5 Reasons Why Beautiful Succulents Make The Perfect Gift

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Giving succulents is the perfect way to brighten your loved one’s day. For the past few years, succulents made a huge comeback, and for a good reason. Moreover, they are easy to maintain, and even those without a green thumb can care for them quickly.

If you have never thought about gifting beautiful succulents for any occasion, you might want to rethink it. Also, it will surprise you to discover how many people enjoy succulents and always stop to admire them when shopping.

Unique Succulents

Why Gifting Succulents Is Always A Good Option

For the most part, choosing the perfect gift for our loved ones isn’t always easy. And shopping online can cause anxiety as there’s too much to think about and consider. That’s why giving the gift of life in the form of green plants makes perfect sense.

Plus, it’s pretty easy to pick your favorite succulents since they are all beautiful, especially flowering ones. Their unique shapes and colors make it easy to fall in love with them upon sight.

Did you know many brides choose to add succulents to their wedding bouquets too? It’s no small wonder considering they make a stunning appearance.

In this article, we’ll look at why you should consider gifting succulents for any occasion and some inspiring ideas.

1 – Easy Maintenance

Typically, succulents require little attention and like it best when you don’t overwater them. They love light, and it’s always a good idea to place them in light but not direct sunlight. You can also rotate them once every few weeks to ensure good coverage.

Additionally, make sure the pot or container has water holes for drainage. Of course, this holds for all beautiful green plants. We always want to ensure our plants have proper drainage to prevent overwatering. You can also place a few ice cubes in the soil and avoid overwatering. This method works great on Orchids as well!


2 – Beautiful And Unique Planters

When it comes to presenting your green beauties, you have plenty of decorative options. For example, you can give them in a stunning glass florarium vase. In addition, this type of terrarium vase makes the perfect presentation and will last for years.

Everyone loves decorating with air plants this year, and you can see them in almost every home decor magazine. We love gifting them in a Hanging Geometric Teardrop-Shaped Glass Plant Terrarium. Mainly because they make the perfect home for succulents and air plants as they feature clear glass with an antique black finish.

Image Amazon: Newitty Hanging Geometric Teardrop-Shaped Glass Plant Terrarium

Similarly, you can choose a Clear Glass Geometric Terrarium for placement anywhere in your loved one’s home or office. These displays make the perfect gift for any occasion. And when your loved ones see them, it’s love at first sight! Plus, you can add a beautiful assortment of unique and beautiful succulents to cherish for years.

Image Amazon: Clear Glass Geometric Terrarium

3 – The Symbolism Of Gifting Succulents

Furthermore, succulents symbolize more than just a decorative plant. Did you know in Feng Shui, they represent money, gold, and wishes for wealth? These types of plants also represent enduring and timeless love. More so, their meaning extends to longevity and their ability to survive in the most challenging environments.

When you give the gift of these tenacious plants, you are also gifting the meaning behind them and all they represent. Also, the cactus plant family helps symbolize pushing past difficult times in our lives. These survivor plants remind us of our internal determination and ability to adapt regardless of our situations.

Moreover, they represent growth, and our ability to thrive and rise above our challenges while flowering into a stronger, more flexible person. In our homes, they represent tranquil living and foster a calm and soothing atmosphere.


4  – Promoting A Healthier Environment

As with all green plants, they help promote a healthier environment by giving us oxygen in exchange for their care. Typically, plants give off about five milliliters of oxygen per house. As humans, we consume about 50 liters a day.

So, as you can see, it’s always a great way to make our environments healthier and feel better. When you give the gift of succulents, you also give the gift of health.

5 – Succulents As Beautiful Home Decor Elements

Finally, presenting our loved ones with decorative succulents adds to the beauty of our homes and offices. Also, they make perfect windowsill additions for the extra decorative touch.

Next time, think about gifting succulents for any occasion like Mother’s Day, Birthdays, or any holiday. They make the perfect way to perk up your home decor and add life, luck, and good fortune as well.

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