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My Favorite Gadget Of The Week – KeySmart

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My Favorite Gadget Of The Week – KeySmart

Are you annoyed as I am with your keys causing thigh pokes, key jingle, damaged pants or searching in your bag for? Here’s the perfect solution. Managing my keys has always been a topic of contention. I was never happy with standard key rings as I found them cumbersome and annoying. I knew there had to be a gadget out there to provide a solution.

My Favorite Gadget Of The Week - Sassy Townhouse Living

I was thrilled when I discovered a product called KeySmart. It’s the solution to all of my key frustrations. 

After months of prototyping, testing, and redesigning, KeySmart was born.  The frame was crafted out of aluminum to be ultra-lightweight, and the hardware was milled from stainless steel to survive anything life threw at it.  After launching on Kickstarter in early 2013, KeySmart was one of the most popular products ever launched. It’s made in the USA too which is always a good thing! 

Here’s what KeySmart looks like and how it can solve your key managing woes. 

My Favorite Gadget Of The Week

Product Details:

This Swiss style key holder will create the perfect pocket organizer and minimalist key ring. Incredibly versatile with a wide selection of accessories, our Key Smart key organizers can fit up to 100 keys.

Includes loop piece to attach car keys.

USB takes up 2 slots.  Loop piece takes up one slot.

– Unique ‘S’ design allows you to hold between 2- 100 keys (with expansion packs)
– Compact size is smaller than a pack of gum
– Universal, will fit almost any key found at your local hardware
– Ultra strong and can withstand anything your life throws at it.
– Eliminates any key jingle
– Hides the jagged teeth while exposing the smooth back of the keys for easy access
– Handmade in Chicago

Here’s how I manage my keys now! 

My Favorite Gadget Of The Week

Each key is right there where I need it. 

My Favorite Gadget Of The Week

With the handy extenders, you can add as many keys as you like. Even add a USB hub! 

Adding big gigabytes to your pocket in the most compact way.  This 8, 16, 32, or 64 GB USB 2.0 drive can be added easily to any KeySmart. The drive has a full aluminum housing that is very sleek and smooth.  More importantly, it protects the drive from harsh environments and falls.

My Favorite Gadget Of The Week

You can even add some Nano Tools! Be sure to check out all of our tech and gadget solutions too! 

My Favorite Gadget Of The Week

I’m thrilled that my messy key storage issues are now resolved with KeySmart! That’s why this product is my favorite gadget of the week! Head on over and check them out. I’m sure you’ll love it as much as I do. 

The folks over at KeySmart were kind enough to sponsor this post! 

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Sharing is Caring! ❤️

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  1. I am enchanted with this key smart gadget now too. I notice you also have keys with nice patterns on them that helps to remember which key is which.

  2. I never think of myself as a gadget lover – – until I read your posts. I’m adding this one to my ever-growing list :-)

  3. I’m getting this for my Mom who is forever trying to find her keys. Then she can put it in the same place in her purse because it’s small and convenient. Love it! And love the animal pattern keys…getting her those too! Great idea!

  4. I like this. I have had to sew up holes in pockets of my purses, coats and jackets from punctures from keys way too many times!

  5. What a great idea! I hate carrying keys because they do so much damage to the inside of your bags! I will definitely check this out!

  6. My husband needs this! He’s always juggling his keys and USP drive he carries to and from home each day. Hmmm… his birthday is next week. Time to look into ordering! Thank you!

  7. Hi Rena, that’s exactly why I got one too. It really beats up the inside of your bag and now I don’t struggle looking for my keys anymore! Thanks for stopping by and have a great rest of the week!

  8. Hi Haralee, Oh yes. I’ve had keys destroy my poor handbags. I’m thrilled to own a KeySmart now. It has really solved my key nightmare. Thanks much for stopping by and have a great rest of the week.

  9. Hi Cathy, Your mom will love it! It’s a game changer for sure. I’ve had such a key nightmare until I got this gadget. I know your mom will enjoy it as much as I do. Yes, I love having patterns on my keys as it makes choosing the right one flawless. Thanks much for stopping by and have a great rest of the week.

  10. Keys and memory all in one place sounds awesome. I especially love all your colorful keys what a great way of knowing which is for what but i would probably forget lol

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