Fleetwood Mac Called This Breathtaking $50 Million Mansion Home

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Did you know that some of Fleetwood Mac band members all lived together in the same home? It’s not a stretch to envision they did. When it comes to this band’s creative genius, you can see why they chose to call this breathtaking $50 million mansion home.

Now, you can take a tour of the home that helped inspire their music. And features a secret hidden speakeasy as well as some famous inhabitants! Plus, this mansion also appeared in some of the biggest movies and TV shows.

Fleetwood Mac

Fleetwood Mac Band Members Breathtaking Mansion Up For Sale

Once inside, you can see why Fleetwood Mac chose to live in this inspiring $50 million dollar mansion. Currently, it’s one of Santa Monica’s most famous homes, and it’s up for sale. Given its historical past and famous occupants, the asking price makes sense.

Since its inception in 1932, director and actor Henry Jaglom inhabited the villa. And most recently, Vice Media head Shane Smith, Smith spent millions updating the amenities and preserved many historical features of the home.

Fleetwood Mac

Surrounded By Acres Of Greenery And Guest Homes

Interestingly, several members of Fleetwood Mac called this mansion home for many years. It’s easy to see why. With acres of greenery and beautiful guest homes on the property, the mansion met the band’s needs perfectly.

More so, the breathtaking mansion also appeared in HBO’s Entourage and the setting for the climactic shootout in Beverly Hills Cop. We imagine any property Stevie Nicks lived in had to have an air of mysticism and architectural fairytale influence.

Additionally, the property features a massive swimming pool measuring 74 feet and a pool house and wood-fired pizza oven. It’s easy to imagine the band members of Fleetwood Mac creating some magical tunes while relaxing eating pizza. Plus, with lush grounds, you know privacy never concerned the band.

With an abundance of natural light, this Mediterranean-style mansion features eight bedrooms, two guest houses, a 74-foot pool and pool house, and many other amenities. Between both guest houses and the main estate, there are 12 bedrooms and 13 baths. And altogether, measure a total of 14,000 square feet of living space.

Of course, there an air of mystical meetings and parties in this mansion as well. The spacious library holds the house’s secret: behind the books is the onyx-walled speakeasy. There is also a secret staircase that descends to the mansion’s wine cellar.

Interestingly, this mansion construction took place during the time of the U.S. ban on alcohol. This mansion also displays its Spanish/Moroccan design as well. And it features an open two-story entrance with Moroccan-style stairs with ceramic tile and white oak.

You Can See Stevie’s Style In Every Room

It doesn’t take much imagination to visualize Stevie Nicks’ shoe collection in her bedroom, either.

Stevie Nicks Tidbit! Did you know Stevie Knicks, lead singer for Fleetwood Mac, has a crippling fear of catching the coronavirus? She stated she has a fear the virus would leave her hoarse and ruin her voice. “I have put a magical shield around me because I am not going to give up the last eight years – what I call my last youthful years – of doing this,” she vows. “I want to be able to pull up those black velvet platform boots and put on my black chiffon outfit and twirl onto a stage again.”  

More so, you can see the renovations at work in the kitchen. With plenty of counter space, marble galore, and updated appliances, it’s a dreamy place to create new tunes while enjoying a meal.

Fleetwood Mac Epic Influence

Every foyer in this mansion gives off a mystical and creative vibe of its own. You can picture the band’s influence in every room. Fleetwood Mac spent several years enjoying the beauty of both the interior and exterior of this majestic home.

Moreover, you can also see the updates hard at work in one of the bathrooms. You can imagine Fleetwood Mac found inspiration in every room of this majestic mansion. You can hear Stevie’s haunting voice echoing off the walls of this bathroom while she relaxed in her tub.

While the interior of this Fleetwood Mac previously owned mansion is for sale, it will make the new owners extremely happy knowing the history of this home now includes their name as well. The majestic grounds of this home now echo the voice of one of the greatest rock bands in history. Currently the most expensive home in the area, Villa Ruchello is listed by Santiago Arana of The Agency, Beverly Hills.

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Photo credits: Jacob Burghart and Cris Nolasco

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