Kitchen Island – Consider The Pros And Cons Of Having One

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When you visit people’s homes and wander into their kitchens, the first thing you might notice is whether they have a kitchen island or not. Kitchen islands are not an absolute necessity but can have many advantages in owning one. Here are both some advantages and some disadvantages to having a kitchen island.

Kitchen Island

Kitchen Islands – Worth it? Or Not

When we bought this townhouse, one of the first features I fell in love with was the stunning kitchen island. It set the tone for the entire bottom floor and added a whole new functionality to the kitchen. 

When purchasing or remodeling your kitchen, your first order of business is deciding if you want a kitchen island, and if so, what layout. There are open or closed concepts and a variety of layout options as well. 

Some layout options are:

  1. U-Shaped – U-Shaped kitchens are a lot more common in older homes as well as in smaller residences. These layouts utilize three walls or cabinet sections and are great for storage space as well. 
  2. L-Shaped – The L-Shaped layout is a very smart design and perfect for small and medium-sized kitchens. Its versatile shape consists of countertops on two adjoining walls that are perpendicular which forms the L shape. The L Shape is perfect for eliminating traffic plus, you can easily add dining space and work zones too. 
  3. One-Wall or Pullman – This layout is most found in studio or loft spaces because it’s the ultimate space-saver. Many of the modern designs do include a kitchen island as well. 
  4. Galley – The Galley layout is considered a lean layout and is also perfect for smaller kitchens. It is characterized by two walls that sit in opposition to each other. Galley layouts make the best use of every square inch of kitchen space and are great for the budget too. 

Here’s a beautiful example of a Galley Kitchen. Installing a kitchen island might not work for your space and that’s why it’s important to research and make sure it’s worth the investment. 

Kitchen Island

In this Galley style kitchen below, a kitchen island wouldn’t be a viable option. Remember, not every kitchen is designed to have an island and you can end up wasting valuable space as well. 

Kitchen Island


One of the most functional aspects of kitchen islands is their multiple possibilities for storage—whether open or closed, drawers or shelves, or many other options. While it’s true that a kitchen island takes up space, it is also true that you can maximize that space to your advantage. Make sure you get as much storage space as your kitchen island allows, putting the clutter behind doors and drawers if you can.

Kitchen Island


When deciding whether to put in a kitchen island, one of the considerations is seating. Sometimes the kitchen only has space for either an island or a kitchen table, so what are you to do if you want to be able to eat in the kitchen?

A solution to that problem is adding seating to the island. Whether that means adding a lower level of the countertop for regular chairs or simply using bar stools—that is up to you are your family’s needs.


The best part of a kitchen island is that you can have a second sink or a second stovetop, or simply more counter space. Other ideas include installing a special shelf for a microwave in the island so it’s child-height or a pop-up shelf for a mixer or food processor.

This way, you don’t have to haul it out every time you want to use it. As long as the sink, stovetop, or counter space fits into the “kitchen triangle” near the oven and the refrigerator, you can always enjoy these extra amenities.

Kitchen Island

While a kitchen island can add so much to your home, consider how it will either work or not work in your particular kitchen. If you find that an island is something you can’t live without, by all means, make sure that it will be an asset rather than a liability for the room.

You can also look online for some interesting kitchen island ideas, even out of the box ideas, and make your kitchen a room you are happy to use.

Kitchen Island
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Kitchen Island – Consider The Pros And Cons Of Having One - Sassy Townhouse Living

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