10 Grooming Products For Men You Need To Check Out

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Let’s face it. Men and women often require different beauty products. At times, grooming products for men solve various issues than they do for women.

Remember, it doesn’t have to be Father’s Day or his birthday to treat him to something special he needs and loves. In fact, with millions of products on the market, it’s not always easy to choose. We’re going to help you sort through them with ten of our favorites.

Grooming Products For Men

Grooming Products For Men That Most Men Need

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So, how do I know which grooming products for men work best? Well, I married one, and after decades of purchasing his beauty products, I know!

In fact, he never buys his grooming products and always relies on me to get them. I don’t mind at all. Actually, I rather insist on shopping for them. By the way, I also shop for most all of his clothes as well.

After all, as a cosmetologist and skincare expert, I take pride in ensuring he has the best grooming products for men available. Yes, skincare product preferences differ, but when you read the reviews, you know what products work best.

With that said, let’s make a start.

1 – Manscaped Performance Package – Grooming Products For Men

We should start with the most needed and requested manscaping grooming product. Nose hair – two words with unsightly visuals! Plain and simple, every man (and women!) should not have long exposed nose hair. It’s like having spinach in your teeth, and no one tells you!

More so, there’s a simple solution to solve this unsightly dilemma. The Weed Whacker by Manscaped ensures those unsightly nose hairs disappear with ease.

This revolutionary electric nose hair trimmer features SkinSafe™ technology.  Plus, it has a powerful 600mAh li-ion battery. It cleans quickly and, it features a waterproof capability that allows a convenient wet or dry operation.

Additionally, one of the best grooming products for men called the Performance Package by Manscaped features everything a man needs in one kit. As far as grooming products for men go, this one you need to check out!

Also, the Performance Package bundles all the products as well as The Weed Whacker nose hair trimmer. It also includes Crop Preserver, Crop Reviver, and Magic Mats, plus a free Shed travel bag and free pair of anti-chafing boxers!

Note: Currently, due to their popularity, both products sold out, but be sure to bookmark this article as they will restock soon!

2 – Nivea Men’s Sensitive Post Shave Balm

If you have skin irritation after shaving, Nivea Men’s Sensitive Post Shave Balm is the solution. This rich balm’s formulation features moisturizers, vitamins, and chamomile extracts. Plus, this ensures your skin a calming and soothing after shaving experience.

More so, it helps protect skin from shaving irritations and improves skin’s condition over time. There’s no drying alcohol in the formula as well. And the lightly scented formula won’t interfere with cologne.

Image: Amazon Nivea Men’s Sensitive Post Shave Balm

 3 – Every Man Jack – Citrus Body Wash Scrub

Everyone loves a good body wash scrub, and with Every Man Jack Citrus Body Wash Scrub, they enjoy the fresh scent. This scrub deep cleans to remove dirt and grime without over-drying. Now, you can get seriously clean by scrubbing away dry, dead skin. And do so with ingredients like biodegradable jojoba beads while a fresh citrus scent invigorates.

More so, it features a coconut-derived surfactants cleanse, naturally derived essential oils refresh, and hydrating glycerin helps retain skin’s moisture. And this is one of my husband’s favorite grooming products for men.

Every Man Jack Citrus Body Wash Scrub

4 – Clinique For Men Face Scrub

Every year, I always fill my husband’s Christmas Stocking with Clinique For Men Face Scrub. It’s one of his favorite grooming products for men. He loves how it clears the way for him to get a close, smooth shave.

For instance, it features fine non=abrasive grains that deflake and life beard hairs too. Also, this reduces ingrown hairs and revives and smooths skin. When it comes to grooming products for men, he will love it!

5 – Clubman Jumbo Styptic Pencil

As far as grooming products for men go, this Clubman Jumbo Styptic Pencil is more a necessity than a luxury. It stops bleeding fast and seals the skin surface. Plus, this helps prevent the penetration of dirt and germs beneath the skin. You want to avoid any chance of infection, so this is a must-have!

Additionally, my husband enjoys the large size and how easy it is to use too. Plus, it lasts for a very long time, and it’s perfect for any cuts or nicks he experiences.

Clubman Jumbo Styptic Pencil

6 – Jack Black Industrial Strength Hand Healer

In short, this Jack Black Industrial Strength Hand Healer saved my husband’s dry hands and feet too! Yes, while made for hands, I also use it on his feet too. I always had to remind him every day to use moisturizers, but now, he grabs this without hearing me nag him.

Moreover, this hand healer consists of a rich, non-greasy formula that helps heal and soothe dry, chapped, or cracked hands. Road-tested by golfers, carpenters, and chefs, this hard-working hand cream repairs tough, calloused skin and cuticles. In fact, it provides lasting relief, and it’s very effective for those who wash their hands a lot. Which, as you all know,  means all of us!

More importantly, It featured botanicals, vitamins, and certified organic ingredients, and formulated without parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrance, or colorants. Plus, it’s cruelty-free, vegan, and dermatologist tested. I love it too!

Jack Black Industrial Strength Hand Healer

7 – Gillette ProGlide Men’s Razor – Necessary Grooming Products For Men

Of course, when it comes to grooming products for men, I would be remiss if I didn’t include one of the best razors. One of my husband’s favorite blades is the Gillette ProGlide Men’s Razor + 2 Razor Blade Refills.  

This men’s razor features an enhanced lubrastrip with more lubricants (vs. Gillette Fusion) for comfort and glide. In fact, the design gives you a great shaving experience. The soft microfins gently stretch and smooth skin while the microcomb guides your hair to the blade, giving you a close shave.

Additionally, the Precision Trimmer on the back is perfect for styling facial hair. He loves the close shave and the control with this razor. When I’m out shopping, I always reach for the Gillette ProGlide Men’s Razor without hesitation.

8 – Manicure set

Of course, every man and woman should own their own personal manicure set. For example, I have my own manicure set and need one too! That’s one thing I don’t particularly appreciate sharing with my man. So, I found a great Manicure Set Nail Clippers Set complete with everything you need.

Manicure Set Nail Clippers Set

9 – Hair Clipper Beard Trimmer Kit – Grooming Products For Men They Love

Even if you don’t flaunt a beard, but more so if you do, you’ll still need a good Hair Clipper & Beard Trimmer Kit. This kit contains a precision shaving system design, including a beard/hair/nose trimmer, body groomer. It’s perfect for every type of hair trimming situation. And I especially like the fact it’s fully washable design for easy cleaning.

10 – Brickell Men’s Daily Essential Face Moisturizer for Men

As a treat, I got this Brickell Men’s Daily Essential Face Moisturizer for Men for my husband. After he shaves, he loves to apply it all over his face and neck. The consistency is light and fast-absorbing. Plus, it features natural ingredients, and he loves that too.

More so, it hydrates, nourishes, renews, and protects your face without clogging pores. Men with normal, oily, sensitive, dry, or combo types skin will benefit from this natural men’s face moisturizer.

Image: Amazon Brickell Men’s Daily Essential Face Moisturizer for Men

In closing, don’t forget to treat that special man in your life to some of the best grooming products for men. It doesn’t need to be their birthday or a special occasion to show them some self-care love.

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