6 Vintage Interior Design Decorating Tips You Need To See

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If you love vintage interior design, then you are going to flip over these decorating tips. Vintage never goes out of style and here’s why!

Vintage Interior Design Decorating Tips

Vintage Interior Design – Always Classy & In Style

It’s a common misconception that vintage designs mean any ‘old’ design. Well, we all know that’s not the case.

The whole idea behind vintage interior design is to give you a sense of nostalgia without looking run-down.

Therefore, vintage interior design never goes out of style and grows in popularity every year. With the advent of minimalism, vintage décor made a huge comeback.

As we know, vintage interior design covers a wide range of eras. You can see vintage unique designs ranging from retro, rustic, all the way to shabby chic. Now, it’s easy to learn how to combine antiques with modern decor!

Personally, this is my preferred way to decorate. I love adding vintage pieces along with my modern and traditional decor pieces in my home.

Personally, my favorite design ranges from shabby chic to edgy traditional, but I also love eclectic décor too.

Furthermore, Shabby Chic design elements are still extremely popular and featured in almost every décor magazine.

The true foundations of vintage décor design implement inviting colors, luxurious fabrics, and a mix of eclectic styles.

vintage interior design decorating tips
Photo by Vincent Rivaud from Pexels

Vintage Interior Design Tips Worth Knowing

Below, you’ll discover 6 decorating tips that will inspire you to add vintage interior design elements into your home.

Photo by Emre Can from Pexels

1. Focus On High-End Antiques 

Using antiques in your home can prove quite tricky. Just because a piece of furniture looks old, doesn’t mean it’s antique, either. More importantly, not every antique belongs to your design scheme.

Typically, viewed as the backbone of vintage design, high-end antique shopping requires lots of research.

Vintage pieces always look perfect from any decade or era. They are a surefire way to compliment any room in your home.

Of course, when choosing an antique, you need to make sure it’s of excellent quality.

When choosing a piece, make sure the design elements stand the test of time

An antique bench, like the one featured below, would look stunning in a foyer or at the edge of your bed. Antique benches are the perfect way to add additional seating, too.

vintage interior design decorating tips
Image by klimkin from Pixabay

2. Include Vintage-Inspired Details

They say that the devil is in the details, and by adding vintage touches here and there, you’ll subtly cement your style.

Additionally, your entire house or room doesn’t need to be completely vintage. Rather, just add a few pieces inspired with a vintage look in an appropriately modern room.

Think of items that spark a retro or rustic charm like a vintage suitcase doubling as side tables or an end table in your bedroom.

vintage interior design decorating tips

You can also add Vintage decorative plates on your dining room wall, and rustic wood dresses that can fit in any room and not just your bedroom.

Other vintage décor designs can include a pallet shelf for your pictures, barstools or even ottomans for different seating.

Whatever you decide on including, try not to overdo it with too many pieces.

Be sure and place them subtly so they can create an aesthetic appeal and make your home feel, look and feel welcoming.

vintage interior design decorating tips

3. Use Show Stopping Pieces 

For example, you’ll also want a vintage piece to act as the focal point in any room of your home.

This is a great decorating tip as well and vintage pieces always create the perfect way to highlight any room.

These items need to take center stage as they are eccentric enough to act as the perfect feature for any room.

Try not to overcrowd your room with many antiques or even rustic or retro-styled pieces.

Give one or two items the limelight to draw attention to the room without overwhelming the area. 

Photo by Ekrulila from Pexels

4. Blending Various Styles 

The best thing about this design is they encourage us to mix and match styles.

Ideally, in order to truly pull off a vintage design, you don’t need to make the entire room vintage.

For example, vintage interior design blend well within a modern setting, too.

Want to go for a retro style? Then add bold accents with vibrant colors.

At times, retro style furniture can appear abstract, so treat them as art pieces.

If you’re going rustic, add eye-catching pieces among modern furniture to give it a cozy feel.

Additionally, make sure you’re blending in a way that will complement and not overpower, so it doesn’t feel off-putting. 

Vintage Interior Design Decorating Tips

5. Always Focus On Color Elements

Color can mean everything when it comes to vintage, retro, or even rustic styles.

Retro, often inspired by bright and lively colors, and perfect for vintage interior design, will allow you to add pops of glorious color to any room.

For instance, think avocado green or mustard yellow combined with brown, white, or black.

Adding various patterns makes for another great way to display your design.

Whether it’s 50s polka dots or 70s checkered or paisley prints, patterns make the perfect accompaniment.

Since vintage often means going with feminine designs, floral mixed with white and light brown or peach furniture pieces will make your home welcoming and cozy.

Pastels like hues of blue, pink, peach, and soft green are also another way to display this style.

You can even opt for vintage-inspired chairs with pastel-colored tones. 

Vintage Interior Design Decorating Tips

6. Consider DIY 

Maybe, you would like to pull off an interior vintage design but can’t afford to. That’s why so many folks turn to do it themselves!

It might surprise you that you can DIY and with the amount of DIY tutorials out there, it’s not as difficult as it might seem.

Many homeowners love making their own furniture and upcycling vintage items. It’s definitely one way you can pull off this style.

Think repurposed crates, benches, frames, vintage flower pots, or even luggage. They’re affordable to make and will be a great addition to your home. 

Vintage Interior Design In Closing

Pulling off a vintage interior design might seem tricky, but you can do it especially if you use these decorating tips!

Just remember, vintage doesn’t mean any random old piece of furniture. It incorporates many decades and many styles that spark charm, romance, and originality.

Challenge yourself by playing around with your home’s design and try to pull off a vintage style for that charming and aesthetic appeal. 

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