Caffeinate Your Kitchen With Coffee Themed Artwork!

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Caffeinate Your Kitchen With Coffee Themed Artwork! 

Caffeinate Your Kitchen With Coffee Themed Artwork!

Coffee, coffee – how we adore you. I pay homage to you in so many ways, and here’s a big one! 

I always wanted to create a central theme for pictures hanging in my kitchen, and when we bought this house, I decided to do exactly that. Since I have an obsessive addiction to all things coffee/tea, I made it a mission to go on a hunt for pictures that would reflect that theme. I also found a few pictures that were food themed, so I added those as well which pulled together the entire grouping. I keep adding and updating to this collection too. That’s always fun to do!

When I prepare my coffee in the morning, I’m always greeted with my java-inspired artwork. 

Coffee Themed Kitchen

And of course, little teaspoons to add some cuteness! 

Coffee Themed Kitchen Pictures


I searched and searched and found them at TJ Max! It took a while, and each time I shopped more and more of them filtered in. I was lucky because I noticed they stopped selling pictures like that and their choices became rather bleak.



Most of these pictures are about coffee, but there are a few cute ones that aren’t seemed to fit right in any way! I have these two over by the stove area and they work perfectly! 



My favorite is the coffee themed framed art. They make me smile every morning when I see them! 

Coffee Time Open 24 Hours

Why go for a theme? Well, I love how visually interesting it is when pictures are arranged using themes. It really tells you something about the owner or artist. I wanted to tie these elements together to create a central understanding of my mission, which is to create a warm, cozy, and inviting kitchen, not only for myself but for my guest when entertaining. I hope you are motivated to create a theme for yourself in your home. It doesn’t have to live in the kitchen as you can theme out any room in your home.



Everyone wants to know where I got them from. I think your kitchen could use a perk up too! 


These are two of my favorites! 

Coffee Themed Kitchen



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