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6 Ways You Can Plan A Wedding During COVID-19

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Even with the COVID-19 pandemic upon us. You can still plan a wedding and create memorable moments for you and your guests.

Above all, planning a wedding is a stressful venture and more so with the COVID-19 pandemic. Stress levels rise when you plan a wedding during these times considering the essential decisions and adjustments required to pull it off.

However, particular challenges should not discourage you from planning for your big day. Here are six tips on how you can still prepare for your wedding during COVID-19.

Plan A Wedding COVID-19

Yes, You Can Still Plan A Wedding And Celebrate Your Love

Even with venues and vendors closing, you can still celebrate your love and plan a wedding accordingly. No doubt, your wedding will not consist of your friends and family in a closely packed venue. More so, it’s time to think differently and take the actions to celebrate and cherish your love.

Of course, you can reschedule the event but that comes at a steep cost. Many vendors will not honor refunds or allow for cancelations. Let’s face it, even if you reschedule, you must realize many people might not attend do to health concerns.

Regardless, if you still want to plan a wedding you can! In this tech-driven world, where there’s love, there’s a way to make it happen. Here are some options for you and your mate to think about and hopefully, you can plan a wedding after all!

Plan A Wedding COVID-19

1. Virtually Visit Your Venue

Since the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, many countries have different ways of handling situations. Of course, we all lockdown ourselves in our homes and only to go out for essential services. And of course, during these times, it’s impossible to visit a wedding venue to plan a wedding.

Instead, talk to your on-site coordinator and plan for a virtual visit via Zoom, Skype, or Facetime! Using virtual assistance, you can do just about everything even purchase and try on sunglasses!

Before the virtual tour, check with your on-site coordinator and make sure they know exactly what your needs are. Also, make sure they know the exact number of guests attending. Most locations offer virtual tours so make sure you ask beforehand.

On the day of the virtual visit, ensure your internet connection works with good speed. You’ll also want to advise your guests to test their connections as well. More so, test the virtual tour during the day to utilize the natural lighting of the venue.

2. Ordering Wedding Cake Samples Online

If you didn’t know, you can order cake samples online. Of course, check with the baker of your choice and make sure they offer this service. It’s always a good idea to have several options as a backup when you plan a wedding.

Plan a phone call with your baker and be very clear about your expectations at well. Make sure you know what style, flavor, decorations and other particulars you want for your wedding cake. Then, ask your baker to send you some samples so you can make your final decision.

You can even decide on a box of cake samplers for everyone to enjoy as well. You’ll find samplers are the perfect size for all to enjoy and celebrate your day from home!

If you plan a wedding virtually, you can ship your guests a slice of cake to enjoy and celebrate your day. As you know, account for the expense of shipping your guests cake as well. If you have a small event, you can account for the expense in your budget.

3. Shop Jewelry Online To Plan A Wedding

Of course, you can shop for any jewelry online and have a wide variety to choose as well. However, choosing the right pieces can seem an overwhelming task in the event of selecting a design withing your budget.  

Online platforms allow you to compare different cake prices globally. Additionally, it also allows landing on the best jewelry. Buying your jewelry online can work out best because you have access to other people’s reviews and recommendations from their previous buyers.

For example, jewelers such as Moi Moi Fine Jewelry offer live chat through their website. This means you can still get their boutique service while at home. They can send you a free ring sizer to your home so you don’t have to leave your house. Their consultants can even offer services such as customizing your rings without seeing you in person.

Moreover, shopping virtually offers a boutique and personalized shopping experience without having to leave your home. Plus, when you plan a wedding the rings are the most essential part. Typically, ordering rings is one of the first things couples enjoy and will last you a lifetime too!

4. Virtually Trying On Your Wedding Dress

Did you know you can even try on your wedding dress virtually? Yep, there’s an app for that! Now, trying on your dress is fun and for some brides, the best part when they plan a wedding.

More so, your friends and family can chime in with their thoughts and opinions too. They can leave feedback and also share their choices with you as well. It seems these days you can get an app to do just about anything.

Even when the Covid-19 pandemic ends, using this app still presents a great way to get a good idea of what dresses look best. You can even read about a bride who actually tried on her wedding dress virtually too.

5. Plan A Wedding Sending Invites Through Email

Sending wedding invites through email during this time through this Covid-19 pandemic is a great idea. Not only does it save time, but money too.

When making your digital invites, you can still maintain your wedding color and customize it by adding a photo of you and your fiancé. In the invite mail, you can also have an option for your guest to respond (R.S.V.P), where they can confirm yes or no to the invite.

Additionally, you can search for so many excellent websites that offer virtual wedding invitations as well. Literally, you’ll find tons to choose with all good ratings.

8 Ways You Can Plan A Wedding During COVID-19

6. First Wedding Dance Prep And Practice

If you and your partner have two left feet, no worries. You can actually take dance lessons for your wedding online too! Plus, they offer lessons for beginners as well. After all, your first wedding dance together will have wonderful romantic memories and you’ll want to be fully prepared.

In addition, you’ll want to search the internet for popular wedding dance moves too. If you don’t want the expense of paid lessons, you can always search YouTube for tutorials. Of course, you’ll post the videos on social media for memories lasting a lifetime.

In Conclusion

If you plan on rescheduling, get started today and put your plans into action. If you don’t want to wait, seek for more information on planning, allocating resources, and carrying out the actual wedding through the internet.

Covid-19 should not limit you from accomplishing your wedding plans. You will find it reasonable when you have your wedding, and your guests are watching the event remotely from their homes. After all, this event is about you and your partner and the happiness you’ll both find moving forward.

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