Popular Kitchen Cabinet Styles To Optimize Your Storage

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These popular kitchen cabinet styles will help you make the most of storage options for your next remodel. So, before you remodel your kitchen, consider these options. Improving your home kitchen with a customized kitchen space can be a pretty challenging task. But you may come closer to your dream home kitchen improvement by making sure you know all of your options.

Popular Kitchen Cabinet Styles

Make the Most Of Your Kitchen Storage Space

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When remodeling or purchasing a new home, you should consider some of the most popular kitchen cabinet styles. These new styles will help you make the most of your kitchen storage and, of course, stay in step with the updated options. Since we spend most of our days in the kitchen, you want to make the most of its design.

For example, when it comes to popular kitchen cabinet styles, companies like USA cabinets have a wide range of designs and styles. As your family grows and children become teens, the need for more storage grows. Moreover, kitchen storage is a must-have for any kitchen’s function and style.  

More so, it is essential to emphasize and unleash your kitchen’s true beauty. When remodeling, you can align your kitchen cabinets to align with the rest of your home’s decor or not! Today’s popular kitchen cabinet styles have a wide array of styles to choose from and colors as well. Don’t forget to adorn your new kitchen with new stylish hardware pulls and knobs too.

Also, many of today’s kitchens even feature stoves with grills built right into them. Or, if you prefer to keep your grill outdoors like we do, you’ll want to make sure you choose affordable propane grills for your outdoor area. Recently, we decided to update our outdoor grill, and now it serves as an extension of our kitchen. Either way, when updating your kitchen, always make these decisions beforehand.

Furthermore, we have some exciting popular kitchen cabinet styles to inspire your next remodel or new home purchase.

Popular Kitchen Cabinet Styles

Like most interior design trends, kitchen cabinet styles change from year to year. When remodeling or purchasing a new home, you’ll want to choose stylish trends in line with your decor. Of course, you should avoid styles that seem too trendy because they might serve as a deterrent to potential buyers when you sell your home.

Also, white kitchen cabinets became a cult-favorite and remain so today. Before you decide on the color, consider an all-wood finish first. Did you know at least 42 percent of millennials prefer trendy white kitchen cabinets? While this trend grows, some interior designers say wood cabinets help as a selling point for your home.

Additionally, designing your kitchen cabinets with storage space in mind is an overall win-win. In fact, cabinet manufactures continue to create them with superior storage features. For instance, you can add pull-out cabinet organizers to your existing cabinets as well. These organizers will make organizing your pots, pans, and dinnerware much more manageable.

Let’s take a look at some popular kitchen cabinet styles for you to choose from for your next update.

1 – Shaker Style Kitchen Cabinets

Shaker-style cabinets take first place in kitchens today because of their style and design features. These style cabinets are famous for their five-piece door that has a center panel. While styles vary, some feature simple lines while others have more intricate designs. Due to the shaker style’s classic design, many people opt for this when designing their kitchens. And it works great for both traditional or contemporary design styles.

Typically, shaker-style Cabinets feature high-quality American wood. On the contrary, some of these cabinets could also feature maple, quarter sawn oak, and hickory. With this style, you can achieve a minimalist look along with a touch of elegance. Some shaker-style Cabinets feature beadboard or beautiful decorative edging. When choosing this style cabinet, you have a wide range of colors and styles to consider.


2 – Flat-Panel Or Slab Kitchen Cabinets

Flat-panel or slab cabinets feature a simple and elegant design. They provide a minimalist design and are usually less expensive than the shaker cabinet. The cabinet doors and drawers of the flat-panel cabinets have a single-piece front. For busy people, it is ideal since it is easy to clean as well as build.

Likewise, this cabinet saves you time from installing as it involves only minimal steps and fewer materials in the building. This kitchen cabinet blends in with your home’s modern or contemporary design. Typically, flat-panel cabinets a wide range of materials and colors and offer a sleek, more modern look.

One drawback of this style can be warping during the construction method used. But overall, it doesn’t present too much of a concern. Like any other kitchen cabinet, you can find flat-panel cabinets at varying price ranges. If your style leans towards a modern or contemporary look, slab or flat-panel is the right choice for you.


3 – Distressed Or Antique Style Kitchen Cabinets

One of the more niche but trendy kitchen cabinet styles features a vintage or antique style look. This trend continues to grow significantly in the shabby chic and country style of home decor styles. Plus, you can distress these types of cabinets with a good DIY tutorial as well. Of course, you can purchase them with a distressed or vintage style too.

More so, since many DIYers discovered how to distress or antique their kitchen cabinets, the trend continues to grow. If so motivated, you can grab a can of some popular kitchen cabinet paint and antique glaze and take on the challenge yourself.

Popular Kitchen Cabinet Styles

4 – Beadboard Kitchen Cabinets

When it comes to popular kitchen cabinet styles, beadboard sets the standard for cult-favorites. Typically, beadboard features vertical planks with ridges. These ridges, called the “beads,” offer outstanding style and beauty to your kitchen. This kitchen cabinet style offers a dynamic look with its all-white color.

Also, these cabinets give your kitchen an old rustic vibe. Ideally, it is best to use in farmhouse cabinets as well as a cottage-styled kitchen. As country-styled homes are making their comeback, so do beadboard kitchen cabinets. As the images below show, you can incorporate beadboard kitchen cabinets into your home and with almost any decor.  

Now that you defined your style, it’s time to look at some smart storage solutions. When designing your new kitchen, think about using any cabinet space in the best possible way. Below, you’ll discover some kitchen storage options to consider and add to your kitchen redesign budget.

Of course, you’ll want to add a recycling center and make the most of how you manage every bin. This stylish and smart Rev-A-Shelf 27qt Four Bin Cabinet Roll Out Center allows you to roll out your trash bins. At the same time, you can keep them neatly hidden and only pull them out when needed.

You can also utilize this Household Essentials Under Cabinet Single Sliding Trash Can Caddy for your day-to-day garbage needs. What a perfect way to keep unsightly garbage bind hidden and out of the way.

How about this Richards Homewares Under The Sink Pull Out Organizer for your kitchen cabinets? It features a sliding drawer shelf perfect for your vanity and kitchen. Now you can house all of your cleaning supplies and pull them out quickly when you need them.

Next, you can easily install this Lynk Slide Out Cutting Board, Bakeware, and Tray Organizer. You can quickly pull out all of your kitchen essentials in a flash. And your countertop stays clutter-free and organized perfectly!  

In closing, these are just some of the beautiful storage and stylish cabinet designs you can feature in your newly renovated kitchen. Remember, always think about you and your family’s needs before designing your kitchen space. With all the time we spend in our kitchens, it’s well worth the effort.

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We participate in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, Skimlinks, and other Associate Affiliate Programs. Affiliate advertising programs like these provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to these affiliated sites at no cost to you. As Amazon Associates, we earn from qualifying purchases. Please check our Disclosure Privacy Policy page. Thank you for supporting our website.

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