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10 Door Knockers That Will Beautify Your Entryway (No Hardware Install)

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Did you know the history of door knockers dates back thousands of years to ancient Greece? And since then, they have evolved into extraordinary and much loved home decor embellishments for your entryway.

Actually, while the evolution of door knockers continues to widen, today, their meaning and use have changed. Door knockers make a wonderful addition to any entryway and add a way to beautify the front of our homes. And it’s exciting to discover how easy they are to install as well!

Door Knockers entryway

Door Knockers Perk Up Your Entryway

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Rather than focus on the history of door knockers, we are here to discover just how stunning they look! But instead, how you can easily add one to your entryway and completely change your curb appeal doing so.

Adding a door knocker to your front door makes a statement about your home. Actually, It’s a chic addition to any entry, and they range in prices from affordable to pricy.

In addition, did you know you can easily alternate them as well? When you use this easy method to add door knockers to your door, it’s a breeze swapping them out. Plus, with this no hardware install, you can use them on any entryway!

Below, you can see my stunning door knocker and learn how easy it is to install. And it’s perfect for folks who rent their homes or apartments too. Every one of these door knockers does come with hardware in case you decide to use it.

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1 – Celtic Greenman Green Man Door Knocker

If you love nature-themed decor, this Celtic Greenman Green Man Door Knocker is for you. Imagine how stunning this will look at your entryway, and it’s perfect for all year round. Plus, with loads of 5-start rating, it’s wildly popular! And it has a very affordable price of $17.63 as well.

2 – Wolf Moonlit Gargoyle Door Knocker

For animal lovers, this Wolf Moonlit Gargoyle Door Knocker lets the world know as well. Priced at $19.98, it’s also very affordable. The ball knocker at the base of the ring sets this one apart from all others. And it also has lots of 5-star ratings, which translates to happy customers. We always appreciate seeing such highly rated door knockers on Amazon!

3 – Antique Bronze Lion Head Door Knocker

Above all, Lion Head Door Knockers are wildly popular. The lion heads popularity dates back thousands of years. This Antique Bronze Lion Head Door Knocker will transport your front door back through the ages!

In fact, the lion head’s popularity began in the early 19th Century and continues to grow today. More so, it indicates a symbol of strength, pride, and protection, and power. And it’s the perfect addition to any door or entryway.

4 – Smiling Sunface Door Knocker

Adding this Hand Crafted Smiling Sunface Door Knocker to your entryway is the perfect way to perk up your home. Plus, it’s available in three finishes too. First, there’s the Brass Smiling Sunface Door Knocker, then, the Nickel Smiling Sunface Door Knocker, and finally, the Oiled Bronze Smiling Sunface Door Knocker.

Anyone you choose will surely brighten your entryway and act as a welcoming beacon for your friends and family.

Image Amazon: Brass Smiling Sunface Door Knocker

5 – Hummingbird Doorknocker

Similarly, need a little sweetness on your front door? This adorable Hummingbird Doorknocker makes the perfect addition. It’s particularly lovely for bird enthusiasts, or those of us love nature.

Door Knockers entryway
Image Amazon: Hummingbird Doorknocker

6 – Irish Brass Trinity Knot Door Knocker – Editor’s Pick!

This gorgeous Trinity Knot Door Knocker shines like a beacon for your home’s guests, admiring it for many years to come. Did you know for hundreds of years, the Celtic Trinity knot served as a symbol of equality and power?

In fact, the ancient Celtic people associated its four points with the forces of nature. The triad, earth, air, and water act as a significant symbol and carried great meaning. You can represent nature’s elements on your front door as a good luck charm too!

7 – Large Claddagh Brass Door Knockers

When it comes to symbols of luck and love, the Claddagh speaks volumes. This Large Claddagh Brass Door Knocker represents love shown by its heart. Because it features antique bronze plating, this door knocker stands up against weather and daily wear and tear, too.

For example, the beautiful Claddagh symbol door knocker beautifully showcases the three primary elements of the brand’s values: love, shown by a heart, friendship, by a pair of hands, and loyalty, as represented by a regal crown over the two.

Door Knockers entryway
Image Amazon: Large Claddagh Brass Door Knocker

8 – Solid Brass Sea Turtle Door Knocker

More so, if you really want to wow your neighbors, this stunning Solid Brass Sea Turtle Door Knocker will do the trick! If you’re going to bring your home luck, this door knocker will represent!

Additionally, did you know sea turtles symbolize patience, wisdom, and endurance? Mostly, they represent good luck, and as far as door knockers go, perfect for any entryway. Not only is this sea turtle colorful, adorable, and a good luck charm, it will last for years and years as well.

9 – Humpback Whale Tail Door Knocker

Instantly, you can bring wisdom, peaceful strength, and a sense of family and community to your home with this Humpback Whale Tail Door Knocker. Plus, available in Oiled Bronze as well, either one makes a fine addition. This stunning Whale door knocker will make a wonderful addition to any door in your home as well.

10 – Mystical Cheshire Cat Gargoyle Door Knocker

More so, for us cat lovers, this Mystical Cheshire Cat Gargoyle Door Knocker makes a fine addition to your front door. With its mystical and mysterious countenance, this Cheshire Cat gargoyle stares at you with his bewitching eyes.

In fact, even though the Cheshire Cats origins remain unknown, this grinning kitty will sit purrrfectly on your front door.

Door Knockers In Closing

In closing, I hope you get to add one of these door knockers to your entryway. I know you’ll love yours as much as I do mine. Plus, using the easy install method listed above, you’ll be able to install one yourself in minutes!

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