8 Exciting Party Ideas During Coronavirus You Need To Know

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If you are looking for some exciting party ideas amid the Coronavirus lockdown, don’t fret! Regardless, you can still enjoy throwing a party with your friends and family.

Needless to say, the current Coronavirus pandemic took the world by storm and continues to do so.  While all of our lives have changed drastically, there are ways to continue to enjoy life!

Fun Party Ideas Coronavirus

You Can Still Enjoy An Exciting Party During Coronavirus

Everyone feels perplexed, from businesses to economies, while many suffer from anxiety and depression. What’s more, our ordinary day-to-day lives drastically altered. And we don’t know for how long they will remain in place. Under the lockdown, social distancing and limited gatherings are still highly recommended.

Unfortunately, we are all planning parties and weddingsare forced to reschedule indefinitely, feel alone, and bedowntrodden. Even though we can’t throw a typical party, we can still come up with fun party ideas instead.

Fortunately, technology is helping the human species thrive! Advances in tech remain a helpful tool for ensuring we continue to enjoy each other’s company. But how do we hold a party during the pandemic? Well, here are a few options that you might want to consider.

This article will cover some exciting party ideas for your consideration. We must all remember this too shall pass. Soon, our lives will return to normal, and so will our parties!

1. Plan Some Exciting Party Games With A Twist

One way of making the party enjoyable is to planning a party filled with fun activities such as cooking competitions, playing games, and tongue twisters.

When planning for activities, make sure you choose them where everyone can actively participate. Of course, you’ll want activities where close proximity is not required.

Below, you’ll discover some exciting party ideas regardless of our current Coronavirus situation.

  1. Bingo – you can email Bingo cards to your family and friends. You can play via apps like Zoom or Skype.
  2. Scavenger Hunt – All you do is choose a theme or item to locate. Post what that item is in your window or on your porch. Then, let everyone lose trying to find the item. You can plan a giveaway prize to the winner!
  3. Create Sidewalk Chalk Games – draw twisty lines for people to follow one at a time. Create chalk mark lines to see who can jump the furthest or highest. You can also create an obstacle course with a prize at the end.
  4. Tic-Tac-Toe – If you have sliding glass doors, you can use masking tape or erasable marker on the glass. You can also do this on any bottom floor window as well.
  5. Video Games – Most video games feature multi-player versions you can play right on the Internet. You can also play fun video games via Skype and Zoom as well.

Using a little ingenuity, you can create solo games for all to enjoy. Think about the games you typically play at parties and recreate them into single-player games instead. You can still enjoy your party with a few tweaks with a bit of creativity.

Fun Party Ideas Coronavirus

2. Bake Or Order Cake For Your Virtual Guests

Instead of having one large cake as you would typically do at a party, you can bake multiple smaller cakes. If you are not a baker, you can order little slices of cake from the nearest bakery.  

Next, you can have the cakes delivered to all your guests at their residences. Make sure that while you are doing this that you are still observing the social distancing rule. You can have your guests enjoy the cake during the virtual party.

3. Order Decorative Balloons

Perhaps there is no better way to put everyone in the party vibe than blowing up a large number of balloons. But if people are not coming to your home, what would be the need for getting balloons in the first place? 

Good question! 

You can hold your party online where everyone logs in through platforms such as Zoom or Skype. Everyone will see your home set up for the party, creating a party atmosphere. It’s an excellent way of putting guests in the mood. 

4. Zoom Parties Always Fun Options 

We have all heard of or used the Zoom App for work or family get-togethers. With the advent of the Coronavirus, Zoom’s popularity soared. More so, since they fixed their technical issues, which is good for us all!

With the popularity of Zoom, along came virtual parties! Talk about exciting party ideas! Even better, you can have as many family and friends join the party! First, you will need to send the invitations to everyone, so they know all the details about the party.

Services like Greenvelope allow you to send virtual invitations to your guests. You can appreciate how using their services save time, save trees, and save money. Plus, they offer RSVP tracking too.

All you do simply create logging for all your guests and provide them with a link to the party. With the teleconferencing features, everyone will be able to view everyone. You can play games and have the pre-delivered cakes together.

Apps like Zoom is one of our favorite way exciting party ideas, and you can even record the memories and easily share them too.

5. Drive-By Party – One Of Our Favorite Exciting Party Ideas!

One of our favorite and exciting party ideas is the Drive-By Party! Since Coronavirus, I saw several Drive-By Parties and one on my very block. Everyone cheered with excitement and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Moreover, these Drive-By Parties make perfect sense and are perfect for any occasion. You can’t go wrong with folks honking horns, singing songs, and dropping off presents.

You observe social distancing, and everyone feels safe and confident during these trying times. They make for a unique and unforgettable party experience. Best of all, the kids love them!

After the Drive-By Party, you can all plan for your virtual party to begin. It makes the perfect precursor to any party. Below, you can see a screenshot of one of these Drive-By Parties about to start. They also had fire trucks blowing horns too! Even during the Coronavirus, we can always manage to have wonderfully exciting parties!

6. Don’t Forget To Make A Photo Album

Creating a beautiful photo or video album is the perfect way to end the celebration. Make sure you plan this out in detail when creating them. You’ll want to know your choice of medium and delivery options.

If you want to create a video album, you can do so quickly! Additionally, sending them to friends and family using applications like DropBox works perfectly. You can also use online services like Send Anywhere or ShareAFile.

Sending photo albums to your guests as a party favor always brings smiles. It’s the perfect way to create cherished memories of the time you celebrated together. Whether you decide on digital or paper mediums, everyone will love them.

7. Choose A Theme For Your Party

Picking a theme is one way to bring everyone together and put them in the party mood. There are multiple themes that you can choose from Harry Potter to Pirates of the Caribbean. 

Having communicated the theme to all your guests, you can also ask them to choose their costumes. Creating a fun theme will ensure that the party is exciting, and everyone can log in and surprise the rest of the guests with their outfits. 

exciting party ideas Coronavirus

8 – Organize A Movie Night

If your party consists of family members, and social distancing is not a concern, you can enjoy a movie night ending to your party. If your party is virtual, you can organize a virtual movie night together.

You can also purchase a terrific portable projector and have your own movie theater in your living room too! Many of them can stream from your phones and desktop computers too.

You can all join together via Zoom, and all watch your favorite flick at once! Better yet, you tell your friends to wear their pajamas for a sort of “sleepover.”  Plus, you can prepare your favorite snacks ahead of time and talk about why you love them.

exciting party ideas Coronavirus

We Can Always Choose To Have The Best Of Times

Even in these trying times, there is no excuse for not making memories. A virtual party is one way to bring friends and family together for a great time. Through online tools such as Zoom, you can hold a party where everyone can partake while in the comfort of their homes.  

Remember, it’s your choice to create beautiful and exciting memories for you and your family. Regardless of the current Coronavirus situation, we can always transform a party into a wonderful and unforgettable event.

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