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Top 5 Best Chrome Extensions You Must Install Now

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I’ve gathered up 5 of the best Chrome extensions after spending hours testing them and wanted to share some of them with you. When it comes to web browsers, Chrome, like millions of other users, is at the top of my list. One of the reasons I enjoy it so much is because of its extensions. 

Top 5 Best Chrome Extensions You Must Install Now - Sassy Townhouse Living

Best Chrome Extensions You Just Might Need

Chrome extensions are small software programs that can modify and enhance the functionality of the Chrome browser. In order to write them, programmers use web technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Luckily, we don’t have to create them – we can just enjoy them! 

Extensions can enhance the page you’re on with relevant links and information. There are literally thousands of them ranging from extensions that let you add new features to your browser. There are also extensions that work silently in the background, such as an extension that automatically formats and displays web pages in your preferred style. 

You can download and install them from this link. Installing extensions are easy. All you need to do is find the one you like, click on the install icon and BAM! Everything is easy and instantaneous. There is no need to restart your browser either. Oh, and extension updates are done automatically – so you don’t have to keep checking for updates. 

So, with that said, let’s get to my top 5 Best Chrome extensions.

1 – MAILTAG – Free and unlimited real-time email tracking! This extension blew me away. This is your all-in-one tool for email tracking, scheduling, and auto follow-up. 

Make more sales in less time. Free and unlimited real-time email tracking, email scheduling, and automated email follow-up (Pings).

MAILTAG is the only chrome extension that provides 100% free and unlimited real-time email tracking, email scheduling, and automated email follow-up!

Here are some of the features you get with MAILTAG.

  • Know exactly when recipients open your emails.
  • Receive real-time desktop alerts when your emails have been opened.
  • Know when recipients click links within your emails.
  • Track the performance of your open-rates, link-click rates, and more.

With its powerful email scheduling, you can make your emails arrive at the perfect time, every time. It’s perfect for multi-timezone communication, ideal for scheduling email reminders to yourself, and increases your open-rates b choosing the time your emails are delivered! 

 Best Chrome Extensions

2. Shareaholic for Google Chrome – I can’t tell you how easy sharing is now with this extension. Below, are some details on what it does. 

The easiest way to share & bookmark great content from anywhere on the web with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & 200+ other services.

Share links from within the browser, from any web page, with anyone, using the same services you already know and love like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Evernote, Delicious, Digg, and more from one simple all-in-one browser extension. You will add this one to your best Chrome extensions list too! 

  • Save time and enhance your productivity!
  • Optimized to load instantly without slowing down Google Chrome
  • Keeps your bookmark bar nice & tidy
  • Makes all your shared links across all your networks searchable in one place
  • 1-click access to your favorite URL Shorteners (goo.gl, bit.ly, su.pr, etc)
  • Ability to sync extension settings across multiple computers and browsers
  • 100% secure * Shareaholic also features **OFFICIAL** GOO.GL URL shortener integration *
Shareaholic for Google Chrome
Shareaholic for Google Chrome

 3. Incredible StartPage – Productive Start Page – Incredible StartPage is an awesome replacement for Chrome’s “new tab” page. The new start page shows your bookmarks, apps, most visited sites, recently closed tabs and a notepad in one place, along with a customizable theme. 

I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate this all-in-one extension. It’s simply tabulicious! A worthy tool to add to your best Chrome extensions list! 

Incredible Startpage

The first thing you may want to do is to customize your background. Click the “Theme Options” button on the bottom left corner to open the theme menu. There are several ways to customize your main panel background. 

  • View your Web Apps
  • Easily launch and manage your Chrome Web Apps in the new ‘My Apps’ tab.
  • View “Most Visited” sites (New!)
  • Recently Closed Tabs

Finally, there is a handy notepad for you to take short notes. You can send the notes to Gmail in one click! You can also synchronize your notepad across computers. (Check out the Advanced Options)

4. Grammarly Spell Checker & Grammar Checker – Super extension indeed! They are so right in saying, wherever you write on the web, Grammarly is there watching your back. This plugin is a game-changer. Everywhere I type – there it is making sure I don’t make any foolish spelling or grammar mistakes

The free Spell Checker & Grammar Checker by Grammarly helps you write clearly and confidently on Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and nearly anywhere else on the Web. With Grammarly, you can always be sure that your words are mistake-free and say what you mean.

Grammarly Spell Checker & Grammar Checker
Grammarly Spell Checker & Grammar Checker

 5. Add to Amazon Wish List – For those of us who love Amazon – and who doesn’t? This extension is sure to please. Now, when I see something I want I can add it directly to my wishlist

You can add anything from any website to your Amazon Wish List making it easier than ever to keep track of all the items you want in one place.
Once you download the Amazon Wish List extension to your Google Chrome browser — start shopping.
When you see something you want on any website, just click the Amazon Add to Wish List button.
A pop-up will open and from here you can adjust details about the item you want; click Add to List to confirm the selection.
The item will then appear on your Amazon Wish List.
To view your Amazon.com Wish List or create a new one for use with this extension, go to .
When you click on the extension icon, you get this nifty window confirming the addition.

Add to Amazon Wish List

I hope you get to try these Chrome extension. I know you will find they greatly improve your productivity and enjoyment! Be sure to check out my best Tech Gadgets list too! 

Be sure and watch our video below!

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