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5 Styling Hacks for Your Small Living Room

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5 Styling Hacks for Your Small Living Room

If you have a small living room then you are going to appreciate these styling hacks. I always enjoy learning about the best ways to handle smaller living spaces in my home. Do you wonder sometimes if the appearance of your surroundings has something to do with your sudden mood swings and even your wellness? If you’re guilty like most of us then the simple answer is yes.

small living room

Visibly good and spotless lounge room with full comfort and decoration have shown to improve the health and well-being of the people living in the house. Natural elements in living room area help with stress control, positivity in mood and improve well-being. In fact, a poorly organized living room have a depressing effect on the state of mind and deeply irritates emotional senses of people.

So if you are easily agitated by the sight of your miserably cramped living room, that’s probably your instinct talking! In this piece, we have arranged some styling hacks to improve the ambiance in your living room that also promotes good health and well-being.

Small Living Room

Living in a Townhouse has been wonderful for us – we get our snow plowed, our lawns get taken care of and many other awesome benefits too, but living in 2500 square feet can be a challenge. That means we also have a living room that’s not as large as we would like too. We don’t have the largest space and it’s always been a source of frustration – especially because I tend to buy living room furniture that’s too big! That’s why I love discovering ways to make my living room look and feel bigger!


The living room is the first area in your house that welcomes you after a long day in the office. And as we can all agree, it is always nice to come home to a place that is airy, comforting and guarantees that there is still something worth looking forward to at the end of the day.

In decorating your living room, it is imperative to be mindful of the furniture you’re buying. A lot of things have to be considered such as your space, the cost, design as well as your feelings about it. You have to make sure that all these criteria are met in order to make the most out of your small space. Of course, these should not limit your ability to design your place the way that it can make you happy every day.

Maximizing your space means downsizing on your furniture and other home decors. It is best for your living room if you spend on space-saving furniture that adds more personality to the area and highlights the beauty of other living room features. Your lounge room should not be too packed with stuff that does not uplift the mood of the area but rather should be filled with furniture that only makes your living room delightful from top to bottom.

Small Living Room


Lighting should be one of your priorities in decorating your living room as it makes a strong impact on the tone you want for your lounge room. In planning the lighting system for your living area, be sure to have a proper layering layout in place in order to get the best lighting feature best for the activity you will do. Getting the best experience out of your small room is not a question for as long as you know how to intelligently choose the right lighting fixtures.

A great way to make your living area a well-lit abode is by layering your lighting fixture at different levels by using the three basic types of lighting fixture: accent, ambient, and task lighting fixtures (I have these task lights in my office and love them!) Your living should not be designed by relying on a single light source as this is not sufficient to answer to all the activity you’ll do in your living area.

Small Living Room

To be more specific, use accent light to focus on a particular object or area, ambient light in order to give an overall illumination and resort to task light to increase the lighting to help in performing a specific task in an area that already has ambient light.

This is a basic requirement for any living room and should be done by anyone to make every living room look spacious and warm at the same time.

Small Living Room

Living in a house with a smaller living room requires a lot of planning – from sketching the layout of your living room interior design to the actual shopping of the right furniture. With the increasing emphasis on enhancing efficiency in the utilization of space, it is hard not to aim for the ultimate objective of investing in furniture that has multipurpose.

Speaking of which, Ottomans are underrated living room staple that is multifunctional. Buying an ottoman is one of the greatest techniques in maximizing the minimal space you have in your living room. They can be used as an extra seating, a substitute for a center table, space-saving storage, or a decorative footstool for a sofa.

Small Living Room

Sticking to the basic living room setup is boring. It’s another dilemma when you have a living room that’s not as large as you would like. If you are frustrated with how to fit and arrange your furniture in the living room because of your limited space, you might want to consider floating your furniture!

Floating is a fun way to maximize every single inch of your living area. It’s a great technique to ease the flow of traffic throughout your space with proper furniture placement and provides an intimate ambience that encourages people to engage in conversation. If you’re already tired with your furniture up against the wall, floating might be the answer to making your living room unique but not in a crowded way.

Small Living Room

White improves the natural light of the living room. Painting your living area with white makes your living area look airy and creates an alluring and elegant effect. If you want to enhance the sense of space in your living area, painting it white will surely help as it brightens up the whole space. Besides, a white lounge area is versatile for it survives any home decor trends. A white area rug works beautifully in any living room too!

Small Living Room

Do you want to give more vibrancy with your white living room? Try to use warm timber tones in furnishings features and be surprised how it creates a feeling of space and grandeur!

Small Living Room
Small Living Room


Intensified yearning to achieve a minimalist design for a house is attributable to many factors such as financial practicality, land limited land space. Living in a house with a smaller living room triggers concerns for an advance and multifunctional form in home furniture.

In the pursuit of transforming your living room into a super cozy and airy area, be sure not to stick to what’s normal and acceptable. Instead, try to experiment and tweak on your home decors once in a while and see what works best for your place and your feelings!

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