Fun Party Ideas To Keep Everyone Happy And Entertained

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I love discovering fun party ideas, especially when I’m running low on creative solutions for my next party. If your parties feel a little run of the mill lately, we have some fun ideas!

More so, if your parties are feeling a little run-of-the-mill lately, no problem. We have some easy and fun ways to turn your events into the talk of the town.

Fun Party Ideas

Fun Party Ideas To Keep Your Party Exciting

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Let’s face it, we all love going to and hosting parties. And at the same time, we’ve all been to parties that fizzle out quickly. We never want to host a party where the guests are not happy and entertained, right?

Throwing a great party requires planning and fun party ideas and it’s always a good idea to start preparing early.

For example, for the last party we hosted, we started prepping several weeks in advance. That might seem like a lot but when you want to throw a great party, it’s always a good idea.

Below, you’ll discover some fun party ideas that you might not have thought about before. And, possibly a new twist on the way you did things in the past.

Fun Party Ideas

Raffles and Auctions

As you know, everyone loves the thrill of winning a prize. Especially, when several guests all have their eye on a certain gift. Boy, it sure can get very competitive!

However, you can have a raffle in many unique ways. You can even develop your own system to one that better suits the theme of your party.

Some of the most popular raffles are easy and simple for your guests. You can go with the standard ticket-based raffles where winners pick the gift of their choice. Or, you can hand out extra tickets as prizes from the games you play as well.

Not Just Any Typical Raffle

Instead of a typical raffle, you could try a spin-the-wheel prize system to add some extra fun. Bingo is another popular choice that always encourages a lot of participation for your guests. You can feel the excitement as you call out every number and people get closer to winning a prize.

Additionally, for some fun party ideas, you can try awarding folks with a gift basket. Let’s face it, we all love them, and you can find some inexpensive gift baskets too.

With so many nice gift baskets lined up, people jump right into the activities and you can see the excitement building!

Below, you’ll find some great gift basket ideas to thing about as fun party ideas:

  1. Cheese Baskets
  2. Hair Care Products
  3. Makeup Baskets
  4. Snack and Movies Baskets
  5. Low Carb Baskets
  6. Gluten-Free Baskets

A few years ago, I raffled off a wonderful makeup and skincare basket during one of our get-togethers. Even the men loved it and wanted to bring one home to their partners. And the best part, I made it myself!

Yes, the options are endless and with a little thought, you can find something that best suits your guests! Raffles and auctions always make for fun party ideas so don’t forget them!

Host A Fun Poker Game Night

My husband loves poker game nights! We always try and host a fun poker game for our parties. Moreover, we discovered even folks that don’t know how to play always enjoy learning and participating.

As far as fun party ideas go, poker games generate excitement and keep folks entertained. Social card games make for terrific fun party ideas everyone seems to enjoy them.

Additionally, playing a lively game of poker is exciting and everyone loves the fun and thrill. For a small investment into some decent cards and maybe some chips, you can have a party-starter kit ready to go anytime.

However, you can even skip the chips and use anything from cookies to individually wrapped chocolates instead! You will find that an energetic card game can get very exciting for everyone involved and is a great way to liven up a party.

Fun Party Ideas

Theme Parties Always Make Fun Party Ideas

Furthermore, people love to dress up in costumes and let loose for a night. More so, theme parties can spice up your old party routine and generate excitement and fun!

For example, some ideas include a Hawaiian cookout theme or a Great Gatsby party around for a sassy New Year’s Even event. Of course, you must complete it with 1920s fashion and era music too!

Some other theme party ideas include:

  • Harry Potter Theme
  • 90’s Retro Party
  • Luau Themed Party
  • Delicious Donut Party Theme
  • Circus Fun Party
  • Ice Cream Themed Party
  • Margarita Festival
  • Taco Time Party

In addition, for more fun party ideas, you can add customized and branded decor like balloons, napkins, gift bags to suit the occasion. Folks love personalized party decor and they will know how much you really care.

In other words, theme parties allow you the opportunity to really go crazy with the decorations and decor. A colorful and lively environment different from the norm really encourages your guests to enjoy the experience. 

Food and Beverages For Your Party

On to the most important aspects of the party atmosphere, the food, and drinks! But, it’s not always easy coming up with some creative fun party ideas when it comes to food.  

Typically, nothing can add more to your party then some homemade dishes, delectable appetizers, or specially crafted cocktails. 

For your main courses and appetizers, consider what your event is for and decide on something to match that. If you choose a themed party, you’ll want to prepare your food well in advance.

Otherwise, desserts really can shine and make your event something that stands out from the norm. After all, everyone loves and appreciates delicious desserts!

Tip: Prep your food at least a week in advance and stow it in the freezer!

There are so many ways to add some flair to your deserts too. However, serving some exotic ice cream flavors instead of the usual cookies and cream or chocolate. Adding something your guest has never experienced before is a surefire way of making your party a hit!

As far as cocktails go, you have so much inspiration to draw from online. Try to find some beverages that match the feel and theme of your event.

For instance, in the mentioned example of a Great Gatsby party, classic 1920s cocktails like a Manhattan, Old fashioned, or Martini variations always make a splash!  

If you are having a birthday party, ask a bartender to make a special birthday cocktail for the guest of honor and serve them throughout the night.

Think about the ingredients and what makes sense for your occasion, like fruity lemon or pineapple flavors in the summer, are always good choices.

The list of fun party ideas is endless and as long as you prepare well in advance, your next party will be one everyone looks forward to coming to.

Fun Party Ideas To Keep Everyone Happy And Entertained - Sassy Townhouse Living

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