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6 Highly Recommended Products We Love You Need To See

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Discovering new and exciting products always brings us joy. And we have six highly recommended products to share we know you enjoy too! Every month, we review new products, and the best part is sharing them with you. This month, we have everything from a beautiful artistic floormat to skincare that will transform your skin.

Recommended Products

1 – Broken Top Candle Co. Reed Diffusers

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When it comes to beautiful home decor elements that make your home look and smell fantastic, these Broken Top Candle Co. Diffusers hit the mark perfectly. We started with two scents that quickly became our favorites. First, their Fresh Squeezed Reed Diffuser features Bergamot, Blood Orange, and Cedar and fills my home with a clean, crisp, yet woodsy scent. Of course, they made the top of our list of highly recommended products.

Second, we tried their Sea Salt Surf Reed Diffuser, and it fills your home with the fragrances of Wood, Cream, and Jasmine. For example, I place this one in my office and enjoy the gentle yet attention-grabbing scent. These reed diffusers are a classic and beautifully crafted vessel that efficiently distributes fragrance over time.

Furthermore, these diffusers make a tasteful addition to every living space. And cloaked in their signature botanical artwork and set off by subtle black reeds. Reed diffusers last longer than candles as you’ll experience up to four months of magical aroma from them.

And they consistently smell good when you can’t keep an eye on your candle. And they create a pretty little piece of décor for your home! Head over to their shop and check out all of their incredible products.

Most of us own products made of leather, and they always require some level of care to keep them in good shape. For example, we see this material in our cars, handbags, shoes, furniture, boots, gloves, and more. Any way you look at it, it’s essential to keep these expensive items in good condition. The way to do this is with Leather Honey Leather Care Kit.

Most of us use furniture polish for our leather products, which is not the best way to treat it. Instead, we need a powerful yet gentle leather kit that penetrates deep to protect and rejuvenate dry and old leather. And its non-toxic leather conditioner has no silicone, solvents, or animal products. Furthermore, it’s not sticky and completely odorless. With this water-repellent formula, you can protect your leather from snow and rain!

I had this stain on my leather couch for ages, and nothing I tried would remove it. That’s until I used Leather Honey Leather Care Kit! And it restores all types of leather and softens leather furniture too. And you can soften, moisturize, and bring it back to life. More so, a little goes a very long way. All you need is a quarter-size drop of Leather Honey Conditioner on a Leather Honey Lint-Free Applicator Cloth.

However, always spot test in an inconspicuous area and allow the test area to dry. Then thoroughly coat your leather in a thin, even layer of conditioner. Yes, it’s that easy to use! This kit gives you what you need to clean and condition two lint-free applicator cloths. Now, you can see why we added this to our list of recommended products. You can shop on Amazon for their Leather Honey Leather Care Kit or visit their online shop for an array of products.

3 – Smart Mats Studio

Not only do I LOVE my Smart Mat, but I also love the creator’s backstory of how it came to be. So first, let me tell you about these anti-bacterial and artistic mats and how you can use them. If you love decorative floor mats, you’ll appreciate them as much as I do. And if you love yoga, own a pet, or need relief for your feet in the kitchen, this mat will bring you much joy. And you can customize your own Smart Mat too!

Smart Mats Studio offers a gallery of designs perfect to use at your front door, by the beach, poolside, on a boat, in a garden, etc. The curly coil material is terrific as it traps dirt, sand, and moisture and still looks excellent without shredding or becoming moldy. They are also great in pet crates and under feeding bowls as they trap liquid, kibble, and litter in addition to passing dirt and drool.

I fell in love with the Hummingbird Art Smart Mat and use it in my kitchen. This mat measures 24 x 36″, and it’s perfect for fitness exercise and workout routines anywhere in your home. Irregular bottom texture enhances grip and friction and improves superior slip resistance. Now, when I wash my dishes, my feet feel so comfortable, and my kitchen looks stunning!

Furthermore, their Hummingbird Collection reflects a fascination with these petite birds that endlessly seem to flit and fly from flower to flower to sample the most delicious nectar they can find. Finally, please head over to smartmatsstudio.com and check out their beautiful array of decorative and functional smart mats. These mats will always take top priority on our recommended products lists.

One of our very special recommended products is from Spongelle.com, a brand we know and love. They use a blend of high-quality botanicals, sea minerals, antioxidants, and anti-aging ingredients in their products. Last month, we featured their Private Reserve Diffusers, and we love them. So, of course, we had to share their incredibly delicious Spongelle Body Gift Sets with you.

Furthermore, the Spongellé Body Gift Sets contain everything needed for an at-home spa experience, while the aromas of citruses, florals, and ambers will delight your senses.

As a result, your skin will feel pampered, renewed, and refreshed. I love using the shower gel and infused buffer to make my skin so soft and rejuvenated after showering. Then, I follow up with the body lotion for smooth, supple, beautiful skin afterward. I chose the Freesia Pear Body Gift Set  

Fragrance Notes for Freesia Pear Body Gift Set 

  • Top: Lemon, Grapefruit, Pear
  • Middle: Freesia, Peony, Floral Bouquet
  • Base: Woody, Musk, Amber

Don’t forget; you can give the gift of pampering with Spongellé’s Body Gift Set for Mother’s Day. Each set contains 1 Hand & Body Wash (70+ pumps), 1 Hand & Body Lotion (100+ pumps), and 1 Boxed Flower (14+ uses) for an All in One Beauty Treatment.

5 – The A Method C Antioxidant Gel by Tina Alster, MD

Every day, I rely on products created by Dr. Alster to improve my skin’s appearance and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Fortunately, I found The A Method C Antioxidant Gel 20%, which helps brighten my skin and restore radiance and an even skin tone.

I consistently apply this gel to my face, neck, and décolleté twice daily. And after a few short weeks, my skin tone looks even, and my skin feels soft supple, and I see a reduction in fine lines. So this one always stays at the top of our list when it comes to our recommended products.

Additionally, it features a high concentration of lipid-soluble Vitamin C that neutralizes free radicals in the skin. And vitamin E works in conjunction with Vitamin C to deliver anti-oxidant protection. You can also see her products featured in ELLE, InStyle, New Beauty, Women’s Health, etc.

Finally, vitamin C helps brighten skin, thus restoring radiance and improving skin tone. You can also experience enhanced wound healing due to the effect of ascorbic acid on collagen synthesis. And the anhydrous gel ensures the stability of Vitamin C.

More importantly, anti-oxidant care is critical to preserving skin’s youthfulness. Free radical damage is a significant cause of premature skin aging. Daily use of C Antioxidant Gel 20% can help prevent free radical damage that leads to loss of skin elasticity, skin darkening, and fine wrinkling.

World-renowned dermatologist Tina Alster developed the A Method, M.D., to provide professional-grade skincare formulations for at-home use. Each product features the highest quality ingredients at guaranteed safety profiles without sacrificing efficacy. Made in the USA and Free of Parabens, Gluten, Fragrance, Colorants, and 100% Vegan. I love all of her products and they will always stay in circulation in my skincare routine.

6 – UNDISCOVERED The Ultimate Artisan Subscription Box

Every month, we look forward to the wonderful goodies inside the UNDISCOVERED The Ultimate Artisan Subscription Box. Now, you can Discover the undiscovered at home with products created by artisans. Furthermore, you can explore a world of unique Artisan Boxes where customization rules and the choice is always yours.

With every quarterly box, you’ll discover the culture and traditions of a new region as you fill your box with handcrafted artisan products. In addition, each customized box will include five exceptional fair trade treasures valued at $200+ for only $59.99!

Each item brings decorative and personal items that you can feel good about owning. And this box makes the perfect gift for anyone in your circle or on any holiday. I love keeping unique pieces for birthdays and “just because” gifts. I love the wooden spoon set, and the journal helps inspire my daily writing. The earrings are stunning, and I love wearing them with any outfit.

For example, their spring box celebrates Pura Vida and dedicated to the art of travel – the way of life in Costa Rica. Tropical sunsets, cloud forests, volcanos, biodiverse ecosystems, and the art and crafts of the indigenous people describe this corner of paradise. Here, you’ll meet Marcos Rojas, a member of the Boruca tribe and your artisan guide for Undiscovered Costa Rica.

Your Spring Artisan Box will include five fair-trade handcrafted products lovingly packed inside our custom gift-wrapped box. In addition, once you subscribe to the box, you will have access to their exclusive Add-On Market featuring 100+ artisan products at special members-only prices of 20-50% off.

We hope you enjoyed this month’s recommended products and know you’ll love them as much as we do. Don’t forget they also make perfect gifts for any occasion or holiday. Enjoy indulging yourself too!

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