colors will instantly brighten your room and add some character.

Townhouse Decorating
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Or, you can accent one wall with wallpaper. Below, you can see the transformation of this accent wall in the bedroom. Simply stunning! Regarding townhouse decorating, take a few risks and brighten your home with accents!

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Try adding a darker accent wall instead. Then, you can still play it safe with neutrals and add a pop of magnificent color.

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Now, you have some wonderful examples of townhouse decorating or any home decor! Owning a townhouse presents some challenges, but you can easily overcome them with creative decorating ideas.

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Townhouse Decorating Ideas To Brighten And Beautify Your Home - Sassy Townhouse Living

We participate in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, Skimlinks, and other Associate Affiliate Programs. Affiliate advertising programs like these provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to these affiliated sites at no cost to you. As Amazon Associates, we earn from qualifying purchases. Please check our Disclosure Privacy Policy page. Thank you for supporting our website.

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