9 Easy Kitchen Decor Ideas You Need To Know

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Whether your kitchen is large or small, easy kitchen decor ideas can transform the look and feel of your home.

Every year, interior designers share their tips with us to improve our interior design principles. And thankfully so!

More so, design strategies are all about the overall details and concepts in our homes. Therefore, it’s important to stay updated especially for your next remodel.

kitchen decor ideas
Kitchen Decor Ideas

Kitchen Decor Ideas From The Pros

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When it comes to kitchen decor ideas from the pros, we can all appreciate their knowledge and years of work in the field.

This year, we plan on some beautiful kitchen updates in addition to some other home improvement plans. After searching for some kitchen design ideas, I found some we all can benefit from.

Below, you’ll find some easy kitchen decor ideas from the pros over at Kitchen & Stone. We know they will help add easy design elements to your home.

Kitchen Decor Ideas

1 – Add Color To Your Kitchen But Keep It Neutral

Above all, color can play a significant role in your kitchen interior. Paint selection is one of the most essential and affordable decisions you can make. And, there’s no doubt choosing the right paint to connect spaces beautifully.

However, when it comes to color, less is more! Let’s face it, we all love pops of color in our homes, but our kitchens should remain neutral. One of my personal favorite for a kitchen is light gray or a soft cotton color.

Using a neutral paint scheme will allow you to easily add color to the remaining rooms in your home. And, won’t compete with them either.

For example, using a color scheme consisting of tones like white, beige, gray, sage, or other neutral tones, work great in kitchens. If you want some color you can always play it safe with subtle hits of pastels too.

While colors like yellow can brighten up your kitchen and have a soothing effect, you might want to consider choosing a soothing pastel yellow instead.

Even if your kitchen is entirely white in color, you can still add decorative elements with pops of color too!

❗️ Kitchen Decor Ideas Pro Tip! Make sure you mix your paint with a fire-retardant coating on your kitchen walls. This helps prevent spread from dangerous flames in your kitchen.

Kitchen Decor Ideas
Kitchen Decor Ideas

2 – Choose Your Kitchen Lighting Carefully

Of course, there are many options when it comes to lighting for your kitchen. Recently, the choices are even more abundant. You can choose from a wide variety of lighting for your kitchen and be sure and measure accordingly too.

Good kitchen lighting is very essential especially because we spend most of our time there. We want a bright kitchen for cooking and mood lighting to add that cozy factor to our homes.

More importantly, always try and plan ahead when it comes to updating or adding new lighting to your kitchen. As you know, removing fixtures or rewiring can cost a lot but planning ahead should save you money as well.

Task lighting is very popular for the past few years and perfect for every kitchen. A good example of this is under-cabinet lighting.

Adding task lights under your cabinets is really a game-changer. After all, you don’t want shadows in prep zones when cooking. It’s one of the best kitchen decor ideas in our home in years.

3 – Plan Your Kitchen Space Wisely – Kitchen Decor Ideas We Love

As we know, planning for any home design aspect is essential. You need to consider the functions your space will serve to make the most of your kitchen.

However, it’s a good idea to answer these questions for you to be able to plan.

  • Aside from cooking, what other daily activities do you like to do in the kitchen?
  • How much seating do you need?
  • Did you measure properly?
  • Do you like to entertain friends or family in the kitchen?

Also, start thinking about the visual weight and distribution to balance the space in your kitchen.

Also, think about the work triangle in your kitchen. This area is the distance from your stove, fridge, and kitchen sink. You should be able to move easily between these three areas with ease and enough space when cooking.

Kitchen Decor Ideas

4 – Plan For And Create Enough Storage Space

We all know storage space is a valuable resource throughout our homes, especially in our kitchens. And ensuring you have enough storage is that one thing that you can’t overlook.

Remember, you’ll want to make enough storage space for those things you don’t reach for every day. Ideally, use the space above your kitchen cabinets as there’s plenty of room up there!

You can things like wicker baskets, decorative canisters, or even add an extra shelf! Not only will it look beautiful but you can stow away your larger appliances or even your cookbooks!

5 – Choose The Highest Quality Of Materials Your Budget Will Allow

The materials you choose for your interior will ultimately complete the look and feel of your kitchen. But more importantly, it will determine the longevity of your space.

Therefore, try as much as possible to put in as much quality materials as your budget allows. I know it’s difficult with a limited budget but you truly get what you pay for.

It’s a good idea to try and afford mid-priced materials too. You don’t always need to purchase the most expensive materials to get good quality.

If you want to replace your kitchen faucet or shopping for a new one, always make sure you shop around for the best prices. However, try and avoid buying the least expensive option as it probably won’t last for very long.

Also, never let your contractor or designer to choose the materials without your approval beforehand. That could end up costing you way more than you planned for.

6 – Consider A Slab Backsplash

If I had it to do all over again, I would choose a slab backsplash! We have tile in our kitchen as most folks do which is fine but not my first choice.

Additionally, these backsplashes are all the rage in for exciting kitchen decor ideas and affordable too. Not only beautiful in design but perfectly easy for cleaning too.

So, next time you plan your remodel or replacing your old kitchen tile, think about a slab backsplash. You’ll have that dreamy kitchen you always wanted.

kitchen Decor Ideas

7 Add Decorative Plants To Your Kitchen

Even with a small kitchen, there’s always room to add some beautiful decorative plants. Your new green houseplants will add charm and even help you to relax.

Moreover, even if you don’t have a green thumb, artificial plants will do just fine. Adding that pop of color to your kitchen is the perfect way to add good cheer and a bit of spring on a dreary day.

In addition, we have some great kitchen decor ideas for adding decorative plants to your kitchen.

  1. Match your flower pots to your kitchen decor and spread them around all corners of your kitchen.
  2. Always position taller house plants against plain walls.
  3. Arrange smaller houseplants in groups and in smaller pots.
  4. Try layering your plants by placing the larger ones in the back and the smaller ones in front.
  5. Remember tall, slim plants with big leaves visually raise your ceiling making your kitchen look larger.
  6. Use herb gardens in your kitchen as double-duty! Not only will they look great, but you can use them for cooking.
  7. Stack a few of your favorite cookbooks on your kitchen counter and top them off with a beautiful succulent.
  8. Yes, you can decorate your kitchen with a hanging plant. Remember, hanging plants add depth and layers to your space. Use a macramé plant holder to add charm and texture.

Remember, artificial plants make for perfect decorative elements in the kitchen. For example, if you love your kitty cats this adorable decorative Kitty Cat Succulent Plant will work perfectly in your kitchen.

Image Amazon: Kitty Cat Succulent Plant

If you never thought about adding some decorative plants to your kitchen, do now! They are affordable and your family and friends will notice and appreciate them too.

Kitchen Decor Ideas

8 – Add Visual Interest To Your Kitchen With Artwork

Another way to add interesting elements to your kitchen – use carefully placed artwork to spruce up your space!

However, if you have the room, you can create a beautiful gallery wall consisting of themed pieces or family photos.

More so, you can try creating a chalkboard wall which is all the rage in home decor these days. Yes, it’s an oldie but still a goodie! Plus, the kids love it and it helps them develop their artistic skills too.

In addition, you can use the space above your kitchen cabinets to display artwork. Try using frames that match your kitchen decor and use varying levels of height as well.

In particular, if you have a window in your kitchen, place your artwork or prints around the window in sets of three. Plus, the natural lighting is the perfect way to spotlight your new artwork.

Think of how perfectly Kitchen Herbs or Botanical Prints will look anywhere in your kitchen. As you can see in the image below just how charming and quaint they will look in your home as well.

Image Amazon: Kitchen Herbs Art Prints 

9 – Try Adding A Rug To Your Kitchen – Kitchen Decor Ideas You’ll Love!

Adding a rug or runner to your kitchen is a fabulous idea! Plus, they are all the rage in kitchen decorating.

More so, adding a decorative rug to your kitchen has lots of benefits. If you have hardwood floors, a runner in your kitchen is the perfect solution. It will protect your flooring and feel great under your feet too.

Plus, a run will create a cozy look and feel to your kitchen and it makes for a wonderful colorful addition as well. Think of the texture it will add as well.

Area Rugs are the jewelry of the decorating world!

Of course, you’ll want to add one to your sink area as well. Standing for a long-time washing dishes cause our feet and back to hurt. A cushioned mat is the perfect answer. You’ll want one that’s easy to clean and a mat with beveled corners as well, so you don’t trip over it.

If you have a kitchen island that’s portable, you can add one under it as well. Of course, you’ll want to add non-slip padding under it as well. Make sure you measure the area properly and decide what size rug you want.

Adding stunning decorative rugs to your kitchen is a great way to change your kitchen decor without spending a small fortune as well. And, when you feel bored with them, you can easily replace them.

Kitchen Decor Ideas
Image Amazon: HEBE Kitchen Rug Set

I hope these kitchen decor ideas inspired you next time you remodel or perk up your home. I can’t wait to use them in my kitchen soon too!

9 Easy Kitchen Decor Ideas You Need To Know - Sassy Townhouse Living

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