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A Quick And Easy Way To Remove Those Nasty Calluses!

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A Quick And Easy Way To Remove Those Nasty Calluses! 

A Quick And Easy Way To Remove Those Nasty Calluses Plus Giveaway - Sassy Townhouse Living

Are you embarrassed by your callused feet? No time to visit a pedicure pro on a regular basis? Well, this seems to always be my dilemma as well. It’s a hassle getting to the salon for a monthly pedicure. And calluses? Well, it’s against state laws for them to shave them off your feet. That’s why I knew there had to be a better way to get rid of those nasty calluses on my own that was easy to do and effective. 

I always enjoy sharing my latest beauty innovations with you all, and I knew I had to share this one as well especially because this latest innovation works amazingly well! Whenever I would do my own pedicures, I would have to take a pumice stone and vigorously scrub those calluses away – now, I can sit back and relax and let this tool do all the work for me. 

Using this powerful electric callus remover by Care me has solved that problem. The folks over at Care Me were kind enough to send me one to try for myself and one to share with you! Be sure to check them out on Amazon – they have a terrific deal going on that’s much less than what you would pay for in a retail store. 

Let me show you how easy it is to use and demonstrate the amazing results I’m having using it! 

A Quick And Easy Way To Remove Those Nasty Calluses

Features Include:
POWERFUL MOTOR: It’s operated by improved motor making the roller spin with extra strength. If you prefer to apply more pressure, look no further! Warning: do not attempt to stop the running roller using your finger, which may cause bleeding or injury.

Premium Battery: Unlike other brands, their product is equipped with expensive nickel-hydride battery, which is environmentally friendly and last longer than the NC battery. The NH battery charged be charged for over 1,000 times over its life. Once the battery is full, it can keep running for 40 minutes.

Durable Rollers & Low Maintenance: Rollers are made of a premium quality micro mineral material to last longer. One type of roller fit all your needs! Plus, one bonus roller is included! The roller head is detachable and is easy to clean under tap water.

Unique Features: When the battery is fully charged, the charging light will turn into green. This unparalleled feature makes Care me model CM-202 stand out from the crowd! It also comes with two speeds: fast & medium to fit all your needs.

Results-Driven: Get professional pedicure spa results at home. You either like the results or your money back. Two different designs and colors with sleek-looking are at your fingertips.

Now, let me show you some images I took detailing the before and after the process. I have two areas where calluses always seem to build. On the heels of my feet, of course, and on one toe. A Quick And Easy way I guess it’s the way I walk that creates the calluses. I didn’t get a pedicure this month so I could show you how amazing this product works. Of course, the below image is the before photo. 

A Quick And Easy Way To Remove Those Nasty Calluses

After one treatment, which took all of a few quick minutes, you can see the callus is gone! My foot was smooth and free of any and all calluses! 

A Quick And Easy Way To Remove Those Nasty Calluses

Pretty amazing right? Normally, I would have to spend at least $50 at a salon to get these results – well not anymore! Now, you can have a tool in the luxury of your own home that will allow you to have beautiful, attractive, and callus-free feet all year long! 

This is what the kit looks like. You can see the extra roller you get with it which is an awesome deal.

A Quick And Easy Way To Remove Those Nasty Calluses

Below, you can see all the features and functions. 

A Quick And Easy Way To Remove Those Nasty Calluses


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  1. This looks like s super-effective grooming tool for those troubled with callouses. Please award my winning entry to another, though! Idon’t have the problem, thankfully!

  2. Oh my goodness, this CareMe looks great to have and I mean that. Thanks for having this fun giveaway Carolann and I am going to try to remember to keep entering.

  3. Perfect for those weeks when you can’t get to the salon! Your results are amazing, Carolann!

  4. Oh, I so need one of these! Living in Southern California has me in sandals year round and that reeks havoc on my poor heels.

  5. Wow, that before and after totally sold me. This looks like a really great product.

  6. I love this Care Me Pedicure product! It looks great! I entered the contest!Thanks for sharing Carolann.

  7. Hi, Sassy
    Calluses are problem for many people. CareMe seem performing pretty well.It is a good Holiday gift.

  8. Ohhh, with winter coming, this would be a welcome treat for my feet! My summer dry cracked flip flop feet are ready some pampering! Thanks for the chance.

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    of my knowledge. thanks admin

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