Inspiration Lives Everywhere – Ideas For Home Decor

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Inspiration Lives Everywhere – Ideas For Home Decor

Inspiration Lives Everywhere - Sassy Townhouse Living

There is nothing about me that says washed out whites or muted images of the colored moments that surround me. As it seems, the millennial bloggers have made minimalism a “thing”. Almost every blog I visit is trending the same theme of a washed out barely colored world of images. They’ve nailed it – their photography mirrors the same ideology and they are all going gaga over it. That’s fine. I’m not dissing it – it’s just not, well, me.

My world is filled with color, drama, and imperfection. My photography mirrors what’s inside my head – and it’s not a muted world filled with washed out grays and whites I can tell you that much. And again, I’d like to stress that aesthetically it looks visually appealing but doesn’t translate to the real world for me personally. 

At first, I was filled with copy envy. When you peer into their homes, you see one of this and two of that  – their worlds are mostly cloaked in white and zero clutter. If you are anything like me, “it’s go big or go home”. Now, I’m not talking gaudy or ostentatious – but rather, my surroundings are filled with pops of color and my rooms are almost cluttered.
I started to think about my journey and realized I was benchmarking or comparing mine to everyone else’s – not a good thing to do. We each have our own personal tastes and it’s a part of who we are. 
Photography is a personal experience as well. I like filters as much as the next guy but when I’m searching for inspiration or product to buy, I’d rather see them in their natural element. I don’t want filters deceiving my visual experience. With that said, here are my latest inspirations. I’m always looking to redecorate and compile a visual library wish list. I hope you get inspired as well.
This is what’s inspiring me at the moment. I love muted shades of pinks and purples. My next project is to redesign my bedroom using these colors. 

Inspiration Lives Everywhere

Even though all of my draperies are neutral tones, I just adore these curtains below. I think decorating one room with something deep, rich, and color heavy would be so much fun. 

Inspiration Lives Everywhere

Staging your home with elements like the one below is the perfect way to add pops of color into your space

Inspiration Lives Everywhere

Fresh flowers work perfectly anyplace in your home. Always remember that when you are looking to bring some color and contrast to a room. 

Inspiration Lives Everywhere

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Sharing is Caring! ❤️

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  1. I love color too. had my bedroom painted a teal color. Scared me a little but I love it so much. It really does change your mood. I wake up so much happier:)
    The clutter gets to me now and then but living is so much more important than cleaning.

  2. I like that Doreen above painted her room teal and loves it. All the white and gray make it easy to coordinate and add any color, so I get it. It took me some time to find the nice blue I am using in my dining room and hallway and everyday when I get up it makes me happy.

  3. Love all your photos. As much as I can appreciate minimalism, color makes everything so much richer and warmer!

  4. I’m so unaware of trends that I had no idea the muted look was in. And I’m mom to three millennials! :-DLOVELY photos! That’s the kind of world I’d be happy to spend my days in.

  5. Funny, I used to go for the muted, understated look but no longer. I love splashes of color throughout the house.

  6. Awesome photos! Love your post dear, And i enjoyed by reading , would like to say fantastic collections.thanks for this beautiful post.

  7. Hi Tam, Oh yes. The whole minimalist style is a “thing” for sure. I could never live that way but I do see the appeal of it. Thanks much for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend!

  8. Great post and contest! The colors are so alive!! I love the Mobile Phone Car Mount!!Gimme ha!!

  9. Hi Laurie, so glad you enjoyed the post. I hope you got a chance to enter the giveaway too! That caramel cake is on my to make list. I know it won’t turn out like that photo, but I’m sure going to try lol. Have a great weekend and thanks much for stopping by!

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