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How to Improve Your Home Decor in 7 Easy Ways

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You can find ways to easily improve your home decor and in ways that will make a distinct and beautiful difference. We have seven ways you’ll love!

 Improve Your Home Decor
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Is It Time To Improve Your Home Decor?

Ideally, I want projects easy to manage and to try and keep the cost down as well.  

While it’s not always easy to improve your home décor, it can be an exciting, fun, and creative time as well.

Moreso, if you have the resources, you can hire an interior designer to tackle the larger project but really don’t have to.

While there are loads of home decorating tips and tricks out there, it’s always nice getting a different perspective from folks who love DIY projects too!

Technically speaking, you don’t need to spend much money to make your place look better.

Ideally, you don’t need to waste away hours of valuable time to implement these quick design ideas, either.

Below, you’ll discover some of the key areas you can improve your home décor and keep the projects within your budget, too!

1 – Give Your Walls A Fresh Coat Of Wonderful!

If you’re looking for a way to redecorate your house on an extremely low budget, target the walls. There’s nothing less expensive with a better visual return than a gallon of paint.

As you know, you can find good quality paint in the thirty-dollar price range per gallon.

Actually, the first home décor project on our to-do list involves giving our walls a fresh coat of paint.

Additionally, I wanted to mention painting first because, surprisingly, after discussing how to improve your home décor with some friends, many didn’t think about painting their homes!  

Don’t discount the re-painting option, just yet!  Such a minor change can make such a major difference; all you need to do is choose the color that fits your décor needs.

Of course, in order to save money, you can host a painting party at your home, as well. Painting parties are so much fun and your friends will be more than happy to help you improve your home décor, as well.

Subsequently, stay neutral if you’re having doubts. That means choose a beige, gray, or yellow tone to fill your walls. These classic colors will make any room look fresh and completely up to date.

Plus, the color schemes pair well with any other color, so your accessories can change bold colors every season, and the room will still look great!

You can also go in the other direction with your paints; choose something deep and bold to work with.

Deep hues with a glossy finish will really make the walls pop out at you and your guests.

For instance, choose a dark navy paint color and have the accent pieces in the room accentuate the navy – use purple, gold, silver, for tones that pop!

 Improve Your Home Decor

2 – Add Some Decorative Art To Improve Your Home Decor, Too!

I adore adding decorative art to my home. In fact, we have various pieces in every room of our townhouse.

In fact, our artwork always receives the most compliments from guests, and I believe it’s one of the quickest and easiest ways to improve your home décor.

In other words, decorative artwork can range from DIY projects, family portraits and photos, to pieces with various price points from the most to least expensive.

Above all, make sure you carefully map out and plan the desired look you want for the walls in your home.

You’ll want to always choose the right size, shape, and color scheme for your home as well.

More importantly, don’t feel the need to overdo it either. You can have stunning inexpensive decorative artwork in every room without overdoing it!

Conversely, if you decide to spend a little over your budget and add some beautiful oil paintings to your walls, you can keep your focus on spending the most on one room like your living or dining room.

Either way, when you add decorative artwork to improve your home décor, you can’t go wrong.

Improve Your Home Decor

3 – Make Your Ceilings Appear Higher

You can’t necessarily raise the ceilings of your home, but you can create an illusion to the height of your ceilings.

For example, all it takes is a little tweaking in the window treatment department.

You can try adding some fabric to your existing window panels and voila!

On the whole, this trick really works great and it’s not expensive to achieve.

You can also try adding patterned drapes to your living space. Patterned drapes lead the eye up which gives an illusion of increased height.

Another trick to make your ceilings appear higher – install your curtain rods to the top of the ceiling. You can see an example below.


4 – Installing Wood Floors – Expensive But Worth It!

It’s worth adding this to your list of ways you can improve your decor even though it’s on the expensive side to achieve.

When we had our house built, we decided to install rugs only in our three bedrooms. We thought it would create a warmer more comfortable environment and it did.

Sadly, this turned into a mistake because we end up replacing the rugs every few years. We have plans to add wood flooring throughout our home this coming year, and I’m so excited!

Installing wood flooring is not only aesthetically appealing and far more cost-effective, too.

And, wood floors are more popular now than ever before! I think adding wood floors is the perfect way to improve your home decor.

Ultimately, they make any room appear larger and give you the perfect opportunity to add chic and decorative area rugs as well.

On the other hand, wood floors keep our homes cleaner, up to date, and always look divine! And, with a stunning area rug, you can completely transform your home. It’s a great way to improve your home decor.

Improve Your Home Decor
Photo by Milly Eaton from Pexels

Personally, I love adding area rugs to our home. They allow you to pull all your decorative elements together as well and feel great under our feet too. They are also great for sound-proofing your home, too!

Improve Your Home Decor

5 – Adding Eclectic Pieces To Your Living Room

Ideally, many homeowners might feel shopping at their local furniture store to purchase furniture is the only way to go. That’s not necessarily the case.

Purchasing an entire set of identical furniture might make the room look boring and way too matchy-matchy.

Instead, try purchasing pieces from various shops like out of town specialty stores or antique shops as well.

Remember, everything doesn’t have to match to look stunning.

As a matter of fact, your living space will look far more visually interesting and chic if you try adding eclectic pieces too.

Use different colored pieces of furniture and accent accessories to make the room more inviting.

For example, I love the color of these kitchen cabinets below. I’m itching to repaint mine!


Updating Your Bathrooms – The Perfect Way To Improve Your Home Decor

Uniquely, adding an accent wall to your bathroom is a great way to add a focal point and in addition, put the spotlight on your bathroom vanity.

You can achieve this by adding paint, wallpaper or ceramic tiles.

Choose a wall in your bathroom and decide which medium you prefer. When we wallpapered our half bath, we decided to accent one wall with a complementary paint color.

Most certainly, this turned out perfectly especially because our half bath was smaller in size than the rest of our bathrooms.

We decided to use Van Gogh Blossoming Almond Trees Wallpaper, and I have to admit, it turned out stunning!

Bathroom Accenting Always Does The Trick!

Statement walls in bathrooms make a huge impact when your guests walk in the room – and that element of surprise will win you points in the home decor department.

Of course, if you’re on a budget, try to splurge with a new high-end decorative bathroom vanity faucet.

Not many people judge the toilet selection you have – almost all toilets look the same – except for these stunning toilet seats – oh my gosh! You can really perk up any bathroom with them.

Focus on the faucet and choose a high-end feature to spice up the room. Place some plain white or neutral tiles wall colors behind the faucet to make it look extremely elegant while you’re at it.

Finally, pay attention to your towels. Be sure and replace your dull, discolored and overbleached white towels. You don’t want your bathroom looking chintzy now, do you?

Moreso, try adding some colorful luxury bathroom towels. It’s always amazing what some colorful, soft, and well-made towels will do to any bathroom decor.

Go buy some crisp, clean linens to hang on your towel rack in the bathroom – you know, the ones you typically find in a hotel.

7 – Update Your Laundry Room For Added Appeal

Now, this last home décor tip is mostly for you – not for your guests.

Many of us tend to forget our laundry rooms when we redo our home décor. Since we spend a lot of time in them, they deserve our attention even more so.  

More importantly, don’t neglect the laundry room just because it’s your least favorite place to visit in the house.

For example, paint it a fun color, add some creative rugs, and put some artwork up on those walls.

That way, you’ll have something nice to look at while your washing and folding your clothes.

When you improve your home decor, the laundry room is one place you must not forget.

 Improve Your Home Decor

Meanwhile, I hope you were able to glean some great ideas to improve your home décor. It’s always so exciting updating and redecorating our homes, isn’t it?

How to Improve Your Home Decor in 7 Easy Ways  - Sassy Townhouse Living

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