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Yep, Eyebrow Transplants Exist. What You Need To Know!

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Yep, Eyebrow Transplants Exist. What You Need To Know!

Did you know eyebrow transplants are a thing? I didn’t have a clue until I started researching one for my self. If you can’t bear the thought of penciling in your brows another day, this option just might be for you! 

Eyebrow Transplants

I was never one to over tweeze my eyebrows, yet, as the years past, my eyebrows did get thinner. The frustration is maddening! I spend so much time every day using my favorite brow products and after a while, it can be so frustrating. Penciled in brows often look artificial and well, they look penciled in. 

Eyebrow Transplants

There are some days when I can get my brows looking perfectly and others well, let’s say they fall short of my expectations. We all want beautiful and easy to maintain eyebrows and finally, there’s a procedure called eyebrow transplants that can help us get them.

If you can’t get an eyebrow transplant, you might want to consider using one of our favorite pencils. This Maybelline New York Total Temptation Eyebrow Definer Pencil is incredible and the price is perfect! 

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Eyebrows have become a huge fashion point. Models such as Cara Delevingne and actresses such as Lily Collins have helped create a trend in the cosmetic world where people want, full eyebrows.

There is even evidence to suggest that thicker eyebrows will make you more attractive to others due to innate variables. Of course, some people aren’t lucky enough to be born with beautiful, thick, full eyebrows.

You might have thin eyebrows and wish they were thicker. If that’s the case, you could spend hours applying makeup to fill them in.

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Your Ultimate Guide to Eyebrow Transplants

When It Are Eyebrow Transplants A Good Choice?

You will benefit from an eyebrow transplant if you are suffering from any form of hair loss. If you are a woman, there are a few issues that could trigger this such as over plucking your eyebrow or even laser hair removal.

On the other hand, for men, it’s often a hereditary issue where you might have the same thin eyebrow genes as your father or even your mother. Often people who have thin eyebrows will also have issues with thinning hair as well.

men's eyebrow thinning

Before you decide that thick eyebrows are the right choice for you, do make sure that you get as much information as possible about the person handling the procedure as possible.

It’s important to know if a surgical technician will be handling your eyebrow treatment and how much experience they have with these types of treatment plans. It’s a huge commitment and requires a lot of consideration. Surgery of any kind presents risks so be sure to research your options well before deciding. 

eyebrow microblading

How Much Is It Going to Cost?

Prices vary from around one thousand to five thousand when it comes to eyebrow transplants. Different clinics will have different prices depending on a number of variables such as what procedure you choose, where your doctor is located and the standard of the clinic. 

There are alternative options as well such as Microblading which is also a procedure you need to fully research before attempting. 


What Happens During a Transplant?

There are two ways that you can get an eyebrow transplant, neither of which require a lot of hair, but they can be quite time-consuming.

In most cases, you can expect to be in surgery for around three or four hours with minimal recovery time and no need to stay in the hospital overnight for either procedure. The first option is the follicular extraction unit where the doctor will shave the site of extraction to get the follicle and then make a small incision around individual hair to transfer them to your eyebrow.

You will not need any stitches for this procedure and there won’t be any scarring so there will be no evidence that you ever had the surgery in the first place. The second option is follicular unit transplantation. There is no need to shave the head for this surgery as only the donor area will need to be trimmed down. A strip of hair will be removed from your head and then stitched closed to heal. The donor tissue will then be split into follicles and placed in your eyebrows.

Eyebrow Transplants prices

We hope this has helped you understand eyebrow transplants and what you can expect from a procedure like this. Remember, if you do have thin eyebrows, this could be a great choice for you assuming you are fully aware of what it entails.

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Yep, Eyebrow Transplants Exist. What You Need To Know - Sassy Townhouse Living

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