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DIY Beekeeping: 3 Essential Steps To Take Before Raising Bees At Home

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DIY Beekeeping: 3 Essential Steps To Take Before Raising Bees At Home

You might be thinking, Bee Keeping? Really? I’ve always wanted to harvest my own honey. I’ve seen so many folks in PA near to where I live that are raising bees at home themselves. I think it’s a fun and amazing hobby, and it’s great for the earth and the bees too! I have done some research and keeping all the information I find because I know someday, even if it’s a small hive, I’d love to be raising bees at home myself. You can even purchase your own basic beekeepers started kit on Amazon

Raising Bees At Home

Thankfully, more folks than ever are raising bees at home! 

It may still be winter, but before long, spring will emerge, making it the perfect time to take on a new and exciting eco-friendly endeavor, such as urban DIY beekeeping. In fact, the USDA reports that as of 2014, the number of colonies managed by human beekeepers was at the highest it has been in 20 years, meaning that humans are certainly capable of helping the dwindling honeybee population to thrive. But if you’re interested in raising your own bees at home, it’s critical to prepare properly. Here are just a few simple ways to help prepare yourself for all the responsibilities of DIY beekeeping.

Learn Everything You Can

No, you don’t have to be an expert on the subject prior to just getting started. However, you should take the initiative to educate yourself regarding the absolute essentials — and then some.

“Sustainability of honeybee hives is a hot topic and one that has been very discouraging in recent years. It’s important that beekeepers are educated about issues with beehives, like mites, hive beetles, wax moths, Colony Collapse Disorder, Nosema, and other diseases,” Brian Peterson-Roest, founder of Bees in the D, told Allison Saunders of Quicken Loans.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed just thinking about all there is to learn, or if you’re more of a hands-on learner, it can be significantly beneficial to find an experienced beekeeper in your area who’s willing to take you on as a sort of apprentice to help you gain experience. Before long, you’ll be ready to take on beekeeping endeavors of your very own.

 Raising Bees At Home

Invest In Proper Equipment

Having high-quality equipment is important with beekeeping colonies of any size, with ‘equipment’ referring both to beekeeping apparel and actual beehive management tools. The global clothing and textile industry are currently worth an estimated $2.560 trillion, and Peterson-Roest touts the importance of protective clothing so as not to harm or disturb the bees during your daily monitoring activities.

This includes not only a beekeeping suit, veil, and hat, but protective gloves as well. Of course, these protective items also help prevent stings, so it’s only logical to suit up for your new hobby. Raising bees at home is no simple task and you should always wear the right gear! 

Raising Bees At Home

Understand Time Dedication

Finally, it’s important to be realistic about the time commitment beekeeping requires. While time commitments do vary depending on both colony sizes and personal beekeeper preference, Peterson-Roest suggests beekeeping beginners inspect their hives at least once every two weeks to make sure there are no pest infestations and that the queen is laying her eggs as usual.

Ultimately, beekeeping is certainly a worthwhile task that can benefit the Earth in more ways than many people realize. Beekeeping can also allow you to access your own sweet and delicious raw organic honey whenever your heart desires. But with that in mind, it’s essential to be realistic about beekeeping demands before you get started.

Raising Bees At Home

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DIY Beekeeping 3 Essential Steps To Take Before Raising Bees At Home - Sassy Townhouse Living

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