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19 Glass Jar Ideas – Featured at Hometalk!

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Fun, decorative, and a creative and beautiful way to upcycle your old glass jars! I’m so excited about these glass jar ideas and think you will be as well. The folks over at Hometalk asked me to curate this board because they loved my glass jar lighting project, and it was so simple to create.

19 Glass Jar Ideas - Featured at Hometalk!

19 Beautiful Glass Jar Ideas

In the evening, my bathroom glows every so softly now, and I don’t have to keep replacing batteries from the flameless candles that I used. 

These other glass jar lighting craft projects are amazing and the best part is this board will continue to grow, so be sure to follow the board.

If you are not a member of Hometalk please be sure to join. I promise you will love it and the many ideas for your garden and home you will find there. Come and join me in the fun and check out this board. 

We Love Glass Jar Decor

Below, are some of the beautiful and practical glass jar craft projects featured on the board. I love each one more than the next! The best part is they are so inexpensive to make and add pizzazz to either indoors or outdoors.

If you have any projects you would like featured on this board, by all means, let me know! It’s a great way to spread the word about your project.

19 Glass Jar Ideas - Featured at Hometalk!
mason glass jar lighting

Come and check out exactly how I created this beautiful glass lite decorative jar here. Click here to see this project and how to create it yourself!

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Let me know which glass jar project you liked best, or which one you plan to work on. Please don’t forget to send me the link, so I can feature it on Hometalk.

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Sharing is Caring! ❤️

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  1. Love the lights in the bathroom! My vanity areas does not have enough space for that, but I think they would make great gifts. Add in some potpourri with the lights, and as it warms it lets off a nice smell too. Thanks for sharing! Lots of great ideas.

  2. These are some really awesome ideas. I love how quick and easy they appear to be to make too. Thank you for sharing. This would be a great way to give off a romantic feeling to a room.

  3. That glass jar is an amazing idea! Would love to try this in my bathroom. Ia m starting to look an empty jar now. Hope I can find 2 or more today. :) Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks for sharing, i really love the ideas for decorating old gass and making somethings thats actually presentable with it!
    Glass is so cool actually!

  5. My wife and I are throwing party at our house next week, and my wife really wants to make the backyard look really nice. One of the things that she wanted to do, was add a ton of different lanterns and candles. I think that using a glass jar as a lantern is a great idea! I’ll make sure I show my wife this right away. I am sure that she is going to love it.

  6. Hi Brandon, Oh, I love that glass jar lantern much too. I’m sure your wife will love it! Be sure to stop back and show me a pic of yours I’d love to see it. Hope to see you again soon!

  7. A few of these are super cool! I would love to make one of these glass lighting fixtures. The fifth one in the picture cluster is probably my favorite looking one. I wonder how that would look having light filter trough it.

  8. Hi Phillius, I love them too! I like the glass lighting fixtures best too. I think I’m going to tackle making that myself someday soon. Thanks much for stopping by and commenting and hope to see you again soon!

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