Trendy Jean Styles And What You Need To Know

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All of us would agree that buying a new pair of jeans can seem at times like a herculean task. When it comes to trendy jean styles, it’s important to know what you are in for shopping for some of the latest fashion in denim.

More so, our jeans are expensive! We want our trendy jean styles to last for years and love them more as they wear into ultimate comfort too.

So, let’s check out some denim styles and see what’s out there as well as some style we can’t live without.

Trendy Jean Styles

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Trendy Jean Styles Can Last For Decades

The media convinces us that the jeans we bought last year are already out of style the next year.

The media convinces us that the jeans we bought last year are already out of style the next year.

Yet, at the same time, they tell us how nostalgic jean trends from the past are coming back in style again.

Does this mean eventually every trendy jean style you buy will eventually make it back in style again? I guess so!

Even with new trends of denim setting in, we do not feel like saying goodbye to our old ones. Or even better, stepping in new ones that give us an uncomfortable vibe.  

We would like to tell you that it is not that hard after all. You can easily experience the jean trend evolution and not have to spend a fortune either.

With a little bit of effort and updating a few pairs of trendy new jeans, you can be a part of that evolution too.

We love pairing our favorite jeans with some chic and stylish jewelry too! And, best of all, not appear outdated when you step out with your friends.

Digging Into The Latest Jean Trends

After digging into the latest styles and trends, we brewed the information together share some style advice for the trendy women out there. This will help you know what the new trend is and what style of jeans to invest in.  

Whether you are looking to completely revamp your style or just looking to add a few new pairs to your wardrobe, adding new jeans always perks up your style.

Below, you’ll find various types of denim wash colors to choose from:

  • Raw & Dark Wash
  • Medium Wash
  • Light Wash
  • Acid Wash
  • Black & Grey Denim
  • White Denim
  • Colored Denim
  • Distressed Wash
  • Shibori Wash – Tie-Dyed Denim
  • Whiskering Wash – gives a worn-out look to jeans
Trendy Jean Styles

Straight Leg Jeans – Timeless Style Versatile Fit

Straight fit or skinny fit jeans are extremely popular and rightfully so. This style still dominates the jean market continuing with the best-selling sales for the past two years.

Ideally, everyone enjoys wearing them and their unisex design is perfect for crossover sales in both markets.

Additionally, you’ll be happy to discover this trend isn’t going anywhere for the upcoming year as well.

First, you should determine the type of denim wash color you prefer, this way, you can easily target your favorite pair when shopping.

Then, you can decide if you prefer low, high, or medium waist jeans as well as tight or lose-fit styles.

For example, these high-rise Marilyn High Waist Stretch Straight Leg Jeans are very popular this year and very comfortable as well.

Conversely, these CITIZENS OF HUMANITY Low Rise Racer Slim Jeans are very much in style with a higher price point as well.

Embroidered Jeans – A Trendy Jean Styles Comeback!

More so, embroidered denim made a comeback after years and is probably a result of designers wanting to add some missing feminine touch to the denim.

The embroidered style typically presents on the front pockets, down the front of the jeans or formed in patches.

Affordably priced and the perfect example of this style trending again – the beautiful and femme Celestial Blue Distressed Pearl Embroidered Jeans.

These types of trendy jean styles hit the market hard this year. And, we don’t see them disappearing anytime soon, either.

Image: Macy’s.com

High-Rise Jeans Are Back!

Highrise jeans typically sit higher or above he hips and rest above the navel.

Additionally, they are the perfect solution when you want to wear a crop top, tee or blouse, and do not want your tummy exposed.

For example, a perfect example of these iconic high-rise jeans is these 501® Skinny Women’s Jeans.

The brand customized them by adding all the benefits of our loved skinny leg jeans resulting in the perfect combo.

Image: Levi.com

The Baggy Wide-Leg Is Back With A Vengeance!

Baggy wide-leg jeans are back in style! And, we are glad they are back to the top of the A-list.

More so, they are not only comfortable in every way but also perfect for flaunting footwear and belts too.

With wide legs from the knees to the ankles, you get both comfort and style. And, because they end just above the ankle, you get to show off your new foot-ware as well.

For example, these LEVI’S® Ribcage Super High Waist Wide Leg Jeans are the perfect way to ease yourself back into these trendy jean styles.

Trendy Jean Styles Now Include The Side Split

These side split jeans are perfect for showing off the innermost sexy you as well as flaunting your favorite footwear in style.

In other words, these jeans feature splits up the sides of the inseam and available in a multitude of shapes and styles.

These stylish Emmy Split Hem Boot Cut Jeans are the perfect example of the split side jean. They feature 13″ at the knee and breaks to 14″ at the leg opening.

If you are in the market for a unique pair of jeans, these are them!

Jeans With Hem Details

These jeans have a little detailing at the hem offering something extra. Detailing can be a ribbon, feathers, or just a raw look at the hem.

Additionally, the jeans offer a casual and stylish look and they are available in a variety of styles as well.

Who wouldn’t love these FRAME High-Rise Skinny Jeans w/ Triangle Hem jeans? They feature the perfect amount of hem detail and perfect for dress-up or down with a cute pair of your favorite shoes.

Trendy Jean Styles
Image: mylistatbloomingdales.com

Ribbon Or Tuxedo Style Jeans

These super cute jeans called The Ribbon or Tuxedo style to create a slimming look and are extremely trendy right now.

They feature a ribbon down the outseams and inspired by the ribbons girls use to tie their hair with.

These jeans offer a little twist on the classic jeans and offer a fresh and springy look.

Below, you can see an example of these super-slick jeans with the added drama of the side-stripe called INC Embellished-Stripe Skinny Jeans.

Your fave skinny jeans have never looked so glam. I.N.C. International Concepts’ dials up the drama on this slightly faded pair with a shimmering side stripe detail.

Trendy Jean Styles
Image: Macy’s.com

Wasn’t that fun? It’s always exciting discovering new trendy jean styles and treating yourself to a well-deserved pair or two!

Trendy Jean Styles And What You Need To Know - Sassy Townhouse Living

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