How To Embrace Minimalist Living With These Self-Storage Tips

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If you have never thought about minimalist living, you might want to consider doing so, especially with rising inflation. Moreover, it is a fantastic way to establish control over your life. It reduces your chores and minimizes the effort needed to maintain your lifestyle. And using smart self-storage tips can help you sort things out and live a more minimalist lifestyle.

Minimalist Living

The Concept Of minimalist living

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Not long ago, the concept of minimalism became popular and more people began to appreciate the lifestyle. For example, living as a minimalist in Sacramento can save you money, especially where real estate prices continue to grow. In addition, it promotes a sense of relaxation and takes a lot of stress out of your life. Or, if you live in New York City, embracing minimalist living can save space in smaller apartments where rents continue to skyrocket.

Furthermore, minimalist living shows us how to let go of material attachments, become more mindful and focused, and increase our happiness. Realistically, it can help us connect with philosophical concepts like sharing, kindness, and letting go of ego. Today and in the past, Buddhist monks live dedicated minimalist lifestyles because they align with their belief systems.

You Don’t Need A Spiritual Awakening

At times, it takes an epiphany or spiritual awakening for us to see the negative aspects of materialism. However, that doesn’t mean wanting or owning things leads to self-destruction. More so, it’s when material possessions take control of our lives that can lead to out-of-control problems. Thankfully, we don’t need to live like Buddhist monks to find happiness. But instead, we can include some core concepts about minimalist living and practice them daily.

Below, we have some self-storage tips to consider if you want to embrace minimalism. And how using these solutions can help you kick start your journey. Here is how to make your transition into a lighter, more joyful home.

Minimalist Living

Establish The Rules

Before embarking on your minimalism journey, set clear rules and document them along the process. Ideally, the beauty of minimalism is that it doesn’t put you in a box. Instead, decide what minimalist living means to you and how you can achieve it.

Consider your goals before starting. For example, do you want to declutter your home? Increase your storage space? Downsize your apartment? Or make your life less stressful? Clear goals make it easier to establish rules. First, walk around your home and take stock of everything you “truly” don’t need. Remember, wanting and needing are two very different things.

Before you jump into your minimalistic lifestyle, take it slow. Like anything else, slow steps make for a consistent and successful plan. Also, take one room at a time. There’s no rush to do this overnight, and it will give you a chance to feel comfortable with the changes.

Did you know, according to an article in the HuffingtonPost.co.uk, 4,500 American adults showed that of those who gave their time or belongings to charity, 68 percent reported that it made them feel physically healthier; 89 percent said that it “has improved my sense of well-being” and 73 percent reported feeling lower stress levels.

Minimalist Living Means Reducing Clutter

Once you know what you want to get rid of, it is time to decide where and how to do this comfortably. Remember, the less clutter you have, the easier it is to embrace minimalist living. For instance, if you live in Sacramento, you can send the items to a storage rental in Sacramento near you. Then, go through your home, evaluating all items carefully. Using a storage facility is a great way to keep your things safely stowed away and rid your home of useless clutter.

For example, you can begin cleaning out your space with old or broken you had in storage in your home. Many people stow away things with good intentions to repair or recycle and never manage to do so—the same with old clothes that don’t fit or older styles. Instead, you can bag these items and take them to your local charity or have a yard sale! Doing so will begin your journey to minimalist living.

When sending your items to a storage rental, make an inventory to keep track of everything and where it is. Write a list of what you remain with and what you would like to have in the future. Then, go through what you have in storage and get rid of something you don’t need every year. Over time, you’ll have fewer items.

Minimize Your Footprint

Obviously, you don’t need to donate or throw out things you love or bring you joy. But to begin your minimalist living journey, you should clear out as much as you can. Sometimes, cutting down on the footprint of what you have is enough. So hang up some items to make more room on the floor, and get efficient storage solutions for your kitchen. Maximize vertical storage and find ways to get rid of clutter.

For instance, you can use a decorative Bathroom Wall Mounted Cabinet to clear up the clutter and keep things organized. And for your garage, try organizing with a top-rated Garage Storage Kit. Using these storage items will give you more real estate in your home and keep you organized. And ease you into a minimalist living lifestyle.

Minimalist Living
Image Amazon: Rhino Combo Universal Garage Storage Kit

Start With Visible Areas

When trying to get rid of clutter, start with visible areas. Organize your furniture, shelves, and floors before moving to invisible areas like your closet and drawers. Of course, you want to see progress as you go to encourage you to keep going. Also, it could make the process less overwhelming.

More importantly, tackle a room at a time. If you attempt to declutter the entire home at a time, you can lose some items. Instead, start with the most effortless room and move on to the more complex or challenging areas.

Incorporate Minimalism Into Your Daily Life

Minimalism isn’t a one-time thing. It would be best if you found ways to incorporate it into your everyday life. Decluttering your space isn’t enough because you don’t want to slide back into a cluttered lifestyle.

More so, find ways to avoid clutter in the long run. Then, minimalism will become an essential part of your life. Above all, you will enjoy saving money, time, and peace of mind from this lifestyle change. The benefits of minimalism make it worth maintaining forever.

Remember, after removing excess stuff from your home, you may need to change your home design. A minimalist look requires you to implement specific design themes throughout your home.

Go with light or neutral colors for cabinets, flooring, paint, and other surfaces. Take advantage of natural lighting as much as possible and get rid of your dark drapes or blinds.

Install large windows and use simple mirrors to brighten up your space. Also, consider using glass-front cabinets, open shelving, and other open designs in different parts of your house. The general idea is to make your design neat and open.

Use Multi-Functional Items And Slide Into Minimalist Living

Take advantage of multi-function solutions to eliminate clutter and keep your home simple. Use minimalistic storage whenever you can. Consider using tools and appliances that serve at least two functions where possible.

Many homes love using multi-functional furniture that looks great and serves many uses. For example, this Lift Top Coffee Table with a hidden compartment and adjustable storage shelves makes the perfect solution when working from home. If you don’t have an extra room in your home, use what you have with furniture that serves you well.

Also, using an all-in-one air fryer will serve you far better than buying a deep fryer, toaster, and toaster oven. In addition, you can use versatile cups and plates. Finally, stay away from single-use items as much as you can.

Avoid buying unnecessary items and make a rule to remove one item before buying another one. If you buy more items than you take away, you will soon have all your clutter back. And this includes little things that would seem insignificant. For example, after purchasing a new shirt, you need to donate the old one. All of these things will help you slide into a minimalist living lifestyle.

Image Amazon: WLIVE Wood Lift Top Coffee Table

Limit Adding New Decor Elements

While we all love adding new decor to our space, minimalist living means the opposite. So instead, stick with the decor you love, which brings you joy. Once your home looks fresh and minimalistic, you may feel tempted to add a few décor pieces.

However, the goal of minimalism is to focus on the basics. If a décor piece doesn’t have functional meaning, you probably don’t need it. Having fewer décor pieces brings greater value and attention to what you already have.

Find Purpose Through Minimalist Living

A renewed sense of purpose is one of the essential aspects of living a minimalist lifestyle. Before you adopt the lifestyle, you need to think of why you want this change. If you don’t have a vital purpose, you will likely lose your way.

Learn about the benefits of minimalist living, and do not start until you feel ready. Ultimately, minimalism will push you towards living an intentional lifestyle. It goes further than owning fewer things and toning down your color schemes.

Are you trying to adopt a minimalist lifestyle? Self-storage could help. You don’t know how much stuff you have until it is time to re-organize your space. The chances are that you have a clutter problem.

Start by establishing rules based on what you would like to achieve. Then, think of the items you would like to put in storage and find a reliable rental. Of course, you don’t want to leave your things in storage forever. So, make sure you donate or sell them as often as possible. You don’t want to move one mess into another space, but rather, using storage makes an excellent start for a lifestyle of minimalist living.

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