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If You Are A Nerd, You’ll Love These Super Geeky Podcasts

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You don’t have to be a nerd to love these super geeky podcasts but if you are, then you’ll especially love them. Over the last few years, podcasts have been growing rapidly in popularity in the U.S. and Canada. The good news is there are no signs that this will slow down any time soon.

After all, why zone out listening to music when you can listen to an educational or entertaining podcast while you’re taking a walk or commuting to work? You might just learn a thing or two, and that could dramatically lift up your day.

Geeky Podcasts

Because of this growth, it’s never been easier to find a podcast that fits your interests, whether you’re into the news, comedy, entertainment, education, or something super specific.

For example, my husband loves poker and loves listening to podcasts about poker. Aside from playing poker, he found a new way to learn and enjoy his favorite hobby. 

 Geeky Podcasts

You can find a podcast on your favorite TV show, games like Scrabble or poker, or even your favorite writing utensil: pens. Yes, there are podcasts dedicated entirely to a love of pens. If anything, this podcast growth has shown pen lovers everywhere that they’re not alone.

Geeky Podcasts

So no matter what you’re into, there’s probably a podcast out there on that subject. (And if not, take this opportunity to start your own podcast! Just make sure you have the right equipment first.)

Super Geeky Podcasts

Here are some of the best podcasts out there that cater to a very specific audience:

My Favorite Murder

Although there’s a peaked interest in murder and serial killers, they have become more mainstream in recent years.  Partially thanks to TV shows like Mindhunter, Killing Eve, and True Detective.

My Favorite Murder still caters to a very specific audience: those who want to discuss, in detail, the murders and true crimes of the world. The show has even helped to normalize an interest in this subject.

Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark started My Favorite Murder in 2016 as a true crime comedy podcast. Their podcast now has tens of millions of downloads per month, and they even tour the country hosting live shows.

Each episode focuses on a specific murder or true crime story that Kilgariff and Hardstark discuss and analyze. They make sure that their episodes not only discuss the gory details but that they’re also educational.

The X-Files Files

There are plenty of podcasts that discuss TV shows, but it’s hard to beat The X-Files Files. So if you’re an X-Files nerd, you can’t miss this one.

The show is hosted by actor Kumail Nanjiani — who’s best known for The Big Sick and Silicon Valley — who, if you didn’t already know, is a huge X-Files fan. Each episode usually features Nanjiani and a special guest (usually a friend of his, but sometimes there’s a celebrity guest) discussing one or two X-Files episodes.

They’ll discuss what they liked and disliked, but they might also share some research they did into the episode, like fun facts.

Car Talk

Do you love to talk about cars or listen to other people’s car problems? Then Car Talk is the podcast for you.

Car Talk originally started as a call-in radio show, and it was hosted by two auto-mechanic brothers, Tom and Ray Magliozzi, from 1977 until 2012. All of the episodes are now available in podcast format, and NPR still broadcasts the show.

In addition to diagnosing callers’ car problems, the hosts also had celebrity guests on the show to mix things up. The show was well-known for its humor and wise-cracking remarks. This made it appealing even to those who weren’t typically interested in listening to two guys talk about cars. So even if you think this show isn’t your cup of tea, give it a shot.

The Sourdough Podcast

If you’ve got a passion for sourdough, look no further. Hosted by Mike Hilburn, this podcast documents his sourdough journey from when he first tasted fresh sourdough to when he began baking his own.

The podcasts discuss the science behind baking sourdough in addition to sharing insights from bakers, writers, and sourdough enthusiasts.

The episodes frequently feature stories from special guests, such as their relationships with sourdough and how it has changed their lives.

They also share recipes, equipment recommendations, book recommendations, and other resources on their website.

The Nerdist

It wouldn’t be right not to add The Nerdist Podcast to this list. It’s so popular, that most folks have heard about it subscribe to it. This podcast truly pioneered the “geek” podcast and has been and still is a major player. 

This show got so big they often feature more than just your typically geeky podcast favorites and A-list guests. With the likes of guests like Tom Hanks, Sara Jessica Parker and many more, the show continues to be a fan-favorite. 

If You Are A Nerd, You'll Love These Super Geeky Podcasts - Sassy Townhouse Living

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