Text From Your Computer With Mightytext for Android

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Text From Your Computer With Mightytext for Android 

Text From Your Computer With Mightytext for Android - Sassy Townhouse Living

Are you a Droid user? Then this Chrome extension is for you! Mightytext allows you to text from any device and send & receive SMS and MMS from your computer or tablet, using your current Android phone number. Messages stay in sync with your phone’s SMS inbox. Plus, have full control over all of your photos, video with ease and much more! 

Once I started using Mightytext there was no turning back. It’s a Chrome extension that packs a punch when it comes to features and functionality. You can reply and create text message right from your computer, manage photos, and videos, make phone calls from your browser and much more! 

Here are some of the powerful features: 

Phone Notifications on your Computer
* Never miss notifications from apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Instagram.
* You can even dismiss them right from your desktop. 

Awesome photo & video syncing
* Instantly & securely store photos & videos taken from your phone to your computer or tablet.
* Dead simple, 1-click photo sharing. Apply Instagram-like filters and effects too.


Once you use Mightytext there’s no turning back! I’ve been using Mightytext for over a year now and it’s simply the best. Be sure to watch the how-to video below! 

Free Version of Mightytext Tutorial 

Click HERE for step-by-step video instruction of each feature.

Let’s talk about their Pro Version! The folks over at Mightytext are currently offering a 15% discount on the pro version – just apply the code – mighty-15 – when you check your order out. Take a look at all the additional powerful features and functionality you get! 

Go Pro with Mightytext

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