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5 Alternative Holiday Accommodations

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5 Alternative Holiday Accommodations

In this era of holidaying anywhere and everywhere, many people are looking for new and exciting alternative holiday accommodations to stay at that are outside the norm.

While some people like nothing better than the traditional full room and board at a hotel for a week, the rise of alternative stay websites like Airbnb means more are looking for unique experiences when they go away. Here are some of the different places you could try when looking for a holiday.

Holiday Accommodations


Prepare to feel like a little kid again with a nostalgic tree house experience. These are no drafty sheds put together by your dad over several weekends; these are gravity-defying houses with all the latest mod-cons. From jacuzzies to king size beds, treehouses make for the perfect couple’s weekend retreat. There are many all over the States which you could use for a much-needed long weekend.

Holiday Accommodations

Truck Tents

Who doesn’t love a bit of glamping? If you want to take your beloved truck away on a road trip then you can save some money on accommodation with a stylish truck tent.

Truck Tents are a convenient and comfortable way to camp and you never have to worry about finding a smooth and dry patch of ground. Simply park up and have the tent ready to go in minutes. With air mattresses easily fitting in the back and tents to fit all manner of trucks and SUVs, you will be the envy of the campground.

Holiday Accommodations


Another glamping option, pods are popping up everywhere as a chance for people to get close to nature but with the option to retreat under a warm duvet if it is cold out. They are a great way to still stay in comfort while exploring some of the most remote but beautiful corners of the world.

Combine this escape with a digital detox for maximum benefit. You may initially feel like a limb is missing but after a few days, you will have never felt better.



Always wanted to feel like a fairytale princess? Well, for a price, you can. There are castles available for holiday rentals everywhere, from early medieval constructs to sprawling renaissance palaces. Sit back and enjoy some of the finest hospitality in the world, you will soon feel like royalty.

Holiday Accommodations

Train Carriages

To round off our list, we have picked one of the most unusual conversions we have heard about in recent years. Amongst lighthouses, houseboats, and other unusual buildings, there was one which stood out and that is the humble train carriage.

They can be completely fitted out to become stylish and modern or they can retain some of their quaint antique charm. Owners and refitters truly think outside the box when it comes to adapting them for holidays. Don’t worry about trying to fit into a tight train toilet too; these amazing accommodations often have full bathrooms installed on board; as well as full cooking facilities for you to drum up some delicious meals. Also, forget about bunks in compartments, you can sleep safe and sound in a regular, comfortable bed.

Holiday Accommodations

Any way you look at it, it’s always fun and exciting to find alternative holiday accommodations, especially when traveling with your family

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5 Alternative Holiday Accommodations - Sassy Townhouse Living

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