4 Best New Products We Love You Need To See

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Every month, we love sharing with you some of the best new products we test and fall in love with instantly. We think you’ll love them too. Some months, we had several new products, and this month, we discovered four we had to share. Whether it’s our skincare favorites or something yummy to enjoy, we take them for a deep test drive, so you know what to expect.

 Best New Products

Why We Love Sharing Some Of Our Best New Products With You

First, it’s so exciting to discover some of the best new products because we never know what to expect when shopping online. Of course, we test them for weeks to ensure their quality and usefulness. We provide you with comprehensive reviews, images, and our experience beforehand.

In this article, you’ll discover four products we know you’ll want to try too. We realized reading a few sentences about products wasn’t enough. We know shoppers expect more before purchasing. Furthermore, that’s why we do a deep dive to provide you with enough information so you can decide before you buy.

Below, you’ll find a few of the best new products and why we flipped over this month.

Best New Products

1 – CHI Haircare – Clean Haircare For All

All haircare products are not the same, and our expectations change over time. For example, shoppers demand cruelty-free products with recyclable materials and clean and environmentally friendly ingredients. In addition, we want haircare products targeted to our specific needs.

After using these new and exciting haircare products from CHI, we found everything we hoped for in a shampoo and conditioner. We chose VolumeCare to boost volume and add nourishment. And it does this all without weighing down your hair.

CHI Haircare uses all-natural ingredients with a gentle formula that increases hair volume. So if you have thin, fine, straight, or flat hair, it’s a perfect fit. You’ll experience extra body and boost. Plus, it balances hair moisture to leave hair feeling soft, smooth, and touchable without weighing it down.  

Haircare Products from CHI

Product Benefits:

  • Increases volume in thin, fine, straight, or flat hair for extra body and boost.
  • Balances moisture to leave hair feeling soft, smooth, and touchable without weighing it down
  • Key Ingredient: Aloe Vera, which is popularly known as nature’s natural moisturizing agent, contains a vast amount of essential nutrients, amino acids, and vitamins
  •  Offers excellent conditioning properties, moisture, and protection to hair
  • Key Ingredient: Lilac – Known for its sweet floral scent, energizes hair at the roots. It helps to moisturize, smooth, and repair hair and enhance shine

Of course, you’ll find their haircare products without sulfates, parabens, or glutens, and they are cruelty-free. Plus, they feature recyclable packaging, which is always a win-win! I love using it every day, and within a few days, my hair never looked or felt better and fuller.

Haircare Formulas For All Hair Types

More importantly, make sure you check out all four of their formulas. All products are available on the CHI website and Amazon.

1 – CHI HydrateCare – Hydrating Shampoo & HydrateCare – Hydrating Conditioner – Balances Hair Moisture and Superior Protection Against Damage and Hair Breakage

2 – CHI ShineCare – Smoothing Shampoo &  ShineCare – Smoothing Conditioner – Controls humidity and frizz, smoothing hair for brilliant shine

3 – CHI CurlyCare – Curl Shampoo & CurlyCare – Curl Conditioner – Restores moisture and shine while defining and enhancing curl pattern

4 –CHI VolumeCare – Volumizing Shampoo & – VolumeCare – Volumizing Conditioner Boost volume, adding nourishment without weighing hair down.

5 – CHI ColorCare – Color Lock Shampoo & ColorCare – Color Lock Conditioner – Maintains vibrant color and strengthens hair between salon services

6 – CHI CleanCare – Clarifying Shampoo – Cleanses and purifies the scalp while maintaining hair’s natural oils

2 – Mosaic the Label – Some Best New Products We Are Proud To Feature

Im about to share an uplifting and beautiful story about a brand dedicated to an empowering and diverse story about lifestyle products for the ethnically and racially diverse. Ideally, the world needs to take a few lessons from this brand and remember; we are all one regardless of our ethnicity.

Mosaic the Label, located in New York, is an online store founded by a biracial female entrepreneur and mother that strives to empower and uplift other mixed minorities. Moreover, by creating a space for carefully created products for those who want to find and solidify their place as mixed-race in a world that often asks us to “just pick one.”

This brand creates for mixed kids, by mixed kids. They design lifestyle products for the ethnically and racially diverse. Lovingly, they wanted to ensure their daughter saw her whole self reflected in the world around her. So, they set out to create a space where diverse individuals (and those who love them) can show pride in their background.

More importantly, they do this by creating products designed just for them–all parts of them, not just “the good side.” We love this brand and all they create and stand for, and of course, some of the best new products we discovered this year.

Furthermore, you’ll discover so many fun and exciting things on their website to use and wear proudly. They sell everything from apparel, jewelry, stickers, pins, and gift sets! We adore their line of clothing, and their t-shists are fun, stylish, and have kickass quotes and sayings.

Best New Products

Mosaic the Label – MixToon Hoodie: Mixed ‘Rnold And Ampersand (&) Crewneck Sweatshirt

To begin, we chose two fun, comfortable, stylish hoodies and perfect for any time of year. First, we fell in love with this nostalgic 90’s era cartoons but with a mixed twist! This MixToon Hoodie: Mixed ‘Rnold features a fun and comfortable design perfect for boosting your mood and giving you the comfort you need.

Mosaic the Lable transformed some of your favorite characters with a mixed makeover complete with tan/brown skin shades and beautifully textured hair. So whether you love the 90s, are mixed, or happen to be both- you’ll love their new MixToon hoodies.

  • Unisex
  • Generous fit (your regular size will be slightly oversized)
  • Color options: Gunmetal Heather
  • Embroidered design
  • 70% Cotton/30% Polyester
  • 10 oz (330 gm) cotton/polyester blend 3-end fleece
  • Features a fleece lined hood, heavy gauge round drawcord, nickel eyelets, 1×1 ribbing at cuffs and waistband, tagless

Furthermore, their custom designs feature embroidery directly into their heavyweight, thick hoodies. And they have a generous, relaxed fit we all can appreciate.

Ampersand (&) Crewneck Sweatshirt

Next, we fell instantly in love with their Ampersand (&) Crewneck Sweatshirt. This stylish sweatshirt represents our “andness”; the ability to live in the in-between. Moreover, you’ll find it perfect for those chilly days and nights any time of year. And perfect for gifting to our beloved friends and family. More so, you’ll appreciate the unisex design and comfortable stretch for a comfortable fit.

  • Unisex
  • Black
  • Screenprinted design
  • Premium 450GM heavyweight cross-grain crew
  • Body panels are cut Cross-Grain with double ribbing side panels that add stretch for a comfortable fit
  • 100% cotton ribbing at the cuffs, waistband, and side panel

Additionally, remember to head over to Mosaic the Label, spread the love, and check out their other designs too. We are proud to feature some of their best new products for you to enjoy. Remember, they make perfect birthday and holiday gifts for anyone in your love circle.

3 – The A Method –  C Antioxidant Gel 20%

After using products from The A Method for over a year, we are excited to share with you C Antioxidant Gel 20%. If you want to see results in the overall texture, tone, and youthfulness of your skin, these products are a must-have for your beauty routine.

For those of you who don’t know, Dr. Alster is a world-recognized leader in dermatologic laser surgery and has published hundreds of articles and eight textbooks on the subject. She received her B.S. and M.D. degrees with the highest honors from Duke University and completed her dermatology residency at Yale University.

Furthermore, the A Method aims to simplify skincare so you can feel more confident about the products you choose to protect and restore your skin. Their mission is to provide Derm-Quality skin care in the comfort of your home.

In addition, the daily use of C Antioxidant Gel 20% can help prevent free radical exposure that can lead to loss of skin elasticity, skin darkening, and wrinkles. After a few weeks, my skin looks brighter, and my skin tone looks even and more youthful.

More importantly, antioxidant care is critical to maintaining the skin’s youthful appearance. Conversely, free radical damage is a significant cause of premature skin aging. Daily use of C Antioxidant Gel 20% can help prevent free radical exposure. Moreover, this can lead to unwanted visible effects on the skin due to loss of skin elasticity, skin darkening, and signs of premature aging.

The A Method –  C Antioxidant Gel 20%


  • Water-free formulation ensures product stability, efficacy, and shelf-life
  • Antioxidant defense against aesthetic flaws associated with free radical damage
  • Helps brighten and restore more even-looking skin tone
  • Lightweight texture absorbs quickly
  • Formulated with lipid-soluble vitamin C for better absorption

Likewise, it’s easy to use. All you do is apply to your face, neck, and décolleté twice daily. Regarding some of The A Method’s best new products, we highly recommend C Antioxidant Gel 20%.

4 – Liquor Whaaat Cream Filled Beavers

Now, for some fun and delicious treats, you can’t resist! These Liquor Whaaat Cream Filled Beavers are a chocolate and cream lover’s dream come true. Inside the box, you’ll experience six Belgian chocolate beavers with a decadent cream filling. The two flavors in each box will satisfy any chocolate lover’s cravings.

Additionally, they are fun to eat and unique in flavor, and delicious and creamy! But, warning, once they enter your home, don’t expect them to last long. And don’t forget to put them on your shopping list for holidays and special occasions. Everyone will love them, and we are proud to feature them on our best new products list this year.

So, there you have it. We loved sharing four of our best new products with you this month and know you’ll love them too!

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