How to Revamp Your Windows This Summer

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How to Revamp Your Windows This Summer

In summer, every day feels like the day to start something new, and if your windows are in need of some attention, then now is the time to take care of them.

How to Revamp Your Windows This Summer - Sassy Townhouse Living

At the beginning of summer, we always do a window check. It’s like a ritual around our home. It’s important to check your windows as soon as the weather gets warm to ensure they are in perfect working order. With the windows closed all winter, it’s a chore we tend to forget about doing, and it’s one of most essential parts of a spring cleaning routine. 

Perking up your windows makes a dramatic improvement in your home or apartment. We tend to take our windows for granted and forget to do the most basic maintenance on them. Get your checklists ready and make sure to follow these simple steps to ensure your windows are in top condition! 

Summer creates a very different mood from the dark days of winter. When it’s cold and gray outside, it always feels like a time for hibernation; a time for curling up by the fire and moving as little as possible. Come summer, when the evenings are long and light, and the birds sing outside your window, it’s different. There’s a restless energy inside of you, a need to move and laugh and do.

This makes summer the perfect time for home renovations. In winter, it’s all too easy to push them back, to stay by the fire where it’s warm and cozy, and wait for another day to do your repairs and make your changes.

To make them look as good as new here’s where to start…

#1: Replace or Repair the Glass
How to Revamp Your Windows This Summer

There is nothing more unsightly than broken glass in your windows. If your windows look like they could do with some TLC, the first thing to do is to check the glass. Cracks are likely to creep in during the cold winter months, and you need to seal them up come summer to prevent drafts from entering when the weather turns once more.

Most glass can be easily replaced, although if you’re unsure of what you’re doing, it’s always best to call the professionals. The most complicated problems arise when you’re working with old glass, as this can become a dual task of preservation alongside renovation. In these instances, don’t hesitate to hand the work over to the experts, as it’s easy to do more harm than good.

#2: Repaint
How to Revamp Your Windows This Summer

Nothing looks shabbier than peeling paint on windows, but luckily this can easily be taken care of. Take the time to check your frames inside and out, and if you see any cracks or flakes, then pick up a paintbrush and go over them. You’ll often require specialist paint to do the job, either because of the materials used or because the paintwork will be exposed to the elements. Take the time to find the right one to suit your purpose, as choosing carelessly will only lead to renovations that don’t last very long.

#3: Check their Position and Weighting
How to Revamp Your Windows This Summer

Thirdly and finally, check how your windows sit in their frames. If their position is slightly slanted, or they don’t sit flush with the walls around them, then you might need to get someone in to take a look. Sash windows may also need their weights replaced from time to time, or else they can begin to sit in the wrong position, allowing leaks and drafts to creep through the gaps. Companies like Mighton provide the replacement materials that you’ll need, and these can easily be fitted without the help of a professional.

How to Revamp Your Windows This Summer

Follow these three simple steps, and your windows will look as good as new in no time.

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