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Stay Cool Outdoors With The Newair Outdoor Misting Fan

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Summers can be brutal in PA. I love spending time outdoors enjoying my patio, but when it’s too hot, how can you enjoy it? Do you feel the same? How can you spend time enjoying a BBQ if you feel like you are being BBQ’ed too?!

I knew there had to be a more productive and carefree way to enjoy sitting on my front porch or back patio comfortably in the summer heat.

We are about to have a family BBQ next week and it was the perfect timing for this Newair Outdoor Misting Fan to arrive into my life. I’ve been outdoors nearly every day now and we are finally enjoying our outdoor space as the summer heat and humidity is a non-issue! 

Be sure to check out the discount code! Enter the word MIST and receive a 40% discount! This code is good until August 30th, 2017! 

Newair Outdoor Misting Fan

It was super easy to put together – and that’s a feature I always appreciate. It took all of a few minutes and was easy as can be! 

Newair Outdoor Misting Fan
Newair Outdoor Misting Fan

Find relief during hot and dry weather with the Newair AF-600 18-Inch Outdoor Misting Fan. The refreshing misting function provides a gentle breeze, with a fine mist of water that leaves you feeling refreshed.

Plus, it’s compatible with a standard 0.75-inch garden hose, this misting fan sets up easily with the equipment you already have in your yard. Turn the misting feature off if you prefer to use only the fan for cooling.


  • Beautiful bronze fan blades & design
  • Oscillating fan & adjustable tilt option circulates air & mist evenly
  • Provides cool, refreshing mist
  • Slim, lightweight design that can fit almost anywhere on your patio
  • Three-speed options & adjustable height for optimal comfort
  • Use as dry or misting fan

All you need is your garden hose and you are ready to experience the most cooling breeze ever! Your garden hose connects in seconds and all you do is turn it on and the cooling begins.

 Newair Outdoor Misting Fan

Be sure to watch my video below detailing everything from the unboxing to the demo!

I appreciate how easy this misting fan is to use. All you do is pull the cord in the back and adjust the three speeds.

Newair Outdoor Misting Fan

The fine mist of water feels so very refreshing on a hot summer’s day. If you want to get really drenched you can sit closer. 

The Newair Outdoor Misting Fan

Safety Features!

Rest easy knowing that the Newair AF-600 18-Inch Outdoor Misting Fan comes with several safety features built-in for added peace of mind. A leakage protection device helps to shut the fan off at the first sign of a potential water leak, and the GFCI plug works with a standard 120V three-prong outlet.

I love sharing my exciting new product discoveries with you so be sure to check out this Newair Outdoor Misting Fan (link to purchase on Amazon)  know you will love it as much as I do! 

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How To Stay Cool Outdoors With The Newair Outdoor Misting Fan - Sassy Townhouse Living

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