Super Bowl Party Ideas You Need To Know About

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Looking for some exciting and fun Super Bowl party ideas for your friends and family? Today, we are sharing some of the best ideas for your next big bash!

More so, planning a party takes hard work and creative thinking. And if you are looking for some out of the box ideas, we have them!

Planning ahead for your next Super Bowl party will also give you something fun to do during these challenging times! It’s always a great idea to prepare ahead and in return, you’ll have a successful party!

Super Bowl party ideas

Choosing The Winning Team!

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Almost considered an American holiday, the Super Bowl continues to grow in popularity. Every year, millions celebrate and look for Super Bowl party ideas

Additionally, this year’s Super Bowl LIV drew in over 113 million viewers across the world. But it’s also a huge day to host a celebratory party.

According to the National Retail Association, Americans spent around $14 billion celebrating the Super Bowl,

In addition, the goal is to keep the game itself in mind and keep the theme running throughout. Yes, we love all of the and decorations but in the end, it’s the spirit of the game that matters.  

If you love betting the game with your family and friends, it’s even more exciting. After all, choosing the winning team allows you to gloat all year long!

Some sites already have Super Bowl futures odds posted which many come to rely upon when choosing their team.  

Interestingly, it shows the Kansas City Chiefs and the Baltimore Ravens as top candidates for the upcoming Super Bowl LV.

Unfortunately, this means finding a way to make KC’s yellow and red color scheme work with Baltimore’s purple and black color palette.

Super Bowl party ideas

Super Bowl Party Ideas – Decorating For Game Day

Whether you’ve thrown parties before or are new to hosting, decorating is one of the most important aspects of party planning.

After all, you want to set the mood for whatever theme you decide. For Super Bowl Sunday, football is obviously the theme du jour. And most chain and mom-and-pop retailers will offer plenty in terms of decoration.

Some quick ideas include:

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Practical Aspects Of Decorating

However, what’s most important is the practical aspect of decoration. Since your home decor includes your existing furniture, you’ll need to plan the practical aspects of decorating.

Moreover, positioning your home in such a way to provide optimal comfort for your guests and focused around your TV screen.

Since activity mainly centers around a TV screen, make sure to centralize seating. This way your guests can feel comfortable without feeling squished or blocking anyone else’s view.

For example, provide enough standing room for those guests that don’t want to sit. Especially since some guests may feel a little antsy and want to pace if a game comes down the wire.

There are two final Super Bowl party ideas to offer the first-time Super Bowl Sunday party-thrower.

The first: make sure you tuck away the fine china somewhere safe. Some guests may feel antsy and want to pace, but others may be outright ecstatic about something as minor as a completed pass.

The second: make a ‘relaxed space’ for the tranquil viewers to have a conversation with someone else or escape the pandemonium. Remember that some guests will be glued to the TV, uninterested in casual conversation so long as the clock is running.

Some are only there for the half-time show and commercials. And others may be brand new to Super Bowls or football altogether and have no idea what they’re in store for. Plan accordingly.

Super Bowl Party Ideas – Feeding The Masses

Interestingly, for the last Super Bowl Sunday, Postmates in California sent out over 450 burrito bowls to LA residents, Shake Shack sent out over 400 orders in New York City, and over 2,500 orders of cheese fries delivered in Chicago.

In particular, Chipotle Mexican Grill made a killing on SB Sunday, along with Taco Bell and Shake Shack. These numbers summarize the taste palette many expect at a football viewing party: a mix between Mexican and American fare.

Not only are there foods that are synonymous with football and American sports culture in general, but there are foods that are inseparable from a successful Super Bowl Sunday viewing party.

Unsurprisingly, these are plates like chips and easy to make Salsa dip. You can also make a Delicious Colorful Rainbow Salsa too!

Salsa Recipe

Super Bowl Party Ideas – Easy To Make Finger Foods

Of course, you’ll want to include nachos, burgers, wings, and plenty of desserts too. When it comes to catering to guests with dietary needs, always try and check-in with them a month in advance. Plain tortilla chips make a great base to use and complemented by whatever dips you serve.

For instance, look into these common dips as well and of course, you can invent your own as well. Some delicious ideas – chipotle salsa, regular salsa (with a raw tomato base), mango or another fruity salsa, bean dip, cheese dip, and guacamole. Leave these out and refill as needed.

Nachos, another versatile snack, and perfect for planning ahead, have a variety of toppings as well. You can use plain tortilla chips with shredded cheese, onion, pepper, olives, beans, shredded chicken, chopped beef, sour cream and salsa, then popping into the oven. Wait to add the fresher toppings until taken out. Alter the ingredients as needed.

Moreover, burgers and wings are also a great staple for a Super Bowl Party. Wings, in particular, associated with sports watching, make the perfect Super Bowl party ideas for feeding the masses.

The most common glazes are spicy and honey mustard, though barbecue and mild glazes are also popular. Set out some celery and carrot with wings for a pro touch.

Fine Tuning Your Super Bowl Food

Desserts are another chance to customize the party, with many hosts choosing to reflect the competing teams through colorful glazes and designs that can top some delicious chocolate brownie cookies, cakes, or buns.

For all of the foods listed above, the most important thing is for food to be a ‘finger food’, meaning there’s little to no cutlery involved, and that the food is available for eating while watching.

For example, you’ll want a large coffee table in your living room, where food can displayed for people to pick at while they watch. Don’t forget to leave out plenty of napkins.

Preparing for the Half-Time Show & Commercials

Above all, you’ll find some guests will watch TV the whole time while others may be there just to socialize. Be sure to record the game so you can rewind essential moments.

Typically, commercials and the half-time show are worth creating memories for your Super Bowl party ideas. Companies and franchises will spend the whole year preparing commercials that viewers will discuss and rate among themselves. Consider incorporating these commercials into your party for an elevated experience.

Additionally, you’ll want to hype up the half-time show. This is also a great time to refresh drinks and make sure those Super Bowl snack bowls are full. During the party, be sure to bring everyone together to celebrate even those cheering for opposing teams.

And don’t forget to enjoy yourself! If possible, try to take a late start at work the next morning. Charged and exciting events, Super Bowl parties may require quite a bit of clean up too.

Super Bowl party ideas
Super Bowl Party Ideas You Need To Know About - Sassy Townhouse Living

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